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Women’re messy ; voo-doo,wanton; dark, free-spirited, witchy,

 We yearn for the it our silent 2nd X calling to us?…


This strange &wonderful mood came over me after watching  a show with a premise beggin to be made fun of”

wait for it    ::)

…a bunch of rich kids in Rome bum around to..fab. Italian electro-pop…in slow motion

.and then i realised that it’s manages to capture that elusive, unworldly yearning young,non-conformist teen girls*young women experience..of the Background calling to us. We don’t know what it is @ that age, we won’t come to recognise it until we digest some Mary Daly *the lucky few among us*

But alas, back then we DON”T know. But we feel stifled, bored to the bone, unable to put it into words cos our magical perception doesn’t exist in man’s language.

So we try ANYthing to avoid hitting our heads against the wall. We cast spells

We do that whole erotic thing

We travel,

We do spontaneaiety, drugs, swim naked in the dark, howl @ the moon

We scream..we cry….and yearn, yearn, yearn

                     It LOOKS like your normal youthful exploration (cause that’s what boys do ),but what it really covers up is that longing, gnawing desperation

…for something to happen, for something to change/ 

For something to set us we can be Druids,dancing around a fire,chanting merry&running wild

…And  nothing ever does 

The panther pacing in a cage inside us stays trapped &hungry.stark raving mad

Some female artists manage to pour into their art. The Bronte sisters&Virginia Woolf. Dworkin.Frida Kahlo.The film-maker of the feminist revenge fantasy vampire Persian movie.The Piano director.Authors of the dark magic collection of short stories (1 was a masterpiece:about a voo-doo mistress&her slave apprentice).Blue-beard & other fairty-tales.I know this 1’s weird , but..the 1st Twilight movie w. That rock-indie feel; Harry POtter;HAnna


Until seeing this show; I couldn’t identify this feeling popping up in me whenever i could get into the right frame of body&soul. I’ve experienced it since childhood& used to put it down to depression

In fact, i didn’t even understand that WHILE watching it.I kept waiting for something to start happening plot-wise,as we meddled along with our bright-eyed;rarely speaking heroine.;as she gallivates around  sexy Roman ruins to synth-score,and with quiet ,violent desperation worn on her sleeve. The suitable title for this sublime nothing-ness would be “Desperate Italian Girls”

For she shall stay desperate.After she smokes the joints, gets her fill of titilating ugly boys,doing silly things with another desperate girl,writing down verses,chasing excitement in dark corners…..

Given that she gets thru all these walkabout shennanigans in 1 piece and without scars.the panther’ll stay locked up&growling



Would u like ice-cream with that Moral Dessert,m’am?

Bloody hell, people, grow a spine &criticize it for what it is. Step away from the sticky-sweet Moral Dessert of “everything =racism’ +’look at how awsome &not racist i am” knee-jerking. 

 I felt compelled to write this after a radfem unfriended me for my refusal to participate in the suspiciously quasi-Catholic ritual of Euro-self-flagellation. and by Euro, i mean ~White guilt. What pisses me off extra hard ,>is the American-centrism of this. i was glad @ CBL bringing up Welsh oppresssion (she too was flagged ‘racist’), since Ukrainians belong in the same boat of uber-downtrodden Europeans.It takes some frigging nerve to tell us {with everything going in Ukr lately, and with everything that’s gone on in times past ) that we have no right to enjoy any of our of our tribal characteristics (in my case – azure blue eyes. it is my region,which produced the mutation& it spread outward). This kangaroo-court judgement was made based solely on these comments. Check them out for yourselves:

I spent my childhood in a place so impoverished & lawless, that feeding yourself required either emigration, or doing illegal\ethically unpleasant things to get by. But hey, since it was all white & homogenous-who cares, right? GO me. Nobody cares about the fact that the aforementioned option of emigration involved a dangerous  caveat of high risk for trafficking, since the dudes running the shebang have a real soft spot for Slavic girls;either. i remember the sad joke about a black American not finishing his burger &throwing it away_since we , whitey whites_couldn’t afford to do that with half an apple…And when I came here>i was bullied mercilessly, while home-grown asians weren’t. In fact , eastern europeans provide a good testing ground for whether something is racism, xenophobia , or something selected @ random to pick on, or innocent curiosity I know for a fact that being pushed towards changing ur name, praising ur grasp of Eng,and being asked where u’re from is NOT race-motivated, since it was done to me oodles of times–and i’m a peroxide bottle away from looking like hitler’s wet dream. <that didn’t save my people from being slaughtered like cows by his forces, or his plan to make us the slave race. we had the highest proportionate loss of life of any nation. it’s not he stopped, looked @ fair Euro-jews, & said :”Nah, these’re too light!let’s catch us some darker Sephardi ones!”


so Don’t fall of that high,judgey, American horse of yours, lady. (the nation which claims that it rid the world of the most virulent white supremacists which ever lived…..when it was Us. Our blood, sweat &tears&unimaginable heroism. So. much .blood…..the highest amount of blood out of anyone proportional to WWII) .

