Run, millennial females.Save yourselves from children

this is an apt follow-on from my as tribalism came up here in most recent post:


1 of the oppressed tribes i belong to are: Chronically Ill Millenial Females. Terri Strange’d know all about that. The very ppl who , uncharacteristically, suffer from illnesses accounting for  most cases of infertility  overall 


As has been thoroughly discussed over @ CRE: women under 38 ‘re a mighty curious cohort. We’re

A) THE 1st generation of young females in history to suffer from eye-brow-raising stats of infertility ,which  is not   a product of waiting too long. Most have diseases which set in v.young . The 37 y.o. woman in the fertility clinic getting sliced& diced to help her Endo today <would’ve already been this situation ,if she went for baby-making @19. (she had to belong to  a religious cult for that). This is because this illness sets in  a few years after Menarche& accounts for HALF of all cases of infertility. Add in PCOS (dubbed  the millennial condition} , ~ that tips it into the majority. The  talented protagonist of  Pretty Little Liars  suffers from it visibly & she only in early 20s

B)the single most disabled/chronically ill group of humans [where’s that line anymore?]. Every 2nd millenial has a diagnosed(!} chronic sickness ,,and we all know how poorly |under-diagnosed women’re .

^^^^This means that nobody should be encouraging them to reproduce& certainly not so young that they haven’t figured out their health yet.It is simply unconscionable when we’ve only just dipped  a toe into thinking against compulsory life-plan of “family” AND started discussing young female chronic conditions publicly

Better  do it young =  advice from the 90s, before the mass proliferation of acute millenial womb-stemming illness.

To sum up for the young’ones of now:

If u’re gonna have trouble with getting knocked-up willingly in later years, }you, highly likely,already have it now ,-unknowingly. NO point rushing ,girlies. Use the subsequent time TO PONDER on the wisdom of the decision . Learn the Big Bad Truth about patriarchal propaganda & therefore make an informed choice. 

child-bearing is a strain @ the best of times.but we’ve reached a level @ which it ‘s become a case of Olympic training. esp.when you end up with kids, whose lives depend on you reaching an epi-pen in time +need special food from scratch.& or who’re gonna be dependent on you, or state-services their whole life. This’ll also suck the life out of the Mother, who now stands no chance of whatever little accumulating she could’ve achieved,+tending to her own high-maintanence health. +She too is dependent on the father, or whomever else.

This is once u get thru pregnancy,which now also requires Olympic-level sacrifice & maintenance & during which pharmaceuticals +physio tech acts like you don’t exist , as nobody tests anything on gestating or lactating females( they rarely test on any XXs] + effective (on nausea)medical cannabis is not prescribed