write your own post!

because everybody who’s been following my work is gonna already know the list of things i’m gonna huff & puff about in this piece. They include:

*she has no bliming mental disorders!! She has severe bodily +brain inflammation. Someone PLEASE tell the poor lady to get herself a personal, organic chef + take hemp oil +B12 to grow a fatty layer around her cerebrum

  • of course she has a good IQ – it’s kinda the criteria for Aspergers + it was evident thru certain clues
  • The violence was horrendous. It’s irrelevant how shaggable, or not we make ourselves. We;re punished regardless. sO WHY BOTHER w. option no. 1!? also wonder @ the ethno-racial -sky-daddy-ish make of ‘youths’. It’s been code for other band of Desert Monsters for some time. Cos she’s a Euro-woman
  • resilience +conscientiousness is very much a hallmark of her ASD
  • rational assessment of a ‘love life’, she’s actually been spared the nitty gritty
  • the brother….ugh…….but of course!