As for racism, …u know how i learnt about that concept?…..From Hollyweird movies as a child!!!!Really ! then i  had to read up about why it exists to understand why on earth people would ever behave like this  !

that;s the thing about this practice> it emboldens people to arbitrate, when they have no leg to stand on, and only think of the white supremacist boogeyman under the bed. patriarchy is too devious to have such clean-cut motives ever. White Supremacy is a boogie-man, because it’s incidental Othering, that would take ANY other form if this one wasn’t up for grabs.and it’s been practiced by EVERY race, whenever they needed to justify whatever they needed to commit @ the time. And it has never, EVER been a prime motivator along the line of “Whoo-boy! those people over there look funny! let’s go exterminate them!”


down the bottom of this article, i gathered a no. of links from all kinds of people:

POCs, other non-Europeans, radfems, Eastern Europeans & simply thinking folk





i’m a stickler for correct definitions, and this one drives me batty.

Exhibit A:

^ a Russian complaining about racism…towards his lily-white self…OK,buddy, listen hard. I was bullied relentlessly +had many other foreigner-related incidents after migration& would never dream of calling this ‘racism”, since I belong to the Euro-ethnic classification. lay-woman’s terms”Same Race!! Find the correct freaking word!

Exhibit B:

a man on a plane (assuming in US) told a woman to stop speaking Spanish. the reporter called this ‘racism’.

Ummmm…..Since when ‘re languages an innate part of your being (like race)>>?Dismissing that; neither Hispanics , nor the Spanish constitute a race!.. Did people forget that Spain is located in Europe? Or that Latinos can be Euro, indigenous, or (the bulk) Mestizo?

Do i acquire a golden hue like the gorgeous actors on ‘Jane the Virgin’ when i speak Spanish?? 


exhibit C: Muslims’re not a race, let alone an ethnic group. Ayaan Hirsi Ali did not magically experience a skin lightening when she left the Abrahamic cult. The aforementioned Latinos make-up most of Catholics& re mostly Tan thru to Olive in shade.  Many, many protestant Christians ‘re Afro-descent. Have u  ever  heard of anyone attribute the last 2 cults to a race??

exhibit D: having increased trouble distinguishing facial features of other than ur own race.

It’s actually a proven neuro-quirk, which people ‘re not perpetuating consciously – prob. formed by 1000s of years of tribalism. it’s no more deliberate than I do by avoiding eye contact with everybody/. Exposure to a multitude of types of faces vastly dif. to your own is a very  recent thing historically.


exhibit E:  finding people of a certain skin tone attractive.

Personally for me, it’s been every shade between the extremes of “white” (pinkish really) & black. I’ve lived in 2 pre-dominantly pale countries, +1 pre-dominantly black one& this preference never changed & never aligned with the mainstream of all 3.Cultural conditioning seems to fail on me here –just like it fails overall. Who knows, maybe if teal-green or zebra-stripe humans existed- i’d find  them hot too?:~)

Exhibit F:

Hanson’s burqa stunt.THis one is good for explaining differentiating between Racist Person & Racist Incident.

Pauline is unquestionably a racist person. :Her original, 20+y.o. campaign (which turned her into the joke of the nation) was based on discrimination again Asians&Indigenous. In a old-school, blatant way.

But burqas have naught to do  with a race. or an ethnicity. Pointing out 10/10 misogyny in a virulent sky-daddy cult is a good, good thing.& she risked her life doing that. Check out the charcoal-black ex-adherent Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who’s lived in a portable bunker for 15 years, or other brave females escapees (often Iranian). Try telling #Stealthy Freedom participants about their ‘racism’ of resisting theocratic state-mandated dress code

I’m also a cynic about the a\morality of politicians in general . They’re most often opportunists, who latch onto whichever tactic gets them political cookies. If it served Pauline’s interest to decry something WASP-ish; or denounce tattoos_or white shoe-wearers, or alien sighting>she’d do so in a heartbeat. Whether they’re touting Moral Dessert, or moral anathema~it ain’t got nothing to do with their personal goodness or badness


Furthermore,races ‘re ephemeral. They come, go & dilute into into nothing-ness. They pop up @ unexpected times due to recessive genetics. A mere, what, 3000 years ago? …some expelled Jews moved to Ethiopia.When Israel extricated them recently>they looked no dif. than other Africans in skin tone, while Ashkenazi ones (who’ve lived in Europe during the same period of time)’re Euro-white.  Turns out that the melanin adaptation to sunshine occurs rather rapidly & it didn’t happen due to racial mixing

Ethnic cleansing doesn’t happen only through murder , but through mass rape by the invading tribe of man>which causes gradual mixing to the point of dissipation if sustained for long enough (at least thru dominant genetics).


