Let the door hit you on the way out, Marty

i have my head filled with the devious scumminess of beta&omega men.Weird to be using such MRA terms,but they actually fit in this analysis

Marty=Martin Scorsese. ..`who has the look of one of those pathetic, snivelly little men. …who turn out to have really violent tendencies. Well, this particular bastard has spent half a century pouring out his violent masturbation on the heads of poor unfortunate cinema~come new age of TV appreciators ,..-such as Moi

I had the great misfortune of being compulsorily subjected to 1 of his famed 2-3 hour long bloody stupidities, namely  Goodfellas, @ uni Film Class.  COuldn’t tell u 1 thing which happened in the plot,since I sat thru it with eyes AND ears covered. (the sound was too violent to endure as well).I was obligated to do it -to mark for attendance

My 2 other Marty outings were driven solely by Leo’s participation (who’d won my goodwill thru other movies& his spectacular vocab IRL.Seriously, that guy seems to have the most expansive casual grasp of the English language. he somehow manages to make it sound a bit less dead of a lingo.). Those were  The Aviator &Shutter Island. The latter was the most tolerable (thanks to the genre being a fave of mine “ You dunno what’s real & what’s in protagonist’s head).  Leo, on the other had, was  godawful.  Had none of the lightness he had in his indie work, or  Catch me if You Can.  He seemed to be wearing lead acting boots. & eventually was led astray on a similarly masturbatory, bombastic path ,as encouraged by Scorsese. & that was the bookend on my investments in Movie Stardom as an institution. I steered off into finding enjoyable acting on TV, or with chameleonic actors

% I’m hugely into Acting & find it the only avenue in which men bring something to the table in this world. They’re born liars due to parasitical nature _\parasites’re masters of disguises

Marty had not produced a single girl-friendly film ever.His SOLE famous female character…was a prostitute played by an early-teen!!! ….Says it all really..  Loud &clear

~So lately this venerated Dood came out with this statement


Gosh, buddy,,,,how shall I live from now on!?!?

©and how’s  this miserable bastard not aware that Superheros have been banging the coffin shut on cinema for the past 11 years?There’s only 1 nail left now.   And that this happened due to a specific kind of TV siphoning off talent; Zeitgeist +smart & under-served audiences for the past 25 years (30 if you stretch it all the way to  Twin Peaks) .He lacks self-awareness to attribute it to morons like himself too. He made zero effort in appealing to half  of human viewers,so we directed eye-balls to the  female -servin’ gap a new brand of TV (often Netflix}’s been filling

Oh, I forgot! he also managed to

a)take  Hong Kong-made,90 min-long , purely psych-thriller {with zero ‘fucks’ & only 1 outburst of violence handled stoically by the character}


B) copy it frame-by-frame

C) add 1 hour of pointless run-time

d)turn it into a ‘fuck’ laden, gruesome shit-show   filled with drama queen actors.

E)to make sure they were all drama queens,he took an already ‘skittish as a horse’ lead …& proceeded to use another ,proper drama queen ..to terrify him some more.So that he spends the whole film obv. looking like he’s on the verge of a heart attack (which undermines the plot at the root, since the protagonist’d immediately be outed! WTF…)


the Castle {part I}

This eponymous movie was shown to me as an introduction to Australia& for good reason. This sweet-toothed celluloid,*shot in a mere 2 weeks* is the quintessential piece of Australiana. There’s no movie out there more Ozzie then this one. (the TV equivalent is Rake.  the US version failed because it was too Aussie to translate)

So the plot goes thus:

A working-class family from Melbourne, Australia fights city hall after being told they must vacate their beloved family home to allow for infrastructural expansion…that being an airport.

They fight…~They lose.

But they establish a memorable catchphrase ,which is their answer to every question as to Why they’re trying to hold onto a compensated house,possessing nothin’ special

“It’s not a house.It’s a HOME”


Now,I’m a bit of a Real Estate junkie. I enjoy renovation&house scouting TV&browse listings for fun.


I half-grew up in 2-room units,which added up to the size of your typical Western studio, or maybe a smallish 1 bed @ most. My current 1-bed is a king’s dance-hallway in comparison

It is something ,which Japanese have to contend with&increasingly Western Europeans. 


Aussies, on the other, hand ;’re  spoilt  for space.Esp. those living outside of the Melbourne-Syd duopoly. Until recently,it was rather uncommon to spend long terms in apartments.They were more seen as somewhere u’d crash for a few months/year while you study,or pass thru, or use it as interim to find a proper  abode.


