winner Takes it All

Skatin’ saved its’ best jewel for me for last.


-16/18 females out there filling area with this overt blast of collective female energy🛐oh my…….performers & audience alike get drunk on this indelible something which this type of X is so adept @hitting, Shivers all around✴

that same X can still deliver fun peacockry @ man-retard level. Goodness, if ONlY they stuck to this & not to Baby Don’t Hurt me itself iRL

Back to energy , what sounds out is the short-circuiting of that XX buzz flowing . =the dude’s left out when normally they specialise in vampirism

here’s more beauty+fun to demonstrate why i;ll still be watching this transcendence of animalism on my death bed

🚸These 2 ethnic bands gave us this +the marvel of Marnie was There & other fantabulous anime

🈺they also killed us all🌐🛂🔚🟣using those very smarts

Washington State School District Considers Asians Too Smart To Be Considered ‘Students Of Color’ | Christians for Truth

only SNL skit i ever 🤣😂@

Gay for Grandma

When Marnie was There is a animation which is …..

let me explain it so:

U know how watching malestream entertainment leaves u hollow & craving somethin actually female in nature. yet u dunno what it is as u’ve never seen it.

That’s what Marnie is * a bombshell of female-ness in every way. So much so that an esctatic girl -reviewer hyper-ventillated every response on a long poscast without ONCE mentioning the mary-Dalyesque nature of it. Because she insctinctively feels it yet has no framework to word it in. best she could come up with 0is the girl protagonists being gay, which not only the twist negates , but it’s sad that such female intimacy+lack of feminine straight-jacket on 1 of them computes only that way

It’ a ghost-story but with unusual supernatural mechanics.