Masters of Sex cont.

” ” @this junction  en mi vida u just gotta roll w. me tying everything to FS (figure skating) – it’s my special interest.  Well, this kiddo here has a classic dancer’s body in both how it ‘s shaped & how it  moves.  Pretty certain that if, as a tot, he wasn’t taken by ambitious parents to freeze his tiny bum off on the most hazardous hard surface in existence day in , day out for  muchos,muchos anos >he’d become a plain old floor dancer

5.03 + 4.30 ‘re where u really see the goods in slow-mo

There’s substantial reason why competent male dancers’re considered such sexy-pants. & NO – it is not what Masters of Sex + their gang ‘d tell us . It has naught  to do with all that jazz that it indicates how the the lad ‘d move during the primary job of his existence


What it does tell us is  way  more important. It’s a way to kill many birds w. 1 dance in a fine peacock shirt.

During those mere few mins of display, the dear boy indicates his


£balance (thus inner ear health, no immune probs)


£how he’s able to handle a moving lady


£sensory sensitivity

£muscle memory

£choreographed memory

£strength + correct application of amount

£stability in movement



as an aside somebody gimme that youngster’s luscious locks. that part’s just a unisex joy👩‍🦰

Masters of Sex +the limbo they produced

this is an update for the anniversary of my sexually neurotic post Dead to Me

I am gonna furnish it with some visuals later on , which might offend. I feel that I Must, however, – for the sake of the young yearning – to – be-radical, but still suffocated with reproductive hormonal magic , called lust & who feel the acuteness of being trapped in this- neither pro-creative, nor recreative limbo

Since I already did most of my spinning on this lovely lady’s post’s comment section – i’ll link it http://celestial mysteries. in the final comments I’ve gotten to the bottom of my argument on WHY female sex drive exists & why on Earth most of it is enemy-oriented


For those not in the know –  Masters + Johnson were a diabolical pair of sex researchers, who called put their names to the Sexual Revolution (AKA turning woman-kind from coerced whores to 1 man – into manipulated skanks for any man)

There was a rather wonderful TV show by Showtime ,honouring them.  in the final & best season for the newly sorta-liberated character Libby, she has an incredulous outburst @ her spouse ( Masters] about him actually knowing how to satisfy her, on top of being an underground friggin sex guru ,~&  but never choosing to do so before.  

….to be continued