Maman? Non-merci

Childbirth =nature’s emergency surgery

I realised this as i was in the throes of an Endo attack I would only wish upon my worst enemy. It followed the pattern of labour >💫☸a period of anger, swearing, screaming initially> severe diarhoea> wanting to pace> feeling of being electrocuted +stabbed > exhaustion from extreme pain +screaming>urge to get into a low-stimulus environment>feeling of going into shock afterwards

All in all – it was an extreme freak-out by my immune. 💨💦Endo=auto-immune condition. Strong expulsion of feces comes from pounding immune response aiming to instantly cleanse body (in this case it was provoked by process of expelling the offending piece of endometrial tissue)

My organism wasn’t hurting me for no reason.🕎It was trying to save me

that’s exactly what happens during reproduction, i believe

Going all the way to the source:

A woman’s immune initially tries to prevent conception by attacking invading semenal particles. Once it fails -3/4 of fertilised cells’re flushed out without implantation. A further 1/3 of fetuses’re miscarried in 1st tri-mester. More’ll be kicked to the curb in later stages. Moreover , MALE ones’re more prone to being tossed (esp. by auto-immune gestation)

During early pregnancy 🈺the body ‘ll react exactly like being poisoned. It’ll provoke persistent nausea 🆔 , fainting isn’t uncommon, food intake is difficult. To be able to stay alive – the parasitical placenta must play a game of hide’n’seek from the watchful Immune + disabling it from working @full capacity {this is why natal women’re this vulnerable to infection}. Parasite drains every resource the unfortunate host has to offer & make it unwell in a myriad of horrific ways until it grows to big to remain attached

Yet, it can’t keep up the gambit forever. Sooner or later, the game’s up. This when the tricked Immune wakes up , hollers from terror , pulls out its’ surgical instruments & proceeds to perform what it must -♾regardless of how much it loves u. Whatever little anesthesia it has to offer ~it does before *what is known as the❌ahem, 🚫miracle of birth🎃* begins.

What it must cut of u – 🎨is stupidly big + hanging on with white knuckles🎪. This is why, i firmly believe,🎠it feels like the worst thing to happen to anyone w. a nervous system + leaves profound damage on the organism +psyche. U’re surviving being sliced open on Nature’s operating table,,,,while being awake. This surgeon must work fast, but it has blunt tools & it often fails to go fast enough. All too frequently 🦺process fails altogether; resulting in death of host from failure to remove the overgrown invader

It doesn’t care 2 hoots about this monster *known as baby*. It’s life+ health doesn’t come under its’ jurisdiction. This is why progeny of AI hosts ‘re toast when they finally emerge after 9.5 months of being hit with merciless missiles of the none-too-pleased immunity.

As motherhood being offered up as a recreational endeavour 🎎🎍🎡U get asked if u want offspring as if it’s planning to learn Violin!🧶well , that results from the Recreational Intercourse program. They used to tell u loud+clear about it being a curse