The beautiful diversity of ‘white’ Euro-bipedals

We’re the true people of Colour. Here’s the spectrum of our many hair +eye colours+facial structures. Look @ us & dare to be bored by our LACK of uniformity .

Try & beat THIS COLOUR. anybody game.?
5b5904f34965a70d50faeff2e3950f46.jpg (4000×3000)
fair Italian

fair Ukrainian

vera-farmiga-0001.jpg (700×874)

Brunette ukrainian

88392bb846536c0901a97696cff1ee54.jpg (800×1200)

Moreno italian

vanessa-marano-make-equality-reality-gala-in-beverly-hills-12-04-2018-5.jpg (1280×1720)
mary-elizabeth-winstead-2016-tony-awards-in-new-york-2.jpg (1280×1920)English rose
finnish-women1.jpg (554×800)
phpEzuea7_56a93e4a6f192.jpg (744×1038)
2017_Skate_America_-_Victoria_Sinitsina_and_Nikita_Katsalapov_-_05.jpg (400×600)


amelie3.JPG (607×1185)

them beer-lovers😻

115144eff697846d6650ed6687d099b2ae-20-claire-danes.rsquare.w330.jpg (330×330)
german^ austrian
tobias-moretti-spielt-kommissar-richard-moser-in-kommissar-rex-picture-id170671052 (1024×671)
Mille Dinesen in Rita (2012)


photo-sexy-belarusian-girl-elena-from-grodno-belarus-218895.jpg (878×1317)

If there’re any with ethnic ADHD reading, who might claim ‘boredom’:

Craving something on the dark side of the moon>?

You’re in luck! We serve those too!! with a side of vine-leaves!

euro-mixed greek

img_2001_e6da9cc9fb9f897e1c9d6d199d8e77a3.jpg (1800×1800)

feel like a biig, bumpy nose? We have our own take on that: The Roman (featured on a Greek)

papadakis1902a.jpg (1500×1000)

black eyes? Curly hair? head over to Wales

8261ea3fd271c7b88618449bbb7d1520.jpg (346×500)
Julian McMahon Photo.jpg (340×200)
we even got hooded lids (!!)

now can somebody…for the love of Welsh corgis…explain..

What the Yid & his halakhic mamma🤨do we need MORE diversity for?~???????????????