..yet this hasn’t EVER happened with sex. Intersex folk’re not a dilution.

Now flip a coin to the other end of spectrum: the aggressive assertion of breeding rights by group A. Anyone recall the infamous line attributed to Gaddafi about Muslims using “the wombs of their women as the real bombs”?Not a race, like stated above, but an A group tactic just like it/


It’s chilling & unsettling truth that this here^ is how  ALL  tribes&nations were formed; so our allegiance to any of them (no matter how sentimental) is simply a celebration of the generations of men, who perpetuated Successful Exclusivity.

1 innocent exception to this ,is the Blue Eye mutation, originating in the Black Sea region. another is the Kalenjin tribe kicking international butt @ long distance running >thanks to their uniquely long limbs.Which leads me to segwey  into about why they’re so unique. Why does no other African possess this trait?


Ethnic divides’re a product of 2 things:

1)environmental adaptation to sunshine& temp+humidity, thanks to us being naked apes

2)exclusive breeding rights of male group A over male groups B>Z  over a long enough period of time to form ethnic features.

^sometimes this can offshoot into deliberate selective breeding (think US male slaves)>hence modern day disproportionate, intimidating huge-ness  of A-A men. which is why they have the power to common-outlaw the N-word (they can bash the sayer’s head in ), but we females can’t police any shitty language towards us. And why women ‘re @ particular risk of grave injury from DV -when pairing up with such men & why Black men ‘re the poster children for POC injustice…..;not the smaller Latino, or Indian men; or black womyn.

Everything runs on the undercurrent of violence in a dude-ruled world. Everything& its’ dog


Patriarchy is an opportunistic force. it feeds on whichever difference it can find to further its’ goals @ particular time & place . Ethnic discord just isn’t as lucrative as it used to be>hence the mainstreaming & watering down of racial discourse, but not other things really undermining man’s world in this moment. The force of phallocracy is always 1 step ahead of whatever it pretends to tout for the sake of social harmony. It’s the same with gay, environmental&animal rights+ sexual revolution.Once  anything progressive& rejected of yonder, is taken up by the dude-mainstream>u’ve gotta be very Wary.

here’s an example:

Aus has an international rep for high racism because of its ‘refugee’ islands(filled with the same contingent as the “euro-migrant crisis”- ie. young Mohammedan males)

..1 forum poster questioned whether whether any white asylum -seekers’d be languishing there.


…the answer is sinister>for that type has neither the $ , health, or a lobby behind it_ to even get into those boat, or have anyone being outraged on their behalf. eg.a Ukr. elderly couple escaping war & with children in Aus, was denied a refugee visa. DO i need to remind ppl what Ukrainians look like?….they’re anemic-white. Drs look @ me with concern& prescribe high-strength vit. D when i stroll in


in reality, Australia is not so much racist, as it is nativist. Meaning that, like in all other post-colonial societies,>all groups of migrants’re ranked above the indigenous .just like in USA,many an East Asian holds a silver medal place on the podium. they happen to be both light-skinned, straight-haired &  disproportionately  successful in high -status careers& academics, thanks to a culture of heavy parental push&investment.they ‘re also synonymous with “international student”>so we grow up around them in schools+uni

Persians ‘re also in this category,but they blend into the Euro-visage smoother yet. Being Indo-europeans,>they tend to look like Italians or Greeks. On occasion>they have blue eyes. Aside from being better -dressed & smelling than the average Aussie,they don’t stand out@ all in personal decorum or irreligious/quiet religious stance. Just like East Asians>they often adopt some innocuous local name, or round off theirs to make life easier for everyone. They also belong in the highly-educated &aiming for-the-stars category. and they’re refugees from a theocratic regime. We took in 37,000 of them and Balkan ones +beautifully integrated. Funny this kind of quiet, civilised, documented refugee intake of Indo|Europeans doesn’t make the news…

—-Now let’s look @ the history of invasion. Did Russians halt & say:”Whoa, these people we’re stomping on, look just like us! Low melanin& all! let’s back off , folks&go out and find us somebody swarthy “. As u can see by the history of the multitude of white-as-snow ethnic groups they stomped on> such pigs did not fly

