sKATIN’ IS still Big ⚽⛸it’s all else that got small


a foray into some musing stemming off the re-blogged material+ my essays on bio-het impulses+choices

I’ll start w. this as guy’s important in aforementioned musing


YEP, they displayed nerves of steel & went in to their 1st Worlds while skating to Queen’s “ we’re the champions”. Yeah,REALLY . & they won ! 1st time in 8 years for Rus ; being youngest in 35 years

I dare u not to have “Mamma, oooooooh’ now associated w. this theatrical lunge forever more

Sasha-the-lovely here is a reformist’s wet dream, while being wholly a [wonky] bio-creation. He’s exactly like the Mexican i discussed before: a male who seems to have had his Y put on deep freeze in womb,\{only a teeny-tiny tail sticks out above ground & wiggles around now& then}

Both of them ‘re nothing but the odd faulty product rolled off the parasitical assembly line. Both possess a sort of energetic +otherwise female-likeness (not to be confused w. androgyny or hormonal femininity). They’re clearly, unmistakably dudes, but they’re so human-like that it’s hard to believe those bulges’re attached to their bodies. I believe that development like this must be occuring during gestation. It’s simply too late after. Naturally occuring Effeminacy or androgyny results later on, during puberty, i believe & has no effect on the male-pattern brain formation, which was already plenty damaged by in-mother testosterone surge

I also fathom that their high-level good looks’re+ peacock talents’re Y’s compensation for their low-level fuckery. meaning that they don’t have it in them to force themselves on an X – so they’re built to entice, nicely. & boy is there some intense compensation going on here. Kiddo’s such an expressive, perfect 10-er that he still looks un-fathomably photogenic while looking like a sad puppy here…really not a face-scruncher

Important to note just how favourable their circumstances ‘re. While Sasha’s doesn’t have a millionaire daddy like jAime – he’s still awful lucky to be born in a FS Mecca , where he was put on ice as a toddler without masculine fears that his D might fall off; to be raised by a balerina mama; to find a partner with enough wisdom to know what kind of ‘treasure ‘ she stumbled into ( because he is for her, knowing this discipline) etc. etc. He gets to live the super-easy life of a man, while having capacities approximating a woman’s earth-bound kind.

When they occur once in 2 billion, such men ;re MISTAKES. pleasant freaks of nature – antithesis of a properly functioning Y. because it’s not in interest of parasites to make their hosts healthy & happy …yet this is exactly what this wee lad does. This no. here made me watch Ghost. Look @ how gently & safely he handles girl in these very hazardous acrobatic lifts

They portray death of Isadora Duncan (inventor of modern dance)

Back to WHy he’s a 10 & residing on the north pole to Benedict’s south:

because he’s top-down CORRECT in his entire form. Flawless . A fancy, pricey bridal dress in a genetic shop window.