So figure my utter delight @ arriving here &moving into a 3 bed HOUSE (i’d never lived on the ground before),with a lounge room fit for being a ballet studio +a gynormous backyard+double garage.This was only a modest home by suburban Aus standard.I twirled around in that living room, getting used to the feeling of  space


which i could do because the month was Oct.You see,that stupidly big space{taking up half the home} was not AC-ed {and we’re talking Aussie,scorching heat here}.It had a tiny heating slit ,making it impossible to heat the room whatsoever.


This made this gargantuan space unusuable for vast majority of the year.when it was usable , i did cartwheels there….Since there was no TV or bookshelves there (due to the aforementioned lack of weather control). 


To top of the stupidity of devoting half the territory to useless space like this…;>there rest of the house was modestly proportioned. With 1 av. bathroom, 2 broom-closet bedrooms. WEirdly enough-a rather shallow bath. I remembered my teensy childhood flats to have deep Shower-baths. The Lounge could’ve instead been used on another toilet, bath+normal size bedrooms+storage.Lotsa storage!


More unpleasant surprises ensued…


      Such as the weird-ass;Floor-to ceiling windows. Again, for the esp. Inattentive {Aussie heat!! Where the less glass-the better!!}.Since it was also cold for 6 months of the year: doubly stupid. 

But wait  , there’s more…;..The windows were single pane! IN our apartments we’d have 2 panes of glass, with solid pocket of air for insulation.


The home was built with flimsy internal material. Walls were close to being paper.So zero insulation all round, or sound-proofing.I didn’t remember ever being troubled by noise from neighbours, or out on the landing back home,because that drab Soviet-era knock-up was weirdly silence-friendly.


Enormous backyard had no steps ,while residing on a steep hill. This oversight took a nigh’ 19 years to fix…..


And so the story goes the same way it goes ,when a civilising female “ adds her touch”.,, that is L” puts in back-breaking work & load of exec. Function”  to make a male-built &mainained space …actually livable for living beings.



*fenced the yard

* mucked out the cobwebs full of red-back spiders (look ‘em up ,:-nasty lil’ creatures, brrrr]

*installed AC +entire wall of shelving+inbuilt Tv unit in the silly, silly  lounge.

*put oil heaters in bedrooms.

* auto-doors on garage

*hung heavy curtains& patched up grate in toilet in vain attempt to increase insulation to some point above 0.


I have no frigging clue how my ex-step , who owned the home for 14 years prior, (+his cat}managed to live there before. There were no heaters in bedrooms. Did he just sleep in the dining room next to the gas unit?!!/…How did the cat not get spider-bitten?no trips to garage, i gather, since he kept the car outside……


All this effort certainly made the space survivable, if not exactly comfy. You see :the toilet, hallway+laundry were entirely un-heat,or cool-able.This wasn’t a problem in those flats:   since toilet wasn’t located on external wall, or had window.


Fast-forward 18 years,,and it was no longer survivable for my acute auto-immunity. Owning fur-babies made things worse, as you can’t lock them up in a room to conserve heat +cool. So extra heat-up /cooling time each time you exit&return.They had a dog flap in laundry.


Worse yet, the back bedroom was a furnace in warm weather.That big window made the mountain view real pretty, but i was close to fainting there once& wondered whether i could get burns from bedding on another.


Now my upper-middle friend was the only 1 i’d ever met with a central heating system (with vents in floor)and it was  aw-spiring,  i tell ya.I fell in sweet love with those vents. We had sleep-overs on the floor next to them.


These days i live in a mostly comfy place, but still not wholly suitable to my disablement (steps, nowhere to store golf cart i use as scooter, no yard for my future Service puppy, zero sound-proofing between neighbours +really echoey landing}.


But it is so easy to keep warm &cool. Beautifully simple. It has an unusual, oblong desigh, where you have windows facing both east&west.So you chill in whichever part of the house catches/doesn’t catch sun @ that part of the day.The windows’re covered by uber-size upper level balconies& the bathroom has no window+is in middle of house (so it’s practically always shielded from the radiation warmth\cold of external walls}. In fact, this is the cleverest design i encountered in this country.Much more livable than every Aus-dream suburban home i’ve been to, incl. The aforementioned friend’s up-market, funkily designed loft-style house >Esp. For a sickie like me.better yet – it has the Goldilocks kind of formula for space: big enough to stretch out it, but not so large that i leave something in 1 part of the home& can’t fathom going all the way back for it.


