Capitalism {family} language



Mary Daly constantly reminded us of the true meaning of words behind the double think.  Lookie here at the glossy portrait of Family TM:



Now look at the words:

_fuck you; get fucked; I’m truly fucked; screwed; screwed over; screw it; suck it; this sucks; motherfucker; cunt; you’re a pussy; he’s a dick; wanker; jerk; jerk around; douche.

Think about what all of the above insults~negative outcomes really mean.<All denote penile insertion to be a REALLY BAD THING for the inserted one. <The last one is a 1st wave contraceptive method, later the infamous Lysol <1 denotes incest against the powerless mother <2 degrade the channel of all human life (1 signifies weakness) . Most notably:
To be a Dick = To be mean.

^This here is everything that Family really is about..Mean penises going into oppressed birth canals/mouths & giving no respect to the outcome (motherhood) & sullying/twisting the damage control to produce further damage.

This double speak is right in front of us in plain sight!%

Mind you: other language is much the same. Russian has most of those in the same context. It even uses the expression “By your mother” to mean “To swear”. ‘To marry’ for a woman = ‘Go behind the husband’. For a man = ‘To acquire a wife’. Which is why I avoid the female variety ~ it makes me shudder

Spanish has the expression Hijo de Puta = Son of a whore. So when a sex slave woman & her forcedly born male are not owned by a father = demoted status for the male, as it’s unclear specifically whose Y got passed on. Men must own their Y-lieanage,`hence the existence of family TM & consequently our whole society. This is why exclusive female ownership for breeding is called NUCLEAR @ the NUCLEUS of all social layers, institutions & systems. | everything we live

I’ve yet to see a company name with & Daughters or *insert surname* Sisters. This is because male ownership of family underpins capitalism. Daughters & sisters don’t pass on Ys – hence they don’t need capital to lure females into servitude for Y perpetuation.


In fact, FAMILY means “slaveholding” in latin. Husband has the same root as husbandry of domestic animals. Mary gave birth in a stable. Getting the drift here?…..

….women & girls have the same or lower status than DOMESTIC ANIMALS. Family exists only to perpetuate the frail, on the respirator Y chromosome (read Trust Your Percepions, everyone!)

[Stay tuned  for thematic follow on|
I have a write-up coming up on (Po5) \a show that has many sneaky feminist anti-family messages in the subtext.



Find the straight woman

No natural hetero part 4:

Whenever we discuss female sexual identies > we’re thinking in simplistic  terms:

there’s free Lesbian over here   ~    and the mens’ slave (aka Straight) over there.    Straight very convieniently “loves” and is turned on by her multi-generational captor

… All on her own lonesome. Without the genetic and living memory of being held captive, raped by him and consequently dying and being tortured by childbearing & rearing en masse for 50,000 years…and being deprived of female bonding & touch…and the witch-hunts…and prostitution…and totalitarian socio-economic coercion

…and certainly without mass censorship on the truth about men, Y chromosome, womens’ history, intercourse, motherhood, the reason for patriarchy, her own body, her own mind, hormones, sensuality & clitoris, semen’s lethality, contraception reality, feminist zoology, radical feminism in general etc. etc.

She’s also never been exposed to the overwhelming stream of media touting the tiny percentage of not so ugly men (when dressed), or the “normality” of the het nuclear family, or sex positivism, or ‘settling” for a male partnership without any satisfaction.

She’s lives outside societal Stockholm syndrome, fear of male muscle strength and lifelong trauma stemming from misogyny. 

Find me such a woman & that will be the naturally straight woman.

Seek that mythical creature into the forest into the night

Hunt it down with the light shining bright

Bring her home to me and 

i will declare to thee:

Such a woman never did i see


Without oppression, the concept of sex & romance would disappear for womyn. There would simply be a spectrum of female bonding without male interference.

The unbearable lightness of female ASD

Honestly – I DON’T believe that ASD females share any experiences with ASD males in the social arena. I avoid any HFA forums because it’s a microcosm of what happens in the NT world: even more male-“dominated” (aka bullied). Males Aspies actually have the nerve to whine about how the good-looking, well-functioning female Aspies don’t wanna PIV them (the hussies!;-) I reckon that only the general neurological stuff like sensory & temperature sensitivity overlaps.

My diagnosing male moron of a clinician couldn’t for the life of me figure out why I was never friendless or acquintance-less at any stage of my life. Or why I was never befuddled by social norms in any of the 3 countries I’ve lived in. Or had any trouble learning languages. Or how feminism could be the only reason I wasn’t paired up. Bloody dude also made do all the damn work in diagnosing myself, fitting it to male norms and then….convince him that the female variations are valid…while getting paid a pretty penny for it!!

