Run, millennial females.Save yourselves from children

this is an apt follow-on from my as tribalism came up here in most recent post:


1 of the oppressed tribes i belong to are: Chronically Ill Millenial Females. Terri Strange’d know all about that. The very ppl who , uncharacteristically, suffer from illnesses accounting for  most cases of infertility  overall 


As has been thoroughly discussed over @ CRE: women under 38 ‘re a mighty curious cohort. We’re

A) THE 1st generation of young females in history to suffer from eye-brow-raising stats of infertility ,which  is not   a product of waiting too long. Most have diseases which set in v.young . The 37 y.o. woman in the fertility clinic getting sliced& diced to help her Endo today <would’ve already been this situation ,if she went for baby-making @19. (she had to belong to  a religious cult for that). This is because this illness sets in  a few years after Menarche& accounts for HALF of all cases of infertility. Add in PCOS (dubbed  the millennial condition} , ~ that tips it into the majority. The  talented protagonist of  Pretty Little Liars  suffers from it visibly & she only in early 20s

B)the single most disabled/chronically ill group of humans [where’s that line anymore?]. Every 2nd millenial has a diagnosed(!} chronic sickness ,,and we all know how poorly |under-diagnosed women’re .

^^^^This means that nobody should be encouraging them to reproduce& certainly not so young that they haven’t figured out their health yet.It is simply unconscionable when we’ve only just dipped  a toe into thinking against compulsory life-plan of “family” AND started discussing young female chronic conditions publicly

Better  do it young =  advice from the 90s, before the mass proliferation of acute millenial womb-stemming illness.

To sum up for the young’ones of now:

If u’re gonna have trouble with getting knocked-up willingly in later years, }you, highly likely,already have it now ,-unknowingly. NO point rushing ,girlies. Use the subsequent time TO PONDER on the wisdom of the decision . Learn the Big Bad Truth about patriarchal propaganda & therefore make an informed choice. 

child-bearing is a strain @ the best of times.but we’ve reached a level @ which it ‘s become a case of Olympic training. esp.when you end up with kids, whose lives depend on you reaching an epi-pen in time +need special food from scratch.& or who’re gonna be dependent on you, or state-services their whole life. This’ll also suck the life out of the Mother, who now stands no chance of whatever little accumulating she could’ve achieved,+tending to her own high-maintanence health. +She too is dependent on the father, or whomever else.

This is once u get thru pregnancy,which now also requires Olympic-level sacrifice & maintenance & during which pharmaceuticals +physio tech acts like you don’t exist , as nobody tests anything on gestating or lactating females( they rarely test on any XXs] + effective (on nausea)medical cannabis is not prescribed








why won’t anybody think of the children!?!

i was outraged by this Swedish show, where a couple deliberated on aborting a DS {Down Syndrome] & saying that those kids.‘re becoming extinct < all aborted…….so they go ahead with keeping it as a their disabled pet. Cos they’re such  Good Ppl,  ya know.        The series is Netflix-funded  Bonus Familia.


I’ve long had thought-crimes & occasionally  speech -crimes too , on this subject. U know>……………………when concerned parents go on& on about abortion in general + disabled fetus ones spec. I had them way before I became a rad. in fact.


Because the real problem is here is the assumption that these impaired and |or undesired fetuses ℑℜ want to be born,  by default.  And nobody brings up the selfishness of parents choosing to bring them into the world with full knowledge of how badly they & those forced to care for them’ll always suffer; + in the case of XY ones – the danger, aversion & sex. harassment they’ll inflict on the inevitably fem. carers/ Because thus afflicted males don’t have a motivation to put on the civilised display, which Normies use to lull females into doing their bidding. 

In the case of girls: <that they’ll carry a 88% chance of being sexually abused by their 18th b’day, and that this abuse may result in forced reproduction of more genetically impaired “heirs’.

This smart lady described it beautifully:

She called it: “ letting things Live + Die  all the way”


Furthermore:  I believe in ABSOLUTE female bodily autonomy. Meaning: I’m fine with abortion @ 8.999 months if so wished by the gestating human. Even if the baby is half-way out & or has 1 foot stuck inside.  NO WOMAN ,   anywhere  deserves to have her body subsumed under the baby’s (read. mens’ systems) needs. As long as a being is dependent on her to live – not  1 min. of her life must be wasted in sustaining it, when it isnt’ wanted. And lets’ face it : Who would ever want it , if women weren’t made clinically insane by men? WHO WOULD want to go thru childbirth? ever?! What kind of sado-masochistic nonsense is it to desire the worst thing that a central nervous system is capable of inflicting on u.?

BECAUSE SHE IS A HUMAN. all on her lonesome. NOt a support vessel for anybody. can u imagine what men would do with this, if they gestated? Can u imagine them being denied life-supporting,  or pain-relieving, or  any  meds for the “sake of the baby”? Or alcohol, or pleasing food, or any pleasures @ all!!??

In this world, baby-tethered humans’re a blank in the med. field. They’re  INVISIBLE  from implantation up to the end of lactation.  NO MEDS ‘re tested on them. They can’t take a headache pill without running to the doc. And heaven forbid they develop a serious illness while gestating – they can be denied, or pressured into refusing chemo for instance.


I belong to the lucky few women in this world to have never had an implantation in my uterus, but it hangs over me every time I get anything med. done. I’ve never had to say YES to “ any chance u could be pregnant”,  cos I belong to en even rarer class of never getting invaded by  a mans’ body parts sexually. Yet it jolts me:

“What’d happen if i wasn’t such a lucky freak among my caste? Shall they deny me that X-ray?[ Those anti-biotics< if i WAS getting invaded & had to damage control with BC}?”


When I was about to begin Chemo, I had my statement of not being interested in fert. preservation overriden, & STILL getting lectured on the matter. …Yet  nobody  told me that Chemo + Radio has a strong chance of leaving me in a state of half-life I’m in 4 years later.

I haven’t only been always Anti-Natalist, but I’ve additionally had Zero sentimentality towards fetuses & loss of them. Womyn ‘re drugged with bonding chemicals during gestation against their cerebral wishes. Meghan Murphy wrote about this on FC:

…She miscarried 1 week before the abortion, + was instantly flooded with her body screaming in her ear >>to replace with a new fetus. Alas, she was smart + feminist enough to override it, and remained blissfully childfree

 HOwever, women who don’t listen to their head over sentimental propaganda + hormones, not uncommonly become drawn into a cycle of miscarriages + child-bearing following it.
     On Jessica JOnes S1,  a raped + consequently pregnant girl expresses the only logical way to view being sucked dry by a fetus:
I want this  thing * spitting this part disdainfully* out of me immediately. I can feel it growing every min.”
**paraphrasing. don’t remember exact quote
   And seeing as I’m thought-criming HARD today, i’ll go on to say that I also never cared about forcible tube-tying. Because i believe it to be the greatest gift to a female to NOT be able to carry more of mens’ spawn & be kept on a leash due to it. Once I figured out I had Endometriosis – I was THRILLED  to find out that it has up to 1/2 chance of infertility. 
.Not only because it makes me breathe easier – due majorly lesser chance of being an impregnable rape target, {which disabled gals’re precariously vulnerable to}….but something  mental.
  Something holistic.
A sense of individual bodily freedom. My soul feels lighter+ less burdened
.__~something that Men live with Every. Single. Day.
Notice how there’s no hoopla over mass DENIAL of tube-litigation?
tells ya all u need to know


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