Since my upstairs neighbour’s coppin’ the roof heat for me, i’ve only run the air-con for a few hours this season (all but once, in late arvo for 1 hour) +her balconies’re working as my shades.Also it’s not a corner flat ~so no external wall on side. Shower has a hand rail,which is an immense help.


In my travails for a disabled-friendly abode,i’ve been imminently frustrated. As it  turns out, there’s zero market for sickie-adjusted housing. Gracious be the Isabel-gods, i’ve stayed out of a wheel-chair. But boy, even my moderate demands have turned the whole thing into an endevour, which made me understand as to why we have 6,000 young folk in nursing homes & the rest of the sickies being unable to live independently.


You see, the rental market is tight (4% vacancy some time ago),so landladies generally have no motivation to adjust anything for u.it is a sort of city, which many people use as transit,so rental turn-over is high. It’s easier for them to pass you up &wait it out till the next lot of students/contract professionals/unfussy migrants arrives; than put in 1 inexpensive, flexible shower hose.You can forget about any major changes outright.


The only way u can stumble on something remotely suitable for the unhealthy masses among us<is by that lessor’s family having a disablement themselves.Then they’d have put in shower rails, or ramps.That’s the reason i have a be-railed shower, which saves me from making bathing a terrifying experience.


If you own your home in a complex-u still need permission to outwardly modify it.The contractor i asked about this,simply bolted as she had trouble dealing with Strata before. They can actually sue the contractor…for modifying the client’s  own home


You also need consent for a pet. Oz is a dog-paradise,so lessors aren’t silly to ban animals on premise,since that makes them uncompetitive for applicants.But what they can do,<is select for the animal-less applicant.


^this is a bummer for Disabled Assistant dog-havers. Training a puppy for that purpose can take years before and if it certifies as Service animal, which no longer makes it a pet. This applies to people unlucky to arrive too late on the scene of dog-assistants,for there to be no certified dogs left due to demand&closed waiting list


If you’re a fortunate Invalid with some means, $ doesn’t work like it does in all other speres. It  literally  won’t open a door for you,,,,if u have to put in a ramp to get to that door .


Surprisingly,i’ve discovered that  more expensive doesn’t translate to sicky-friendly.  In fact, there’s no co-relation with livability either. At the lower tier of housing, there is so much benefit glimpsed when u go up a level.Everything’s less drab, newer, manicured etc.


Compromise Hurts the Outcast

All thanks to you,my parroting White-Guilty Sis& your knee-jerking.It freed my mind to seek out such insight as this:.:

Story Ending Never

Outcast: a person who has been rejected or ostracized by their society or social group.

We are taught that balance is a good thing. And, for the most part, I’d agree with that. In many areas of life, moderation – a sister of balance – keeps you healthy. Don’t eat too much of one thing and make sure you get a little of all the vitamins. Don’t sleep too little or too much. Overexercise will injure you, but doing nothing will destroy your health. Don’t work too much or play too hard. Etc.

Achieving balance or moderation is a matter of compromise, in my opinion. And we compromise constantly to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But is compromise, moderation or balance always a good thing? I’d argue that no, it is not. Sometimes, compromise is an attack on your convictions or beliefs. To compromise on what you believe, is, in my…

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A Special Welcome Back – Chinese Style

This is why anti-racism warriors must get out of their own Western, lib. backyard

Story Ending Never

Unlike in English and other languages spoken in Western countries, there is no word for ‘racist’ or ‘racism’ in Chinese. There is a cobbling together of characters to form the following phrasal options:

种族主义者 – which roughly translates to one who righteously serves as lord and master breeder of one’s race/clan. If you plug it into a translator, you get ‘racist’ on the English end. But it is not clear for me whether this has a negative connotation if used to describe someone. Whereas ‘racist’ in Western languages has nothing other than a direct, negative meaning, in Chinese, I would strongly suspect that it doesn’t. Race supremacy is strong in China. It is something to be proud of. They do not like mixing the gene pool, but they often barely tolerate physical proximity to non-Chinese (unless they are sexually assaulting a white female) or mixing outside their cultural circles when…

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Can Anti-Woman Slurs Be Eliminated?

too brilliante not to reblog…..encompasses my own stance with immense precision

Story Ending Never

I seek to address problems that make people uncomfortable, and I talk about issues that even most feminists won’t address. I plan to do the same here. I’ve been wanting to write this one for a long time. It is an exploration. Stuff to think about. Impossibilities, likely.