Not only can female Aspies not blow off their steam in the male-marauding ways, but we’re limited in the normal ways thanks to males hunting us. It’s nerve-wrecking for a woman or girl to be alone anywhere even in in broad daylight, but Aspies desperately need that isolated alone time to survive the daily exertion. Walking at night-time would be the perfect de-stressing tool if you didn’t have to be armed with a big dog & whatever fight equipment you can manage & be hyper-alert & have the MA pill ready.

Female HFAs are especially impoverished because they don’t get streamlined into cushy STEM careers with a lifelong red carpet of male perks (like my worthless on the spectrum sperm donor). They also gets screwed into having autistic kids because no one tells them that a)autism is highly hereditary; b)that 2 Aspies produce low-functioning autistic kids c)that their vulnerability acts like blood for sharks (extra nasty men).

It’s not known for certain that more male than females have ASD because the female ones are woefully under-diagnosed. I spent a whole decade in psych offices, being waved off with “depression & anxiety. take this pill, hop on a P and don’t bother us further, honey”. Even though I knew the whole damn time that the problem has got to be neuro – that’s why I got my head scanned early on (it showed nothing). I then looked at HFA symptoms and didn’t recognize the in myself cause they were male-as default. Only the push in the past 2 years for exposing the very different female symptoms online gave me the chance to figure it out.

But wait…, that wasn’t all! Having diagnosed myself, I now had to chase down a psych & GP to rubber-stamp it over the entire country cause it’s that hard to find somebody who diagnoses female adults & can be arsed to do it. I also needed the cash to do it and XXs belong to the impoverished class. After all that I was still faced with a doubting psych who barely modified the male criteria & therefore thought I was too functional before I arm-twisted him with my prep work.

The roadblocks are f-ing unbelievable for female diagnoses. There’s also the lack of motivation for formal rubber-stamping for self-diagnosed women & girls cause there’s zero support but plenty of stigma/employment risk.

Now we get to the unbearable lightness.

You see – I thank the Flying Spaghetti Witch on a Broom daily for having been born with such neurologically weird brains. Because it is this weirdness that enables me to take on the POV of Alice in Wonderland on the insane world around us. Cannabis Refugee Esq. proposed the theory the female autism is an adaptive mechanism to prevent the absoption of necrophilic norms (malestream society). This nicely aligns with my life experience of rejecting every oppressive norm thrown at me until I arrived at deeply radical feminism. 

Image result for albino bear
like this mama bear who doesn’t care that her baby’s oddly coloured


Related image
  • and this awesome quirky Hedwig twin

Tale of men’s “art” part II

When I read about Valerie’s shooting of Andy Warhol – I laughed! Because it was the most reasonable critical reaction to his rubbish art. I’m surprised that more people didn’t shoot him!…

Smart cookie youngster me avoided the obvious film/TV culprits of chauvinism and female body horror: slasher films, stoner & sex comedies and anything that looked cheap & mainstream. I went for the ‘high art and ‘prestige’ markets instead.

Little did I know that mens’ extra perversity masquerades specifically under the art/prestige label. This is how I ended up ingesting the following toxic nightmares: Pan’s Labyrinth, Blue Velvet, Lost, Nip/Tuck, Quills, Don’t Look Now, Last tango, Requiem for a Dream. Next to them Apatow ‘comedies’ seem like child’s play.

Pan’s Labyrinth is in a league of its’ own, in fact. It is a physically disgusting, slimy fantasy playing out in a dying 10 y.o. girl’s mind…after she’s killed by her step-sperm donor (aka father). Chew on that concept alone for a moment. That this is what men call entertainment…

It gets more enlightening on the sick mens’ minds front when you look at the fantasy itself: in no world would a 10 y.o. girl dream of it. Not even a lethally injured one. In fact, I’d fathom to say that a dying child would dream of her good associations on earth – she would think of of her mother, puppies, flowers,…anything pleasant. Here it gets too horrible for me to even imagine this any further, so I’lll stop. All the ugly bugs and mythical creatures we see instead are clearly straight from Very Creative Dude in Charge TM’s demented brain cells.

All I remember about Quills is the tongue removal. Blue Velvet is too amateurish & twisted to even describe insightfully. It plugs the virgin/whore/mother dichotomy like no tomorrow. Nip/Tuck substitutes your usual sexual/violent sadism towards female bodies with gruesome plastic surgery (how original!), and bores you to tears with the Very Special Bromance of the 2 lead dicks. I’m quoting someone from the web here: that every actress on the show must’ve gotten the same character direction: Hysterical bitch. Interpret freely! Lost is downright femicidal (often via pregnancy) with a tonne of mummy issues.