Did the English do that with Irish red-heads (who’re so light>they’re practically translucent)+ all other powerless whities they chose to stomp on too?Same with the Sami (u can’t get any whiter than sun-deprived reindeer herders), who’ve been subsumed by the northern countries they reside in. Should we settle them w. white guilt too, when their lifestyle&coerced assimilation has followed a similar pattern to other indigenous groups, esp. those in a cold climate? Sweden has def. been  A LOT more concerned with giving away special cookies to violent, looting, male foreigners, over its’ own pale, Nordic-looking  peaceful indigenous. Less melanin=less moral dessert, u see


@ this point in history the skin-tone hierarchy is passe >that is :it’s not lucrative to upholding patriarchal industry in the West anymore. Other things’e taken their place. Economic migration , IS lucrative =hence very white Eastern Europeans&all shades of Latinos’re in the same boat in terms of low-skill labour, &black ‘Trans-women’re elevated above all women. The spread of world-wide capitalism now incorporates tycoons of all creeeds & affirmative action gets POCs to participate in all kinds of nasty institutions.


a very white elderly couple + many poor refugee women [prostituting themselves all over Europe} from Ukraine  holds no sway – because they don’t have the powerful, far-reaching Oil lobby playing bedfellows with the oh-so saintly leftists, for whom their pet, decidedly Great Un-White Shark can do wrong & who has a giant industry of outrage behind it. ..So influential, that even a phobia was invented  to shut down all reasonable criticism of the aggressive desert-religious totalitarianism (afforded to no other group of POCs, or migrants, or other religions)

in fact,  it is built into the system of Niche Oppression Activism, >that those visible &united enough to express outrage & have it heard & enshrined in language& official efforts ….are by definition not the most oppressed.

Ever heard of any outrage on behalf of non-verbal, ASD ladies, who’re forced to talk? introverted mamas crushed  by the extroverted parenting standard? how about the invisibly disabled? ;trafficked Eastern European girls? Asexual, or sexually iffy females, who fall between the poles of the hetero-norm and LGB? Chronically ill ladies with so much brain fog, that they can’t compute a sentence to write on Twitter about their predicament?


1 big thing this model thrives on ~is called Moral Dessert. -a sugary ,gooey, “I’m a Good Person” high that works almost like religion.:.: 1)it provides an adherent with a morally superior-feeling In-Group; and (this part’s crucial)2)it does not encourage further thinking, & complex individual choice.


^Racial features’re f-ing perfect for this purpose. It takes half-a-second glance to denote whether someone looks they belong to 1 of the 4 races.It’s a chess-piece world with only black&white squares.

…whereas it actually takes sustained effort & understanding of patriarchy to figure out that there’re been some terribly oppressed Europeans, who have a right to treasure their specific group’s ethnic features. I got chastised on the ground of pointing out that my azure-blue eye colour ties me to the specific sea region i’m from. My grandpa looked @ my half-aussie sis.& said:“Her eyes’re blue, but not OUR blue”.  on top of this, my ethnic group has been beaten down on persistently & relentlessly by everybody  in its’ vicinity for @ least 6 centuries>starved, used as canon-fodder, had it’s language crushed& is war-torn as we speak! And where the hell is our media representation, eh? for all the trafficked victims& mail order brides& EU prostitutes?….with advanced degrees. BTW , mine were worse than slaves.-they were serfs.

The current no. of girls trafficked around the globe (Eastern Europeans’re primary targets) is greater than the no. of black slaves over the entire history of American slavery.  But hey, since so many of them’re pale & female=no moral cookies. Well, @ least 1 lady cared (a tan Mexican)-Lydia Cacho, whom TrustYourPerceptions extolled.  She’s the only reason we even know these no’s! See, i can play this outrage game too. For nobody shall ever admit on the pain of losing their SJW status:::that there is a hierarchy involved in this.  those furthest down the totem pole ‘re invisibled & get no cookies for compliance+assimilation.  

How far do we take this white guilt exactly? Where is the line of white-ness drawn? Do we blame only fair Spaniards, and not olive ones for their hogging of the majority of the 2 American continents (they were the original colonisers!!) How about Italians? Do u know that they were not considered white in the US, were excluded by both blacks&whites,  but flocked to Aus under the infamous White (really European) Aus Policy? Do place this burden on  green-eyed Tatars? The many other fair Eurasians?Pale Chinese, but not the yellow-tinged Chinese?