The Question:

Is it possible for women to achieve what racial and religious groups have – to make discrimination a no-no; to achieve federal human rights protections; to have crimes against them designated as hate crimes; to eliminate group-targeted slurs from daily public, media and entertainment usage; and to legally make language used against group members into hate speech?

Men Succeed, Women Don’t

Unfortunately, the group we call ‘women’, despite being the largest and longest oppressed group on the planet is missing something crucial that every single other group has had and that has worked to their advantage. Men. All oppressed groups…

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why am i not surprised?../



New evidence that autism may be an autoimmune disorder

That is concurrent with ASD getting worse with age,~like the AI, pattern;but unlike developmental disability which it's claimed to be/ People with genuine developmental impairment acquire skill throughout life like building block . Whereas for me~`~it's been a steady climb downhill since early childhood 0when i was @ my most social&didn't stim ,eg.

^ ^ ^ this doesn’t explain the Problem-Solving personality of auties.My theory=AI brain damage shows up dif. disorders in people with other traitsL :Say, addiction , mental illness, rage, psychopathy

So many mental probs’re blamed on low serotonin. Question is: where is the Gremlin that’s stealing this magic feel-good chemical? Is it eaten up by the chronic  head inflammation persons’re suffering  en masse  now?.!~

I’m starting to suspect that Extroversion simply =health. That is :~`If you feel well enough to  enjoy  high external stimulus & your communication center isn’t down:that is a luxury of your system running like a well-oiled machine

Introverts, HSPs+ASDs aren’t merely  annoyed by overload of stimulus: it actively impacts our health +ability to function healthily on an acutely painful level. All 3 share sensitive nervous system. We need peace& space like we need sleep. Aversion to risk +conflict may well be our bodies telling us that we can’t afford to injure ,or stress ourselves out,and not a random personality throw-away

For an amazing 2 hours the other day i  FELT eXtroverted. Seriously;. I wanted to scream, shout ,let it all out.  It must’ve been my gut being temporarily rested, or SUMthing

Also, speech & making loud noise requires So.Much.Energy.  I’d been trying to force myself to be outwardly vocal ….and guess what? It snapped vocal chord. TWIce !!there was a distressing pop in my throat& it hurt for several hours

Radfem anti-natalists don’t hate mothers. They simply don’t hate daughters&possess imagination

****Note on language :

  • I use colourful terms to replace Mother &Child often as a thought-experiment =to distance from emotive coding we’re used to.This is not done to appease the T-crowd,or out of misogyny 

i was inspired by this https://sinbigger.wordpress.com/?s=mother

^ ^particularly 18 min.mark`onward

as far as i’m aware,no other animal practises the cradle-to-the-grave model of pro-creation for females+young. there’re species where family groups stay together,and bonobo mums care about the mating chance of their grown sons,but that doesn’t come close to the crazy-making hot-house that is the real death do us apart we recognise bio-mothering to be. even among mammals,there’s a species of seal who abandon pups after a mere 4 days of suckling. They’re certainly no animals who routinely support runts or non-viable offspring. There’re also cases of ‘adoption’,where a female ‘ll suckle or play Mummy to another uninterested or unavailable female’s young

Heard of Mama bears? well, even they won’t put their own life in danger excessivey~ if keeping cubs alive tips too much toward the Mama’s own survival>too bad for the cubs.


So let’s look @ the components of our human model of Mama-as-institution.Seeing as i subscribe to the very bleak +truthful observations made by CRE in her 3 posts on radfem anti-natalism,




ask yourselves:”How did we get to this level of misery?”

Let’s exclude the malestream aspects of it:financial dependency,compulsory PIV,mother as villainess/heroine etc. Boil it down to the caramelised base,which even the most learned feminists normally do not.

