Let the door hit you on the way out, Marty

i have my head filled with the devious scumminess of beta&omega men.Weird to be using such MRA terms,but they actually fit in this analysis

Marty=Martin Scorsese. ..`who has the look of one of those pathetic, snivelly little men. …who turn out to have really violent tendencies. Well, this particular bastard has spent half a century pouring out his violent masturbation on the heads of poor unfortunate cinema~come new age of TV appreciators ,..-such as Moi

I had the great misfortune of being compulsorily subjected to 1 of his famed 2-3 hour long bloody stupidities, namely  Goodfellas, @ uni Film Class.  COuldn’t tell u 1 thing which happened in the plot,since I sat thru it with eyes AND ears covered. (the sound was too violent to endure as well).I was obligated to do it -to mark for attendance

My 2 other Marty outings were driven solely by Leo’s participation (who’d won my goodwill thru other movies& his spectacular vocab IRL.Seriously, that guy seems to have the most expansive casual grasp of the English language. he somehow manages to make it sound a bit less dead of a lingo.). Those were  The Aviator &Shutter Island. The latter was the most tolerable (thanks to the genre being a fave of mine “ You dunno what’s real & what’s in protagonist’s head).  Leo, on the other had, was  godawful.  Had none of the lightness he had in his indie work, or  Catch me if You Can.  He seemed to be wearing lead acting boots. & eventually was led astray on a similarly masturbatory, bombastic path ,as encouraged by Scorsese. & that was the bookend on my investments in Movie Stardom as an institution. I steered off into finding enjoyable acting on TV, or with chameleonic actors

% I’m hugely into Acting & find it the only avenue in which men bring something to the table in this world. They’re born liars due to parasitical nature _\parasites’re masters of disguises

Marty had not produced a single girl-friendly film ever.His SOLE famous female character…was a prostitute played by an early-teen!!! ….Says it all really..  Loud &clear

~So lately this venerated Dood came out with this statement


Gosh, buddy,,,,how shall I live from now on!?!?

©and how’s  this miserable bastard not aware that Superheros have been banging the coffin shut on cinema for the past 11 years?There’s only 1 nail left now.   And that this happened due to a specific kind of TV siphoning off talent; Zeitgeist +smart & under-served audiences for the past 25 years (30 if you stretch it all the way to  Twin Peaks) .He lacks self-awareness to attribute it to morons like himself too. He made zero effort in appealing to half  of human viewers,so we directed eye-balls to the  female -servin’ gap a new brand of TV (often Netflix}’s been filling

Oh, I forgot! he also managed to

a)take  Hong Kong-made,90 min-long , purely psych-thriller {with zero ‘fucks’ & only 1 outburst of violence handled stoically by the character}


B) copy it frame-by-frame

C) add 1 hour of pointless run-time

d)turn it into a ‘fuck’ laden, gruesome shit-show   filled with drama queen actors.

E)to make sure they were all drama queens,he took an already ‘skittish as a horse’ lead …& proceeded to use another ,proper drama queen ..to terrify him some more.So that he spends the whole film obv. looking like he’s on the verge of a heart attack (which undermines the plot at the root, since the protagonist’d immediately be outed! WTF…)