Hell hath no wrath like Canadian scorned


Entitled Blackie teams with Entitled Fag to screw Euro-woman over. As rus.’s say: ” Picked wrong one to pick on😠😡😧

Eric just about outright told her that it was done solely for sake of Diversity TM . well, Meggie refused to roll over & take it like a good karen. She raised hell & now put this team in pre-Olympic jeopardy

How the Yid(ess) Grinch stole feminism

It was the great ethnic Euro-feminists, |who didn’t hold back in telling us the truth , the whole truth & nothing but the truth about men+ their pyramid scheme |being unfixable|

here they are:


valerie-solanas-at-her-desk.jpg (225×225)


mary-daly.jpg (2100×1319)


sonia-johnson-1-671x1024.jpg (671×1024)
main-qimg-a64474b3e71f51d73488d97a6a418955 (602×283)

& others from times past i can’t seem to unearth right now

Then, the silver-tongued Jew{ess} lizards came in.

this is (shockingly!) written by a man, \so you’ve gotta take it with the usual heap of salt if he doesn’t mention any white male wrong-doing & claims female utopia without the Yiddish meddling\

but nevertheless,, it is very informative