There were certain dudely films that I watched without absorbing any of the content as it wasn’t stimulating enough to even grab me at the basic digestion level: 8! (animation), Fellini’s 8.5, some Russian Mephistopheles & Tree of Life mumb0-jumbo. I sat through Goodfellas with eyes closed 90% of the time to block out the violence, so I couldn’t make any sense out of the remaining snippet. I couldn’t make it through 5 mins of Saving Private Moron (or whatever he was called).  

I want to get all that viewing time back & spit some of this vomit-inducing content back out. No amount of looking at gorgeous dogs in cherry blossoms can fix it.

Because you see – there’s something more sinister carried on mens’ megaphones than severe understimulation. It is psychological torture of us – the captive female populace. It also denies us the entertainment material that we need to connect to each other. Men, on the other hand, bond over all this radioactive brain poison like peas in a pod.

Photo by Yuliya Strizhkina (Cartier) on

The Truman show & the money system

Males spend their entire lives and commemoration inside the Truman show. Everything is rigged in their favour, but they just stroll by thinking that it’s normal….

…That the money they earn is Theirs

…That the land and leisure and bodily and mental space theyhave is all their own too.Whereas in fact all of it has been looted for them by generations of other males and they’ve never earned any of it. They’ve stolen it from women & nature & hoarded it. Of course money is an artificial male concept which creates artificial scarcity. In fact, it’s the most brilliantly sadistic invention ever made. It’s more effective than medieval torture instruments, or rape, or war or Stalin’s MAN-made famine, or gas chambers. Money is a completely ethereal (literally these days as most transactions are digital) object that is ALL POWERFUL.  It has the power to induce starvation, lack of medical care, disabled support, deprivation for domestic animals, decimation of girl babies & fetuses, cold, health-damaging stress, homelessness, shutdown free speech, force marriage etc.etc. etc.

Money is
nothing short of a magic wand in mens’ hands.

This is precisely why the female class never owns any money. Even the token womyn who’re above the poverty grind are still on shaky legs. It can get taken away from them at any time. It is invisibly drained away via pink tax, child support inadequacy, the screwability mandate, male-caused health costs, the mummy track, nursing homes, untrustworthy banks, safety from male violence measures.

Money also isn’t a gateway towards pulling us out of our universal female oppression. Money didn’t save Amber Heard from wife-beating. It doesn’t save girl babies in the richer parts of India. It doesn’t make you safer walking home at night. It doesn’t put female public toilets first. It didn’t save Queen Anne from 17 pregnancies. In fact, there is a case to be made that ‘upper class ladies’ always had more male control exerted over them than ‘working class broads’. In Tudor England, the fertility rate of poor mothers was 4, – a stark contrast to the dozen + births commonly endured by aristocrats ( if they survived that long).

This is because money – just like class, race, religion & laws, is designed to serve males + divide& conquer womyn in the process. I’m so tired of seeing feminists grovel apologetically for whatever privilege they profess to having. It’s not privilege because we have no control over ending it and we did not start it. Men just tossed crumbs our way to make it seem like some of us get any benefit from their systems.

Back to the Truman show: female citizens live behind the curtain of mens’ fantasy world, running around making it happen. It is said that communism can never work. But the truth is that women live in a parallel communist reality, while men are in the capitalist one. Except that women only get to live the “giving what you’re able” communist part – not the “getting what you need” part. How can women be considered included in capitalism when they do most of the world’s work for free or for peanuts? Especially when it’s all of the crucial work for the daily survival and comfort of the human race? Never mind the actual production of new people?? All the while men get paid inflated salaries for pushing around pencils at best and causing disasters at worst.

Both sides now (the Sonia Johnson version)

Part 3 in the no natural heterosexuality series

preceded by Ball of Yarn and She Loved Big Brother.

