Lars&the Italian girl

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Women’re messy ; voo-doo,wanton; dark, free-spirited, witchy,

 We yearn for the it our silent 2nd X calling to us?…


This strange &wonderful mood came over me after watching  a show with a premise beggin to be made fun of”

wait for it    ::)

…a bunch of rich kids in Rome bum around to..fab. Italian electro-pop…in slow motion

.and then i realised that it’s manages to capture that elusive, unworldly yearning young,non-conformist teen girls*young women experience..of the Background calling to us. We don’t know what it is @ that age, we won’t come to recognise it until we digest some Mary Daly *the lucky few among us*

But alas, back then we DON”T know. But we feel stifled, bored to the bone, unable to put it into words cos our magical perception doesn’t exist in man’s language.

So we try ANYthing to avoid hitting our heads against the wall. We cast spells

We do that whole erotic thing

We travel,

We do spontaneaiety, drugs, swim naked in the dark, howl @ the moon

We scream..we cry….and yearn, yearn, yearn

                     It LOOKS like your normal youthful exploration (cause that’s what boys do ),but what it really covers up is that longing, gnawing desperation

…for something to happen, for something to change/ 

For something to set us we can be Druids,dancing around a fire,chanting merry&running wild

…And  nothing ever does 

The panther pacing in a cage inside us stays trapped &hungry.stark raving mad

Some female artists manage to pour into their art. The Bronte sisters&Virginia Woolf. Dworkin.Frida Kahlo.The film-maker of the feminist revenge fantasy vampire Persian movie.The Piano director.Authors of the dark magic collection of short stories (1 was a masterpiece:about a voo-doo mistress&her slave apprentice).Blue-beard & other fairty-tales.I know this 1’s weird , but..the 1st Twilight movie w. That rock-indie feel; Harry POtter;HAnna


Until seeing this show; I couldn’t identify this feeling popping up in me whenever i could get into the right frame of body&soul. I’ve experienced it since childhood& used to put it down to depression

In fact, i didn’t even understand that WHILE watching it.I kept waiting for something to start happening plot-wise,as we meddled along with our bright-eyed;rarely speaking heroine.;as she gallivates around  sexy Roman ruins to synth-score,and with quiet ,violent desperation worn on her sleeve. The suitable title for this sublime nothing-ness would be “Desperate Italian Girls”

For she shall stay desperate.After she smokes the joints, gets her fill of titilating ugly boys,doing silly things with another desperate girl,writing down verses,chasing excitement in dark corners…..

Given that she gets thru all these walkabout shennanigans in 1 piece and without scars.the panther’ll stay locked up&growling



It never happens any other way


The title was uttered by the time-traveller in Dirk Gently’s after a classic time paradox loop > he caused the disaster he was trying to fix from the future. He says this in a sad, deflated, scratchy voice…
This is a perfect reindition of the trajectory of the Mans’ world. The bio-catastrophy we’re facing isn’t an error or by-product. It simply never happened any other way.

Contemplating the coming year 2019 really makes me despondent and resigned on how many more years we will see on this planet. The figure for self-destruction of Y chromosome is 4.6million years. The reality is that we don’t have even 4.6 decades. There’s no guarantee on 4.6 months in fact. The human Y has been so industrious that It exceeded its’ 5 year plan with Honours of excellence in all round death & female suffering.

When it happens – it was never meant to happen any other way. It was programmed to happen 400 million years ago with the birth of maleness in sharks. Female sharks have retained the ability of parthenogenesis when kept apart from males for a long time – 2 have reproduced this way in 2 separate zoos in the past decade. We human XXs have the ability to to do it through several technologies, or maybe even naturally once males leave the picture. Of course They never will. Trust Your Perceptions has described how they’re bypassing the drastic fall in sperm count to 10% of preWWII level via fertility clinics.

It’s not a matter of IF anymore. It hasn’t been since advent of industrialisation a mere 2.5 centuries ago – the beginning of the end. The film Take Shelter captures my emotion vividly. In it a father experiences visions of the world’s end, makes preparations which are dismissed as szichophrenic. In the end his deaf daughter shows it to be real.
The novel Flight behaviour accomplishes the same thing on paper. Monarch butterflies signal the coming of colossal landslide just as protagonist manages to sort out her human troubles & begin her life in the ruins of coerced marriage & chilbearing. Both projects capture the crazy-making atmosphere of being the lone truth-teller/seer of the impeding apocalypse. The male character in the film knows it through instinct < The female one in book sees it via environmental science.
The movie Melancholia has the same pattern & subject. The latter has a fem. bent as the woman’s depression is so clearly just perception of reality & its’ logical catastrophic end. We all know how psychiatry is built on pathologising womens’ truth-seeing + reaction. Whereas the superficial interpretation is that she’s simply upset by her newlywed male spouse leaving her.

The truth is out there and it’s so obvious. Notice how 4 projects I’ve listed were all produced in the last 6 years and all flew under the radar. The films were artsy indies that brought in no money, with only 1 accolade for Melancholia in Cannes for the actress’ performance. Dirk Gently’s saw bad ratings by culty niche standards and was cancelled after 2 short seasons. The novel was swept under the Tree Hugger blanket.

Artists FEEL it in their bones thanks to their sensitivity.
Scientists KNOW it via their data.
We all SEE it when we witness & get sick from the pollution; + plastic-fantastic consumption all around us.
We live on the Titanic that has already hit the iceberg..but the musicians’re still playing. Like Dido sang: We will go down with this ship.

.]~and the Ys will masturbate furiously to the doom…


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