We’re thus left with :

Component 1 “The Druggin’

The chemical tie,interpreted by everyone and anyone as Love&used  to uphold the primordial right +eternal responsibility of the woman who produced the child in her body to trump all else, incl. the daughters’ well-being

sometime it’s taken as far as hormones before conception ,making the woman wish for a child

see, such a chemical concoction exists in our bodies to prevent us from doing the logical thing to a tumour-like fetus-come-baby,who’s the product of some oppressor huffing &puffing above us for a blink of an eye> who made us ungodly-ill for 9 month>then tore out of us in a process that comprises the worst that a central nervous system can inflict on us>left permanent damage>hurt even more  to suckle>deprived us of sleep on a level which inflames your brain. and this is just infancy we’re talking about…

that logical thing  being abandonment,or throwing the creature away as tiger-kibble,or strangling it in rage.

if not for this magical hormonal infusion>no infant’d survive a day,i reckon.because there’s just nothing in it for the mammalian female to drag it around, feed it,teach it skill-without help or reward.Birds at least get solid help from fathers.

And so we get the famed mother-child bond, considered sacred.sadly,concurrent with the sloppy and ‘only good-enough’ nature of evolution,this chemical rush isn’t magical enough.:It doesn’t wipe out all the memory of the woman’s independent life, the harm of the reproductive process, the resentment, the yearning for freedom.It doesn’t smooth over personality clash {“I love my progeny, but don’t LIKE them},the oppression of sole burdened position (which can only be described as prison without parole)

ITs’ effect does bugger all beyond the young being kept alive until they can fend for themselves, or be taken on by someone else before being pulverised by the MAma Bear’s mighty paw

I experienced monmentary rushes of this kind 2X: with a human child(my sis)+a puppy. Needlessless to say: i  did not give birth to either of those creatures,so this isn’t even a MOther-only phenomenon. It’s the magic of Oxytocin

 Component 2: POWER

This one’s a BIGGIE. And no-it’s not privilege

For birthing&raising women hold the greatest power of them all:

the ability to shape and totally annihilate the daughters’ soul, if they so wish. the reason i’m not addressing sons here is that it’s part of the patriarchal obvious elements I laid aside at the outset.

nobody is capable of hurting us or building us up the way our Mothers’re able, we all know what happens with power……it corrupts. and the sort of total power that’s given to the generally birth mothers,predictably corrupts absolutely. Esp.when it’s the only power a woman ever smells in her lifetime or genetic memory,and when girls ‘re cut off from every other type of female carer and told the adage of unconditional love of their birther/raiser.so if she doesn’t earn it>it must be the daughter’s own fault.This is what we’re stuck thinking until we grow up with a bucketload of misery&then happen to chat to other daughters…..who’ve*by and large*experienced the same pit of despair and wallowed in it alone.

IN countries,where mother’s custody reigns supreme>>>this also results in legal influence.no matter which caring arrangement the girl was under before,-the mother can separate her from (typically a grandma) or less often a nominally interested Papa

   Component 3″Ability +inclination

I’m pro-doing away with the loaded,over-emotional +rewarding\imprisoning term of MOTHER. To me >this equates to simply A woman, who used her eggs successfully to grow a human being. As insanely tough as this process is:it doesn’t bestow  any  of the multitude of skills&personality traits required for raising girls

_Some of these egg-successful females ‘re good @ baby-shushing;

_others with reading’teaching

_others good @ understanding introvert kids (only other introverts….always)

Funnily enough-nobody is ever any good @ breast-feeding..to the point where the job was outsourced by mums ,who could afford it until not-so long ago.We’re a mammal species!*&^#! Figure that one out……..

overall,i’ve never met a single child-having woman,who fell out of the sky with a Mary Poppins umbrella in tow—— with all of the loooooong list of job requirements for raising a kid to fit into the nutty construct of our reality AND be kind to her in the process.

Component no.4 “Resentment

This one’s relevant in the parts of the world,where males’re devious & promise girls the world [while they’re growing up|;but snatch away the dreams away soon as an offspring departs her loins.SO it’s not a grand surprise that this tactic provides fertile ground for PND,while the rate is lower in geographical pits of patriarchal despair where girls’re never exposed to anything but the wifey-mummy model of slavery to look forward to.

PND (or the hushed by the dude-narrative ingredients for it) passes,but the lifelong resentment remains.Some Mas spell it out without sugar-coating , others express with action. A larger -than -life model of this exists in visual fiction often. Off the top of my head: Black Swan,End of the F***ing world have  the really negative characterisation.  Gilmore Girls swings to extreme opposite end of the spectrum. Jane the Virgin,Insatiable  do a middle-of-road approach.

Component no.5 “Y-imprinting

TYP has inferred that the ever-devilish Y chromosome imparts maternal behaviour into the dude-baby-carrier > so that the Y-progeny has  a slavish carer after birth -seeing as a we’re a terribly slow-maturing kind +the dudes themselves sure aren’t gonna look after their spawn! Pfft !!

