Time to bury the hatchet (oops,privilege discourse)

No woman in the history of the universe has possessed privilege. That’s not how this world rolls. Some have simply been luckier than others.

There’s no flipping point in dissecting Mummy, or hetero, or sexual, or ethnic status

*inserting colourful swear words from more colourful tongues*+slapping myself in frustration

duraki hrenovi


…because it is foolish. I feel like only an autistic would see  how  foolish -by doing what auties do best: {standing outside of human interaction & feeling like you’re on a trip to the zoo and watching some other species you don’t belong to}


Let me demonstrate this foolishness for the NT normies:

via counting the ways in which  I  am lucky…


 by still breathing in spite of chronically ill difficulty

 by being literate; educated; living in a country adored by the Human Development Index

by being  a Euro migrant to the aforementioned country & having hardly traceable accent [that’s how i pass for the mainstream]

 by possessing a few more pennies than i did for most of my existence & which sick girls typically don’t


by escaping being humped, or emotionally entrapped by men


Now, look @ the opposite checklist

I am decidedly unlucky because…


∅≅i don’t belong to a  sexual/romantic clique

i‘m not a brain-normie

i’m all alone, no chaperone can get my number, the world’s in slumber, let’s misbehave!

that is^ i have no family, or friends anymore

i couldn’t keep my beloved pet

i was classically abused my whole life

i’m migrant w. no diaspora

i’m non-verbal, but still forced to speak too often (it’s torturous)

i’m invisibly disabled





Those with tribes ‘re LUCKY. Believe it or not,  the unluckiest woman alive is not the Black-as-the-night; lesbian; working class; childless; religious minority; paraplegic with a guide dog


For as long as she has a tribe (any tribe!) to lean on>

she is LUCKIER than ANY lone female out there without a visible group, or physical\mental ability to belong to 1



Only MEN have ever possessed true privilege.This is because their phallic high status actually confers advantage AND power to shape the world to them.  theirs is an algebraically positive gain. most importantly:>they belong to the single largest tribe of all time, as men support each other against women unequivocally

Whereas women ‘re hares chased by dogs & rifles. This hare over here chooses to become a pet (affluent marriage). This is a negative deduction against being free, but above being dead.

….that hare over there runs away& forms a tribe with other hares, & chooses to conduct romance +politics within this hare club

…the next produces lots of little hares to grow up +be chased by  the next gen of hunter& rifles


—–all of the above are negative deductions away from the goal of ground zero of being free & not chased;in which the unluckiest hare ~is the one without any other hares to band with 

Whereas men’re always above ground zero, because they’re always free. the lowest they can fall =having no positive gains.  ;having no rifle, or no dog or horse. ….. but They remain a Hunter.

Now if we stepped into a parallel dimension, where females possessed the same positive gains above ground zero”.

  1. Hetero-XXs would be walking on sunshine, orgasming from phalluses 100x p.week, experience no disgust or fear, or genetic memory of being broken, or all the rest of that hetero-joy of DV etc.etc.
  2. Mummies’d cruise thru orgasmic births,   easy-peasy gestation, be paid handsomely , have no pressure put on them to do anything a certain way, never be blamed etc. etc.
  3. Euro-descent women ‘d live in a bubble with lovely-as-doves , cutie-pie males,who’d bring them cups of tea & massage their feet out of nothing but racial comaraderie.

Now THIS is the fantasy world required in order to justify privilege discourse. Only  then  would any woman truly be above another. Only then would lesbians, child-less, WOCs be left out in the cold . 

Let’s @ least shift the discourse to the lonely, little hare w.no tribe and no name