Cultures = male BS rules

‘Nugh said.

We females do not create such static rituals & timetables, where a certain activity must be performed the same way every year


5 times a day


written down in a big fat book, by some stupid, stupid man & adhered to for the next millenia + 1/2.

Cultural sensitivity= men not stomping on other mens’ ways of controlling women in order to cut down on violence…..between men.

WOmen & girls do not  possess  any cultures. I’m not entirely sure whether we’d ever create 1 or a dozen of them  – because they only divide us  & create false bonds with men sharing ours/

For instance: Language & literacy divide us far too much. Even with English being the lingua franca gobbling up world tongues like a python~>] there’re disappointingly few female minds I’ll ever reach by posting in here.

I could utilise my other 2 major European languages (Spanish & Rus) to broaden the readability to a few more mil. ( and i’ve been certainly considering it).,..

…but it still won’t reach vast no’s of clever, but illiterate girls worldwide; or speaking non-European tongues .

This leads to me to bemoan the absolute travesty ~`~that is the English language. Let’s 1st consider its’ most hideous offence:

Man = Human….

Out of the 4 that I learnt – only the Anglo one  felt like WORK to study.   It felt dead,  unelastic, spelt with a stupidity beyond belief. In other words: It is the perfect MAN’s language. There is no joy or hope in it. Lovely, lovely [beloved by women] doggies ”re called a ‘man’s friend’!

The proverbs are all   about men, men,..It is female -exclusionary (ha! a radfem can utilise such a fun-fem word!..) & thought-limiting.

In fact – it’s downright depressing.  And I mean this literally – – -Because a language forms neuro-pathways in your head -= this is why speaking multiples staves off senility.

And this is a scary thought for me: that all mono-lingual Anglo-phone female heads lack all those extra pathways which stimulate my own radical thinking. Kudos to the radfems who manage to overcome that – but it must be WORK.

Not saying that any existing language is female-friendly, but English feels like a withered stump that should be put out of it’s misery.

. There’s solid historic reason for it ending up this way: the raving mad British dominion > followed by the raving mad American dominion. The more powerful an empire gets ^ the more male a tongue becomes.

Soviets made attempts @ ravaging Russian by introducing a whole heap of abbreviations —but they simply didn’t have the time to destroy it the way English’s been drained of any sign of life. In fact : every time I make a sentence in it>

I feel like I’m performing CPR. Hence all the weird punctuation  & cute photos .

In short

English is the chosen language of end times (* see “It never happens any other way”)

and it’s super-appropriate

English lacks a polite ‘you’> which makes the formation of requests in it : an exercise in scraping & bowing – to compensate for the ‘you’ rudeness. every time I do it: a piece of dignity dies.

I’m fed up to the gills of it. I propose bringing back the old-fashioned phrase:”Why don’t u?” AS in: “Bring me that lamp, why don’t u?”