Katya’s story is a useful one for being able to tell which’re the Reasons that Must not be Named

Aus has a tendency of sweeping things under the rug (being literally a country founded for the sole purpose of being Britain’s dusty rug for undesirables]

This report is the only one who identifies her sex as being relevant to her demise

& damn right it is

Katyusha was a baby millenial >unsurprising that her health unravelled even more rapidly than the generational average of 27. Switching to clogged Western food from pristine Rus. goodness must’ve done her no favours either. I started experiencing mild physical +serious social fatigue (signs of progressing AI) already 4 years after arriving here~ just like her

On top of health her issue was cash. By switching to the Aussie flag she lost her rus. skater salary. Once she quit competing for OZ~=double trouble as whichever sponsorhip she was running on here must’ve stopped as well. Wild guess that it could’ve been an Aboriginal one (in that case i’d forgive her very, very mildly Native partner for harping on about it like we were blind to his near total white-ness. U really gotta be barrel-scraping with his what ?1/64?1/125?? )

Covid trapped her in Moscow. While russians’re lucky in not facing being homeless generally, ( [she could always live in her mother’s flat, i guess) that metropolis runs on sky-high living cost> after unsuccessful travails into coaching +TV work, poor girl was reduced to that pit of pits {stripping}. Which is depressing enough on its’ own, without the added doom of facing a lifetime of epileptic fits & not being able to go with her calling, which consumed her life since 4 y.o. & provided that addictive adrenaline + steely focus Olympic athletes struggle without, when quitting. Add on not being able to bank on her newly minted citizenship in the country she single-handedly put on the Ice Map, as big island barred itself off for untold period of time

Aside from the list of rational reasons, there could’ve been one other….


after a lengthy foray into brainwashing about chemical imbalances we’ve been treated to an admission that 1/3 of clinical depressive cases stem from the above (caused by omni-present AI}. Specifically it can manifest in short-acting suicidal fits, which come on&pass so fast that u might change mind before u finish soaping that rope

Unfortunately for Katen’ka ,she had a method available which required 0 prep. She stepped off a 6th storey ledge after writing a single-word note, not even specifying whom it is she stated she loved

i’m all for rational self-ethnanausia, but my deduction leads me to believe that this was not a case of that. Apart from identifying w. her heavily .`i’m also bummed out about 2 things:

1)she is someone i could’ve helped in deed, if i’d only known. I’m suitably equipped in quite a few things relevant to her case. She’s the last of the Mohicans of my generation going by her DOB & the separation of young lasses of the sort who gets lost in the shuffle`is achingly saddening

2) i really liked her pairing. I must be able to connect w. skaters to enjoy the work,& she +Harley were charmers w. a wonderful friendly chemistry& ability to interpret music. (They used lyrics on 2 occasions, which nobody in pairs does). HERE’S them rocking it to Adele

3) Harley’s a likable kid w. quality blading goods,but the Rus. door is closed to him now. Russkies’re superstitious, > 👩🏼‍🌾there is no way in hell another partner from there ‘ll touch him w. a Zamboni now

Can’t beat them ? Poach ém

Double entendre here :@kaguyamouse

  1. my beloved Roo-land ~tired of being No-names~ in the glamorous ice-world, decided to go the athlete`-poaching route. They headed over to the country (known for being a Skater Production Machine) & waved enticing Aus citizenship grant around>>>>>> selected themselves this sweet girl

Displaying typical russian bluntness ” o.30 there😙😎

KATYA went to deliver for them big-time, before tragically falling prey to millenial AI ( epilepsy] ; in view of which she retired ; then chose to end her life aged only 20. RIP Katyusha ; hope u end up somewhere u can skate in comfy clothes which cover ur privates & not televise them for the leery patriarchal audience ( just the be-dicked skaters do on this plane)

This is the set-up leading me to point 2)

the gene -poaching

This cretin was the original inducer of the psychosis _leading some to call for breeding out racial Euro-people

Just like all Kike truth however, it is topsy-turvy. what actually occurs is the opposite. European DNA has actually been hot stuff historically +continues to be so today. In nobody is this more evident than among our very own 1st Australian (although this part is contestable , but it is not researched for PC reason) populace.

Katya’s partner didn’t just piggy-back off her European finesse in skating; as of now. His ancestors also did this by making him almost wholly white (can’t believe he claims aboriginality with those blues+pale_as_snow skin. He;s native thru what? Grand-cousin 8x Removed?!)

You see , there’s a lotta hoopla over Stolen Generation. But when you observe the 50% intermarriage rate among indigenous & Otherwise aussies – it becomes crystal clear that full-bloods’re A-OK with voluntarily replacing themselves out of existence.

FS is an exceptionally precise, bio-mechanical sport , the pilotage of which only pale Eurasians ‘re up to snuff in. Harley got to where he is by having his much less capable (*high T) Native double-helix proportion diluted into nothing-ness/ The darkies’re busy playing a Gorilla War Game called AFL – not this gorgeous, refined- for-female-sensibility discipline; * which helps elevate our primate existence for a few, precious mins at a time.