I’ve sought exclusively female bonds and made effort to keep males confined to the periphery of my life since childhood. Whenever a male inserted himself into my carefully built female bonds – there was always a grieving sense of loss. What’s interesting is that I did this instinctively for many years before conscious separatism. The only male I was ever comfortable with was a dog. The straight lifestyle is as alien to me as it is to lesbians. I already saw it as a trainwreck for women by 8 y.o. I’ve been observing it like being at a zoo…if they housed antelopes with big cats at zoos…and made the antelopes have and raise big cats’ babies…and clean up after them…and have weird rituals where they stuck creepy white veils on the antelopes’ heads
By the time we’re born – XYs have imbedded themselves into our genetic memory with millennia of rapeyness and rewired our chemical responses. They also keep taking the rebellious women out of the gene pool with withhunts, honour killings, asylums, hysterectomies, celibacy, poverty and making single motherhood impossible. In another time or place I would’ve been done away with in 1 or more of these ways. In this one I’m merely disabled via chronic illness, poverty and a joke for disabled support. They also erase our history. The only way in which hetero female slavishness can be viewed as innate > is if you take all of this context away.  As well as how mating heat work + all of this creepy biology:
Sonia Johnson’s case is fascinating as a control group of 1. She is the only prominent feminist that did a complete 180. She went from a model hetero religious handmaid, who thought that Womens’ Libbers were meanies who didn’t like men just because > to hermit separatist with female partner, who dumped her son and now thinks the same way I do about open-ended and male-blocked female sexuality/touch/bonding.
Women like her fell through the cracks of mens’ selective breeding program. Every time you look at male-worshipping women running around after their slave – owners: think of them as pugs. We were once huskies or maybe even wolves. Dogs were bred just like us: with fear so deeply genetically imbedded over many generations > that it turned to obedient ‘love’.
*I’m very much a dog person, but I don’t think that they would exist in womans’ world. At most we’d have friendly, but still wild foxes or wolves who’d interact with us on their own terms. There was a fascinating Russian study that domesticated foxes over 40 years via selective breeding, but no violence. They were dog-like in behavior by the end. Who knows…

animal animal photography blur canidae
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A tale of mens’ art and boredom

I had a Eureka moment when I read the SCUM manifesto’s scathing statement about the mind-numbing tedium of life in a man’s world. It’s something I have been tormented by since childhood. Despite possessing intellectual pursuits, friends, pets, cross-cultural connections, media analysis  & inclusion in fandoms – the tedium and repression’s been unshakable. Valerie’s incisive indictment of malestream content we’re bombarded with daily ~ is just as accurate as it was in her pre-information age. These days we’re surrounded with the grand illusion of stimulation, which is intrusive and oppressive like in the 1984 dystopia. Flashy gadgets are everywhere, but their content is just as rooted in the shallow male foreground (as per Daly), with an addictive gloss on the surface.

Former Aussie comedian Hannah Gadsby has a heart-wrenching recording on Netflix called Nannete. In it she tragi-comically describes what it was like to study art history from a female POV: pics of women either lolling about in forests naked or acting the part of Christmas trees. She also destroys the myth of the male genius eg. Picasso. #Highly recommended viewing for all serious feminists.

As a brainy & passionate youngster in my pre-radfem days  I spun my mind in Figure 8 ways just to juice a little meaning and kernels of aesthetic value > to sustain myself in the arid desert of dude-produced drivel. I would force myself to sit through vile woman-hatred, violence & nihilism ALL BECAUSE the male-as-default culture convinced that I was missing something terribly important in the so-called works of art. It never worked: whatever pleasure I could squeeze out of this garbage was obtained on the margins and was unintentional.

There’s a special chapter in this story dedicated to that gigantic cretin incessantly praised and elevated into the ‘genius of geniuses’ category by Hollyweird dudes – Marlon Brando. With my usual seriousness & absolute absorption I spent years on IMDb arguing vehemently with Brando fanboys about his BS status as the “father of modern acting”. This Very Special Dude Marlon TM delivered all of 1 above-board performance playing himself  *Streetcar)…and then spent the rest of his vampiric existence sucking the life out of everyone around him. He was also a champion rapist, producing a 2-digit no. of progeny. Even when setting all this baggage aside – he was REPULSIVE in his screen presence despite his initial baby face and stole the opportunities of far more talented & professional actresses.

What men so misleadingly call “art” is nothing but a really revealing portrait of themselves. Males get VERY upset when you tear down their idiot Idols because then you get at their core of talentless and emptiness. They start frothing at the  mouth. I encountered this phenomenon again last year, when I attempted watching the unwatchable revival of my beloved Twin Peaks. The new installment was bare naked Emperor’s New Suit built on Lynch’s “special male genius” name recognition. The project was a cruel swindle on TP fans, actors and Showtime. Not only was it a



worthless turd which destroyed everything good about the original, but it also made me realise that


males don’t care about artistic & entertainment quality or integrity 

There were 2 welcome breaks in this stream of wanking nonsense: films Onegin and The Piano. Both had a female sensibility stamped all over them. Onegin is an indie directed by Ralph Fiennes’ sister.

*This post is unfinished as there is no language we have at our disposal to describe what a genuinely female artistic product feels like. It’s that quality invoked by distinct female indie musicians. Help me out here, sisters :=)