The only reason white-ness became associated with adaptive intelligence is that it takes an extraordinary degree of prowess to survive in a brutally cold climate.U can afford to relax a bit under more sunshine. U may be smart, but u aren’t forced to push those smarts to their breaking point just to stay warm&fed.Jews living in Europe achieved much more than Jews living in warmer places. Ethiopian Jews had a stone-age lifestyle. Co-relation is not causation& melanin is only a superficial adaptation. All the dark-skinned people living an indoor-sy, Western life,shall lighten over several generations [faster than u think}

So anybody having a problem with pale skin>take it up with Mother Nature,who stripped us of fur & forced to adapt to sun on the fly.Pigs get sunburnt with sparse fur.

what they don’t teach u about White Australia Policy are the inconvenient nuances. …that working women of all creeds were deemed a threat under it. …..that Aus was shit-scared of the populous , established Asia with a deep culture….that it was trying to survive as a lone Western ranger(save for NZ) in the middle of the Pacific, with no protection from Britain after declaring independence, and the huge China or Indonesia could crush it like a bug (can to this day)

Also that the policy wasn’t colourist (olive Greeks&Italians were included.they practically built the modern Melbourne). it operated @ the same time as the various ethnic exclusions in the immigration policy of the US (the merry melting pot’s a myth. Italians were in swarthy, 3rd class citizen category) & while it was knee-deep in segregation. the official end of the Euro-Aus policy in ’75 came long after it watered down in practice (post war,it was gone by ’66).

The Good Place introduced me to the philosophical dilemma over whether we judge a good deed by its’ outcome, or intention. That one’s a toughie& relevant here. Because thanks to Sonia Johnson: we know that  social progress is nothing but a fable in patriarchy.  If such uber-prevalent racialisation is on our noses right now>that means it’s covering up other injustices in  “lookie over here”manner. It serves some purpose for dudes. ALL  DUDES. 88% of them are non-Euro. Indigenous women here are up to 80 x(!) more likely to be hospitalised for DV+family battering. Wanna guess the culprits in most cases? yep – their OWN DUDES. I read a story of an aboriginal couple, where the woman was consistently battered & reported it over 2 years & the Euro-male cop kept dismissing  it.What a fabulous excuse for them to throw their hands up & say “But i don’t wanna be racist, bro!”…towards the bro. In place of all that handwringing about why affirmative action &$-throwing towards  the Aboriginal cause isn’t working> get the women far away from Aboriginal men. virulently un-PC, but logical } considering that they follow the same pattern as indigenous men in North America : beating down on their own females to compensate for their lowly status&using PC smoke-screen as excuse. Dream-time tradition sounds wonderful until u learn about the misogynistic crap that all male whoo-do-voo-doo’is subject to.

Bro-bonding is trans-racial.In fact, all minority males have to do to get accepted by mainstream bros ~to get on board with the mainstream brand of patriarchy. That’s it/ That’s how the rugby teams here ‘re full of Pacific Islanders& Maoris, and are utterly bro-tastic






Under this social script, somebody who does something inconsequential & unnecessary (like pick up on tiny, innocuous cultural  infraction),can tut-tut a bit & then go home patting themselves on the head for having done a GOOD Deed AND deflect suspicion off themselves. This is how we ended up with Anti-Racism Inc. {i gave a it a company name on purpose, as it upholds capitalism & status quo of dude-rule)

For instance,this is how we end up with WOCs on TV, who’re the same freaking supermodels& nothings in personality that Euro-characters are+self-confessed brand of fun-feminism among Afro-American womyn.

#the Canadian comedy “Kim’s Convenience” did something utterly brave on 2 counts. It concocted a story-line,where a young, well-meaning Korean-Canadian blurted something outw @ a black waitress>then went back to apologise, mistook her for another black waitress>self-flagellated herself on the possibility of racism >eventually spoke to the correct waitress….to only find out that the lady wasn’t offended 1 bit.(and neither was the one of mistaken identity)

~^^I greatly appreciated them going there,as it highlighted 2 things:

A)Assumption of worst intention (on the part of a woman towards other women). While we’re afraid to breathe funny around anyone ethnically different…men’re busy filming & watching “Gang -bang the Latina chick” videos

B)that a non-European descent person can think of herself as a racist.

Better yet, the Korean-African dichotomy is a great one to pick, as Koreans don’t even qualify for WOC categorisation & East Asians actually out-earn ‘white’ women in the USA. In fact, they out-earn ALL women there, but (unlike Afro-Americans), get zero  media representation , or pop culture sway.They’re also often introverts, and those who ‘re the loudest>can get their oppression best heard

~my own case of “assumption of worst intention” happened while i was walking behind a mummy&little daughter , speaking a language sounding like something i couldn’t pinpoint?   Persian?   Hebrew? being a linguist @ heart, i couldn’t stand the curiosity any  longer & asked her.—-it turned out to be arabic.

~~and then she looked @ me funny. in the next half-second beat..i realised that i look like & almost sound like a true-blue aussie & thus can be suspected of the “Everybody speak English” adage(perpetuated in the US)….Oh dear….~So i had to back-track &explain my whole linguistic fascination.     Not only was the Intention assumption going on here,,,but also americanism in the media,,,,+my own weird status of an atypical migrant played in here. It doesn’t even occur to me that I accidentally pass for a born&bred local whitie(since i was bullied mercilessly for being a quiet foreigner in HS)&spent much of my life around other migrants. 

