the Great Euro-pretenders

Proficient masters of disguise, who infiltrated everything of any value in Euro -derivative societies: the arts +feminism most notably. They use make-up, plastic surgery, adopt local names. Compare & contrast the real, bonny Irish lass on Right VS pretend, ‘Irish’ jewess on left {note *latter’s use of meticulous, artificial coloration of eyebrows +hair to the iconic Irish shade + heavy eyeliner as distraction}

Gnawed +hollowed it out like termites, never stoppped stealing the few female spots {by all rights belonging to the women of the Master group}. Then perpetrated a mass psy-op – undermining our tribalism + natural identification of our own faces + witnessing of value in our own ethnic selves…then the apex >? Sold us out to our worst enemies without a fight

By mixing & mixing with Europeans, they managed to dilute their facial features just enough to throw us off balance, then proceeded to inundate us with their giant megaphone Hollyweird + Pop industry, ~all to make us believe that these these weird darn mugs ‘re

A) so very Euro-id

b)super attractive

Say it isn’t so…..

Both Name Actresses beneath ‘re ever so slightly Jewy (1/4 in Moore’s case). BUT only Meryl has a trace of it in her look. Is it an accident that SHE is ThE Token of tokens?

I believe that this Lookist JEpotism happens cause of the hilarious effect of them being like dogs , who forget where they buried bones. Some of theirs blend in so much – that they can’t tell ’em apart. How’re ya gonna hand out the prized spots to the non-goys then?!?!!

Here’s an example

 Racquet Princess Mashutka has been selling herself   as Russian Beauty no.1 for a long time. She managed to fool the JEW or NOt -Jew website, but she ain’t fooling me. Her eyes ‘re too small, ball cheeks & has a wily minx expression common to the Red Sea monsters

maria-sharapova-at-vanity-fair-oscar-party-in-beverly-hills-02-24-2019-9.jpg (1200×1800)

& here’s her classic Jewess of a grand-mama to prove it

31FEC28600000578-3482473-image-a-24_1457457345185.jpg (634×432)

She also displayed thoroughly un-Rus behaviour all along

But just like the We-know-whos~ ~ ~they’ll never, ever pass. Once u develop an eye for it >they’re so laughably transparent. hover over images for caption

But once their spell lifts# it doesn't linger. U feel free, no longer afraid of the dark of noticing the evident

They're the ultimate cultural appropriators

Will the real white Hispanic above please stand up?

How about the real Euro-Canadian below? Hint /it’s not the one who chopped his horse nose in half , yet STILL looks like a homely horsey\

Lyrics of this song summarise their progression thru history & their dealings via us 

Specifically this part: All smiles, I know what it takes to fool this town
I’ll do it ’til the sun goes down and all through the night time
Oh yeah, oh yeah, I’ll tell you what you wanna hear
Leave my sunglasses on while I shed a tear

+ chorus

When i began consuming Joolywood as a little girl, i was thrown off by how weird these Starz looked. Little did i know -,/\that such oddity results from mixing those Jerusalem maggots (JM) with the Euro-genes they were busy impersonating. Another good way to know for certain ~~is by following their careers:

1 glaring example – the mega-hit X files.

skynews-x-files-gillian-anderson_5075973.jpg (1600×900)

I can’t say enough good things about young Gillian – she’s the reason it took off like a Jet-star sleeper. She had it all . Owner of that repulsive mug next to her did his damnest to drag this classic down by virtue of having NOTHING to offer & an icky presence to boot; almost sank it while she was on her 10-day maternity hiatus. IT is a truth universally acknowledged that the bonny lass was the real star here; yet the creator needed to fight for HER to get cast & not fired, & to stop getting paid HALF the dood’s salary

Easy to guess the JM there, eh?!!? In addition to their looks being the give-away – her alabaster skin, appealing eyes, neat if funky nose

How about the 2 aussies below? Guess which one has all the value & which one all the JM nepotism!

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of tribes & Martians II

In my old life as a political scientist  & a thoroughly unbrainwashed one (!) by Marxist doctrine ..I had a working theory [via elimination] that ethnic Europeans did not come with the map to the stars of their own destruction as a tribe. Someone else did. This map consists of  re-framing events conducted across time & space universally  (with minor variation) by  every flourishing & most surviving tribes   (maybe even by all  Homo species) as a uniquely horrid trait, endemic to Europeoids.  Because – when you lose your tribalism > you PERISH

We all know the drill here:

Colonialism; dude -slavery; takeover of indigenous (not always the case) land; racial theory + a  concept of reparations, best phrased as :

“You killed my father ~>prepare to die”. Remember who said in the movie too: {a quintessentially Jewy-looking Inigo) –

Not knowing the culprit-author was suss to me, since it could not possibly be the

  • white men, who have no shame
  • white women, who never did anything wrong

Moreover, WHO possesses enough power over information & social engineering on such a scale?!+ Who has been entwined @ the dick  with Euros since the fall of Roman Empire, yet had its culpability hidden like Oz behind a  curtain? Who runs a policy of immense    ethno-supremacism, but projects onto the ethno-Euros? Who’s made a royal wanker out of themselves  EVERYWHERE  they’ve ever lived & managed to reframe the pushback as anti-semitic persecution? Sometimes the cheeky bastards even wink + nod @ us :

remember that we suffered

jews who deny holocaust

They also mastered the art of using uniquely virtuous Euro-traits  against them


As a product of this, western Europe is embroiled in a civil war (where only 1 side is aggressing & the aggressed upon are defenseless). The main losers of this desert N*word -sanctioned slaughter~…’re statistically& verifiably the best  +brightest , who have ever graced this measly earth.  Those who have been the single most civilising force out of them all. Those ,who ‘ve given the most & received the least < NO GOOD DEED OF THEIRS currently goes unpunished >  Oh no


You’ll see photos like this on their tombstones, when they’re permitted (!) to be erected. Soon it may only be a mass, unmarked grave. Notice that i included only 1 slav face there – i’m praising West-Europeans 1st + foremost. My lot comes 2nd & i damn well expect every band of woman-kind out there to be as grateful as I am for the efforts of the westerners

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This is a resumed witch-hunt, but this time it’s outsourced to newly minted, overzealous, properly medieval-vicious recruits, who’ve come from war& wide , driven by the smell of blood & weakness (endemic Euro-empathy& projection of humanity on those who don’t deserve it)

Thankfully, there IS a remaining band of pale faces, who have not, as of late, gone stark raving mad& begun practising harakiri

I mean, look @ that pair of mean cultural appropriators. No shame, aimirite?! tut-tut. & what’ll we do with those outa control spectators…who’re shouting   Well done! .  in the West – they’d be censored by the Kosher authority in charge of re-education of the Euro-masses

Their cousins ‘re also markedly less lobotimised by semitic, anti-white propaganda than their Western brethren. I predict that East-Euros shall be the last oasis left standing  – the last Mohicans of the tribe

it could bring about a flowering of Eastern Europe…………but they better purchase Russian weapons & learn to use them mighty fast.  The end is very near. The last piece of Titanic’s railing is above water now & the sharks’re closing in.

My other prediction lies with my adoptive homeland to be the last of the West left upright. Our NZ cousins’re clear goners /Jacintha wore a mark of the devil on her head  “outa respect” (aka headscarf). So, my pasty Aussie sestras – : we can’t allow the rest of the  drowning Roman Empire NO.2  to sink our life raft. it’s not that strong