Give me a cloud

Of pink sand &tweed

Where me & my lad;ll be drinking mead

Away from the wreckage ,away from land

Uphigh in the sky, above the sea 🌊

…where Y-the-destroyer makes everyone weep

&now &ever , forever in time

mama the earth ,just give us the light

i yearn this in heart, I know it in mind

Where can u send us..where patriarchs wont find?



Find the straight woman

No natural hetero part 4:

Whenever we discuss female sexual identies > we’re thinking in simplistic  terms:

there’s free Lesbian over here   ~    and the mens’ slave (aka Straight) over there.    Straight very convieniently “loves” and is turned on by her multi-generational captor

… All on her own lonesome. Without the genetic and living memory of being held captive, raped by him and consequently dying and being tortured by childbearing & rearing en masse for 50,000 years…and being deprived of female bonding & touch…and the witch-hunts…and prostitution…and totalitarian socio-economic coercion

…and certainly without mass censorship on the truth about men, Y chromosome, womens’ history, intercourse, motherhood, the reason for patriarchy, her own body, her own mind, hormones, sensuality & clitoris, semen’s lethality, contraception reality, feminist zoology, radical feminism in general etc. etc.

She’s also never been exposed to the overwhelming stream of media touting the tiny percentage of not so ugly men (when dressed), or the “normality” of the het nuclear family, or sex positivism, or ‘settling” for a male partnership without any satisfaction.

She’s lives outside societal Stockholm syndrome, fear of male muscle strength and lifelong trauma stemming from misogyny. 

Find me such a woman & that will be the naturally straight woman.

Seek that mythical creature into the forest into the night

Hunt it down with the light shining bright

Bring her home to me and 

i will declare to thee:

Such a woman never did i see


Without oppression, the concept of sex & romance would disappear for womyn. There would simply be a spectrum of female bonding without male interference.