Anyways, back to the exclusive breeding rights..I experience neither white guilt, nor white pride because of them.Focusing on ethnicity this much ennobles a long history of forced mothering+sequestering  of women&girls OR wide-scale war-mongering rape-tastic mixing(in the case of MestizoS) . it also gives the men in those deemed minorities the carte-Blanche to keep impregnating ‘their’ females @ any rate they like, since they’re producing more of an oppressed tribe! Yippey for them & their oppressed orgasms!!African leader-morons used this as excuse to deny a whole continent full of women contraception,since they deemed this “a white ploy to reduce black population”….without asking the forced  mums of course. Same with abortion access for US-black impregnated.

I also hate dishonesty &lazy analysis with the core of my pathologically logical being.I smell both rats in Anti-Racism Inc. I’ll leave you lot with this:

Because you know what I noticed in a local house-keeper we had in Fiji? that she ‘s an introvert  Spinster like me.

and what i noticed in a case of an Aboriginal family, who dumped their parrot*locked in a cage* to starve to death until it lost its’ feathers?

….that they’re heartless animal abusers who deserve to fry in whichever spiritual place they hold to be bad.

The long history of Aboriginal violence — Part II

^ this is what happens when u elevate any  male to the status of Noble Savage.}Yet another case of PC culture being used to silence women.i myself experienced the scariest ep of my life thanks to loitering indigenous men. 























Time to bury the hatchet (oops,privilege discourse)

No woman in the history of the universe has possessed privilege. That’s not how this world rolls. Some have simply been luckier than others.

There’s no flipping point in dissecting Mummy, or hetero, or sexual, or ethnic status

*inserting colourful swear words from more colourful tongues*+slapping myself in frustration

duraki hrenovi


…because it is foolish. I feel like only an autistic would see  how  foolish -by doing what auties do best: {standing outside of human interaction & feeling like you’re on a trip to the zoo and watching some other species you don’t belong to}


Let me demonstrate this foolishness for the NT normies:

via counting the ways in which  I  am lucky…


 by still breathing in spite of chronically ill difficulty

 by being literate; educated; living in a country adored by the Human Development Index

by being  a Euro migrant to the aforementioned country & having hardly traceable accent [that’s how i pass for the mainstream]

 by possessing a few more pennies than i did for most of my existence & which sick girls typically don’t


by escaping being humped, or emotionally entrapped by men


Now, look @ the opposite checklist

I am decidedly unlucky because…


∅≅i don’t belong to a  sexual/romantic clique

i‘m not a brain-normie

i’m all alone, no chaperone can get my number, the world’s in slumber, let’s misbehave!

that is^ i have no family, or friends anymore

i couldn’t keep my beloved pet

i was classically abused my whole life

i’m migrant w. no diaspora

i’m non-verbal, but still forced to speak too often (it’s torturous)

i’m invisibly disabled





Those with tribes ‘re LUCKY. Believe it or not,  the unluckiest woman alive is not the Black-as-the-night; lesbian; working class; childless; religious minority; paraplegic with a guide dog


For as long as she has a tribe (any tribe!) to lean on>

she is LUCKIER than ANY lone female out there without a visible group, or physical\mental ability to belong to 1



Only MEN have ever possessed true privilege.This is because their phallic high status actually confers advantage AND power to shape the world to them.  theirs is an algebraically positive gain. most importantly:>they belong to the single largest tribe of all time, as men support each other against women unequivocally

Whereas women ‘re hares chased by dogs & rifles. This hare over here chooses to become a pet (affluent marriage). This is a negative deduction against being free, but above being dead.

….that hare over there runs away& forms a tribe with other hares, & chooses to conduct romance +politics within this hare club

…the next produces lots of little hares to grow up +be chased by  the next gen of hunter& rifles


—–all of the above are negative deductions away from the goal of ground zero of being free & not chased;in which the unluckiest hare ~is the one without any other hares to band with 

Whereas men’re always above ground zero, because they’re always free. the lowest they can fall =having no positive gains.  ;having no rifle, or no dog or horse. ….. but They remain a Hunter.

Now if we stepped into a parallel dimension, where females possessed the same positive gains above ground zero”.

  1. Hetero-XXs would be walking on sunshine, orgasming from phalluses 100x p.week, experience no disgust or fear, or genetic memory of being broken, or all the rest of that hetero-joy of DV etc.etc.
  2. Mummies’d cruise thru orgasmic births,   easy-peasy gestation, be paid handsomely , have no pressure put on them to do anything a certain way, never be blamed etc. etc.
  3. Euro-descent women ‘d live in a bubble with lovely-as-doves , cutie-pie males,who’d bring them cups of tea & massage their feet out of nothing but racial comaraderie.

