male Geisha proto-type

Wacky theory Wed:

Somewhere on the scale of chap-ape-hierarchy, there’s a certain type of male; who belies the Alpha-Beta-Omega classification . The ones, who aren’t violent or in active pursuit of rape.🚡cos they simply don’t need to be :}they let others do the work. Once those come home w. the spoils of hunt, or war, or with a nice harem, or worldly goods, or status – the male prostitutes crawl out& offer themselves up to the ruling band

Those that don’t peddle sex as they lack appeal `~’become Yes-Men, or courtly Favourites. They massage the Ego , when don’t massage the Prostate

I believe that this is where patriarchy might’ve gotten the idea of women taking on this role & potentially why there’s a Too Good-Looking to be Straight stereotype for men

I arrived @ this strange cross-road when I examined the blokey half of the Reproductive Chemistry pair once more. I lean towards him being built to be a Gentleman _of_the_Night by his very nature , but w. a Geisha finesse – which works on females, or snazzy males. A blind creature can see that this odd couple works like + & -ends of a battery \\\\together they create a spark, but apart their eyes’re dull. He has NOT looked happy since; yet he’s blindly followed his whorish programming

Here u don’t need to understand the speech, but the sparkling energy is evident in their interactive cues. The host appears to be overhwhelmed by it because. she. toothy-smiles!! Russians must ne giddy to do that

Is this because it’s wired into him as a fixed social role on the Primate social ladder, i wonder? It may not be an accident, that IRL he used to be known for having an effect on those susceptible as “everyone + their guinea pig wanting to hump him” . The Y-peeps ‘re really, really not apt ” overcoming their hard-wiring. I mean, look @ war: it involves all that killing & maiming, which many males’re very afraid of,,,,,,yet they’ve NEVER STOPPED DOING IT