This is illuminating when you see how mums behave with sons vs daughters,because while both bring on a flood of aforementioned Oxytocin cocktail—it’s SO painfully obv.to anyone who’s ever walked this earth///

///that girls shafted in that hormonal dosage. Sure, – ~Dudocracy & all, >so social program plays a role.//and Yet:  Like all things misogyny– a bio-component is not implausible. My own parent has lamented for her late-miscarried ,unwanted boy-fetus,~all the while treating her living daughters as lower life forms than her multitude of green progeny (Roses for the most part)&bemoaning being tied for life&how much she never desired to reproduce (her own Mama practiced blatant son-pref. with her brother,this scarred her for life-thus she should know better! !!)

THis applies extra hard -when you see the stark contrast in which chronically ill daughters VS sons’re treated. CRE’s written about this with bitter,graceful eloquence in regard to her mother.Mine ran off to water her luxurious garden,while not giving me hydration in the middle of a record-breaking heat wave which caused bats+horses to drop.,.,

Now look @ what mums of chronically ill sons consider to belong on the Maslow pyramid….freaking ludicrous. & neither of them dumps care of the precious male fruit-of-her-loins. i don’t believe that the hand-job mum is a pervert>>just an example of the over-empathetic Y-bubble-wrapping tool


Mum fears disabled son, 17, could ‘accidentally kill her during violent tantrum’

Component no. 6 “Motherhood as career OR Mummy Woo

The most showy exhibit of this approach is the Stage Mum.

It shows up in milder, insidious format whenever a woman decides to throw her dreams away with such abandon}  That her child/ren become the new&improved mode of life fulfillment+social affirmation.I often ponder whether this is the hidden dragon behind crouching Tiger,Tatar ,Jewish mums,and Mummy bloggers

^I’m not going on stereotype here. It’s absolutely verifiable that the broad trend of dazzling East\Asian success across several euro-majority 1st World countries exists&that parental pressure looms large.IN USA that’s the top earning & highest performing ethnic cohort across the board of social success.They out-earn black citizens by a factor of 3. i lack statistic for Aus,but it’s palpable here as well. I mentioned Tatars as they’re an equivalent group in Russia (in fact – even more impressive,as they take on high-risk professions eg. art, sport, business}, not the safe-ish guarantors like Dr, dentist,scientist.

Sonia JOhnson mentioned a life-altering moment in her ’82 Youtube speech : …when she stopped giving staking the meaning of her existence on her mostly-male children.

The other format comes in Mummy Woo-proponents:that is ,_women who find something magical in gestation, birthing,&bonding, & the Mother Purpose. 

^I don’t dismiss such womens’ experience.We all find Woo in something. It takes an uncompromised child-free,blunt cynic like me & fewothers like me ~_~  to pinpoint the reality of this to be no dif. to any other meaningful  {to that individual}activity ,or drug-altered state.This happens to actors in That 1 Great Scene, musicians on that high note; linguists when they master that tough verb in a new tongue, writers finishing off their masterpiece novel, climber on top of mountain etc.etc.

Drum roll!!!!!

Well, now,experiment participants.Take all your ingredients ~boil them together in a pot .What does the stew smell of? !

esp. the combustible combo of Power Corruption+Resentment+unshakable chemical romance of unwanted oxytocin+all of the flashback to soul&body-tearing process of human-baby production+daughter powerlessness&naive belief (or maybe genetic memory of far-away time when we females WERE connected)

So how on earth can many of our mothers NOT want us dead, pray tell me?! ?and the rest immersed in some other logically occuring fuck-wittery, <induced by a concoction of these ingredients 


                           But maybe that’s not the only way.
Imagine if women didn’t have any singular attachment to kids stemming from birthing or adopting them. No memory of pain,or oppression, or crushed dreams.No 1-2 girls to take it out on. Nobody to break.No prized male child to build up &bubble wrap.NO BURDEN.No dumb luck for a daughter to end up with a slightly more apt mummy.No ownership ~thus power abuse of the girl

In Sin Bigger’s model>I can see a place for kid-averse like myself. We could stay away from the lil’buggers 😉 &still contribute by designing toys, or writing books, sewing clothes  .or maybe parent the animals

How’s this for a mother-free utopia?! …..?Sounds pretty sweet to me


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