Now THIS is the fantasy world required in order to justify privilege discourse. Only  then  would any woman truly be above another. Only then would lesbians, child-less, WOCs be left out in the cold . 

Let’s @ least shift the discourse to the lonely, little hare tribe and no name




Run, millennial females.Save yourselves from children

this is an apt follow-on from my as tribalism came up here in most recent post:


1 of the oppressed tribes i belong to are: Chronically Ill Millenial Females. Terri Strange’d know all about that. The very ppl who , uncharacteristically, suffer from illnesses accounting for  most cases of infertility  overall 


As has been thoroughly discussed over @ CRE: women under 38 ‘re a mighty curious cohort. We’re

A) THE 1st generation of young females in history to suffer from eye-brow-raising stats of infertility ,which  is not   a product of waiting too long. Most have diseases which set in v.young . The 37 y.o. woman in the fertility clinic getting sliced& diced to help her Endo today <would’ve already been this situation ,if she went for baby-making @19. (she had to belong to  a religious cult for that). This is because this illness sets in  a few years after Menarche& accounts for HALF of all cases of infertility. Add in PCOS (dubbed  the millennial condition} , ~ that tips it into the majority. The  talented protagonist of  Pretty Little Liars  suffers from it visibly & she only in early 20s

B)the single most disabled/chronically ill group of humans [where’s that line anymore?]. Every 2nd millenial has a diagnosed(!} chronic sickness ,,and we all know how poorly |under-diagnosed women’re .

^^^^This means that nobody should be encouraging them to reproduce& certainly not so young that they haven’t figured out their health yet.It is simply unconscionable when we’ve only just dipped  a toe into thinking against compulsory life-plan of “family” AND started discussing young female chronic conditions publicly

Better  do it young =  advice from the 90s, before the mass proliferation of acute millenial womb-stemming illness.

To sum up for the young’ones of now:

If u’re gonna have trouble with getting knocked-up willingly in later years, }you, highly likely,already have it now ,-unknowingly. NO point rushing ,girlies. Use the subsequent time TO PONDER on the wisdom of the decision . Learn the Big Bad Truth about patriarchal propaganda & therefore make an informed choice. 

child-bearing is a strain @ the best of times.but we’ve reached a level @ which it ‘s become a case of Olympic training. esp.when you end up with kids, whose lives depend on you reaching an epi-pen in time +need special food from scratch.& or who’re gonna be dependent on you, or state-services their whole life. This’ll also suck the life out of the Mother, who now stands no chance of whatever little accumulating she could’ve achieved,+tending to her own high-maintanence health. +She too is dependent on the father, or whomever else.

This is once u get thru pregnancy,which now also requires Olympic-level sacrifice & maintenance & during which pharmaceuticals +physio tech acts like you don’t exist , as nobody tests anything on gestating or lactating females( they rarely test on any XXs] + effective (on nausea)medical cannabis is not prescribed








of tribes & martians

Humans’re nasty, tribal beings.



Despite fervent professions of cosmopolitanism, most shall spend their lives within some kind of clique: along # national, # sexual, #religious,  #dog|cat folk; #irreligious; #ethnic; # vegan’ # child-having\child-free     etc. (insert ur own ) lines.


Women don’t elevate this tribalism to the same monstrous level that men do- we don’t need to run around chopping off heads & exploding things& people to prove +solidify our in-group belonging. And we don’t need to be in those tribes 24/7. In fact, we may only be there mentally, once a year, whenever anybody disparages our tribe unjustly.

But we’re tribal nonetheless. I subscribe to bite-sized chunks of largely Slavic Euro-focus. Despite my lack of interest in commuting with my non-existent diaspora, & giving them a regular wacking for being ugly (the men), depressive smoking alcoholics, who canNOT for the life of them channel their immense intelligence&sophisticated culture into any kind of smooth-running society.

…I still get a whiff of being tickled pink whenever a Ukrainian|Russian\Slavic woman or girl gets up to something cool, or gets complimented on being awsome. -Like my colleague, who wondered why every Ukrainian she meets ~is so brainy. %or when an rhythmic gymnast from there spins a ball  while twisting in mid-air   `defying the laws of gravity & human plasticity& gets a medal with the world looking on. The rest of the year\decade i don’t care for tribalism . I’ll hang with whomever’ll give me morsels of joy. My tribalism is a rather lazy being & doesn’t wanna get off the couch most days.

But it jumped off the sofa~ when Hungary put a wall along it’s border to stop the influx of Sups-Oppressed Refugees TM {really a million +  horde of suspiciously well-dressed, high-end phone -possessing, militaristic,entitled, misogynistic on steroids  males under 35}_ I thought” THis is how it’s done’.  Other Central European countries followed  suite, not backing down under  all kinds of bullying +sanctions, some agreeing to let in Christians only (triggering a pile of conversions from the highly-assimilating Iranians). Best case scenario was to let females only (there were precious few of those). but of course THAT wasn’t ever gonna happen.

To which the EUSSR (nickname for the growing authoritarianism of the EU towards its’ member states) spit the dummy; started foaming @ the mouth & sounding increasingly deranged in its religious-like clinging to the goal of multiculturalism (ie.the oil-hogging ‘culture’ trumps everyone else, incl. previous lots of wonderfully blending migrants of all colours & creeds) . Embarassingly for them” bad, bad things ensued & didn’t stop until , out of predictable desperation, female voters& their Nigels ran over to conservative parties & voted them in ALL OVER EUROPE in a land-slide over past 4 years. This happened after a chain-reaction of bombs; Isis-level assaults, anti-Semitism & mass rapes & violent misogyny of a soul-killing brutality + many other layers radiating out. Euro-women (often teen girls, not sparing the very elderly) were targeted deliberately, on an organised Europe-wide scale {as discovered on web-networks of attackers} >this was covered up, but kept leaking out anyway.

Tourism level to West Europe dropped off & increased to the positively serene & culturally defensive (in this context)Central Europe, where they won’t tell u to keep ur dog our of view, not put a Christmas tree & not eat the cuisine-staple pork out of 1984-style “tolerance” for male invaders, wonderfully facilitated by the local males….

…because they invited them  in like a vampire, dammit. ~via a sneaky method of manipulating lady-sympathy.

& let them run amok like pet alligators, without punishment& while feeding them refugee benefits from pockets of groaning female tax-payers, & offering up female volunteers as sacrificial lambs (via white-guilting into doing the work) –to commit atrocities to , seeing as the hordes were mighty low on their own XX-sufferers to beat down (most were left behind in origin places, while dudes grabbed the family cash & skipped off to self-destructive EU).  Outsourcing, with the imported rape+ Female Intimidation Force obliging by filming the acts on Facebook + Youtube.


I’m not certain whether this was a concerted effort all along >for the Right Wing to take over, by herding women & leaving them nowhere to run for protection. In the memorable Russian meta-physical novel  Master +Margarita ,  the Devil comes to Moscow to maraude & admits that he is Jesus’ Fixer.-It didn’t matter for women& girls& babushkas on the ground. because ensuing chaos is always bad for females, as pointed out by Cherryblossomlife.

Genetic memory matters for medical reasons too.If u’re a Red-head- u need to bloody well know that u’ll need a higher dose of anesthesia. If u’re a Slav – u have higher tolerance for gluten, alcohol &gotta pick flexy-frame glasses for ur wide forehead.





We also create our own tribes. I’ve had an explicable pull towards some things  Jewish & Persian (with female-epicenter) always. This is because both these ethnicities’re also spectacularly cerebral and have long-stemming sophisticated modes of being + are in possession of kick-ass females, who won’t back down. _Check out the disproportional representation of Jewish feminists in 1st + 2nd waves,& the sheer vigour with which Iranian womens’ libbers’ve been fighting state-mandated hijab (for 40 years!) & imposed religion in general.


Ideologially, in my end-goal Utopia , I suscribe to only 1 tribe : Female Beings & leave all XYs out of the shebang. In this current state, I also subscribe to universal female loyalty cutting across all groups. I don’t give 2 hoots about racial oppression of men. I’m a Men-ist

Now how do u reconcile female tribalism with this, eh?

Perhaps we solely….let sleeping dogs lie. Or perhaps – bark (apt `as dogs’re also tribal)

+accept that we don’t have to bond,or love, or sleep, or touch, or respect each other’s every opinion and clique. Hell, we don’t have to like each other really.

All we’ve gotta do is…:….unite on an  Enemy of Ur Enemy =ur Frenemy basis for long enough  to take men down.

This is the only way  I can take a peek @ a reality where Lesbian Separatists, Mums, Anti-Natalists, anti-sexuals,  melanin-rich& melanin-poor, extrovert activists, hermit autistics, those afflicted with rape-adaptive urges and chromosomal attachment towards men in various degree           can be collectively liberated.

Perhaps we can then come together and have afternoon tea & cackle  over the cauldron on how bad we gave it to those suckers&how happy we’re now. We don’t need to be sisters, just comrades in arms   with space to ourselves, others like us& enough outlet for our tribal nastiness to let steam escape.


If anybody has a better idea: can the real Martian Feminist please stand up! Come forth with valour.