downside of ethnic quality

is that coding runs only on X.

Y remains uniformly dreadful across board

worse still : when u give that Y a superior X to latch onto >

= disaster

as the worst a parasite can possibly be is via intelligence which amps up its’ destructrive quality to max.

it’s no accident that nukkes’re a product of a bunch of light-skinned Ys

remaining mired in animalism is what prevented other Ys from achieving same

ok, Pooja 🐱‍🚀u won me over {latest chronicle on ethnic roots)

Is She the Next Michelle Kwan … or Thomas Edison? – OZY | A Modern Media Company

I’m offering up a chant to Ice Gods for this comet to master the Quad (element which set up a Russian clone army of of hardly pubescent jumping beanstalks* ,barring everybody else from podiums)

That way she’d stand fighting chance of pulling off an upset. Please, Pooja -keep trying

reason no.1 for why i fell for Pooja is contained in above vid: She mentions her skin tone, but she’s not precious about it & actually understands dif. between it & race, also listing after being Arkansian& saying nothing about ‘wah, mean whitie’

2nd reason’s here. She fundamentally hears beating heart of FS. U can sense that in her work

out of only 3 dark-skinned female skaters i know of ~she;s the 1st who can skate & do theatricality. 2 others were black & were essentially acrobats on blades. Moreover, racism card was pulled over + over w. them

I didn’t expect aesthetic effect of mocha skin against ice to be so pleasing either. It’s quite a revelation, also allowing for brown as a costume colour. I mentioned the Euro-East-Asian stranglehold over this sport being telling as (sub)racial traits’re not superficial. It;s not light skin , or slanted eyes which translate into this sort of high-grade capability,. It’s the attached hormones, drive, mentality, muscle density, bones, impulse control + 1 biiiiiiiig quality of


esoteric, I know. Yet real. Great artists, perfectionists, gifted XXs in general, notion of civilisation, shamans, people w. brain damage or witchy qualities of various sorts, real philosophers, core of religion underneath dude-crap; all hold onto an invisible thread leading to same endeavour

of getting beyond animalistic state of this sucky material world. Some ethnic bands tend to do so a lot better than others & done so thru history. Males lag far behind in them, but still score higher above beastly others who don’t try

then comes in simple practical skill for making life comfy. Much like beavers being hydraulic engineers, who damb rivers for purpose of long-term food supply & build complex housing structures ~certain human genetics carry such capacity in their DNA code.

What throws spanner in works ○( ^皿^)っ is Vienna diagram of overlapping XX ability over-riding low-grade Dna program. There;re plenty of individual cases of this happening, but no group of females has amassed enough no.s matching Euro-altruism & overcoming tribalism & depth of feminist philosophy+ action

Qualities which go far enough prove impossible to weed out. Russkies’re pathological drunks stemming back 10,000 years – from invention of alcohol around Black Sea. Some’re more recent & artificial . Extreme mindless arabesque violence ‘s product of multi-generational cousin in-breeding ,but that too is un-fixable. Level of T in both sexes is a reliable marker for assessing how far a batch of peeps travels on scale of Sapiens cleverness + eagerness across both spheres of the here & now _Beyond

SJWs rest on false premise of European qualities being nestled underneath thin layer of gamut of shades of skin + bone density ~thus ASSUming that silly realists’re too prejuidiced to see them. Well, in this act of Performative Moralism they make an Ass of U🧤Me

Back to Esoteria 🧣👑🧸

i lean towards possibility of Something akin to Garden of Eden either having once existed, or still being there there somewhere, on other plane. Take for example – concepts of charisma, chemistry & shivers produced by art hitting that special,,,,,…..something,……nameless …what is exactly? Ah, but it has no term, in spite of scores of ppl feeling it

I don’t rule out possibility of Schizophrenics actually hearing things from Elsewhere, over material rainbow. WHo knows? Truth is out there , me hearties. Genius of this melody is that it hit that spine-tingle viscerally

thank you, Bastardino

BastardinoSoothsayer14 April, 2019

Males control every single thing in the entire world. They control economy, business, politics, media, own all property, etc. They have complete power and control over everything. And since men do not have souls, they are completely consumed by base instincts (sex, violence). Thus the only women we see are essentially whores.Reply

write your own post!

because everybody who’s been following my work is gonna already know the list of things i’m gonna huff & puff about in this piece. They include:

*she has no bliming mental disorders!! She has severe bodily +brain inflammation. Someone PLEASE tell the poor lady to get herself a personal, organic chef + take hemp oil +B12 to grow a fatty layer around her cerebrum

  • of course she has a good IQ – it’s kinda the criteria for Aspergers + it was evident thru certain clues
  • The violence was horrendous. It’s irrelevant how shaggable, or not we make ourselves. We;re punished regardless. sO WHY BOTHER w. option no. 1!? also wonder @ the ethno-racial -sky-daddy-ish make of ‘youths’. It’s been code for other band of Desert Monsters for some time. Cos she’s a Euro-woman
  • resilience +conscientiousness is very much a hallmark of her ASD
  • rational assessment of a ‘love life’, she’s actually been spared the nitty gritty
  • the brother….ugh…….but of course!

i solemnly swear ⨙ i’m up to some good

How did i get into this boo-boo-bad ethnographic stuff, exactly? Via frustration, which’s led me to historic avenues which have not managed to have been wiped in the manner which Story Ending described recently. Because u can’t wipe the traces of development coded into ya very bodies.

Here’s my 1st example. Linking a vid of my new luvvies here *quoting Dory here* *”they;; be mine & they’ll be my fishies”* 💝🥰💟. Applying a microscope here to this boy’s pleasant visage. can u guess he’s anything but Russian?

I can, but only after knowing otherwise + some comparisons. U see, lad belongs to an ethnic bunch with such a muddy history, that it confuses the flip outa every ethnographer in town with both vague-ness, J-folk deliberately misrepresenting them + their escape from racial classification

this mysterious mob is called TATARS

yUP, like the Mongol-Tatars, who….wait for it ….were actually not asian, but pale Scythians. {the very ppl, who were advanced in every respect, but somehow vanished without a trace as per mainstream war-story}

funkier still is that several Russian rulers around 13th century were also of Tatar stock (that is ~Scythian as per Gentile history-fying}

See the source image

what’s really gets into X-file territory here is their overachievement + looks. AS cute as this gangly youth is`he’s got nothing on his fellow {REALLY need a female version of this word } tatar, the reigning Olympic champ Alina (with that Japanese doggy in tow) as above.

now here’s another one of their ethno-brothers. Do u see how similar he is to the boy above? Same incredibly elegant facial structure. But something else stands out as well.

Marat-Safin.jpg (400×306)

it’s as if it’s a composure of the best of both worlds : Euro=East-asian hybrid. another example here, but this is an asiatic russian

C is for Censorship

Story Ending Never

Get ready for a fun topic. It is complex. It can be looked at from different angles. And it can affect women in a variety of ways all at the same time!

That’s right. C is for censorship, ladies, and you don’t have to have spent the better part of a decade living and working in a communist dictatorship like I did to have experienced a form of censorship personally.

I’m going to consider briefly what censorship means in the publicly accepted sense, and then I’ll discuss other forms of censorship that are especially relevant to women, but that are seldom considered to be censorship or are taken seriously for one reason or another.

First, what is censorship as is defined by the world who cares about such things?

The suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat…

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Katya’s story is a useful one for being able to tell which’re the Reasons that Must not be Named

Aus has a tendency of sweeping things under the rug (being literally a country founded for the sole purpose of being Britain’s dusty rug for undesirables]

This report is the only one who identifies her sex as being relevant to her demise

& damn right it is

Katyusha was a baby millenial >unsurprising that her health unravelled even more rapidly than the generational average of 27. Switching to clogged Western food from pristine Rus. goodness must’ve done her no favours either. I started experiencing mild physical +serious social fatigue (signs of progressing AI) already 4 years after arriving here~ just like her

On top of health her issue was cash. By switching to the Aussie flag she lost her rus. skater salary. Once she quit competing for OZ~=double trouble as whichever sponsorhip she was running on here must’ve stopped as well. Wild guess that it could’ve been an Aboriginal one (in that case i’d forgive her very, very mildly Native partner for harping on about it like we were blind to his near total white-ness. U really gotta be barrel-scraping with his what ?1/64?1/125?? )

Covid trapped her in Moscow. While russians’re lucky in not facing being homeless generally, ( [she could always live in her mother’s flat, i guess) that metropolis runs on sky-high living cost> after unsuccessful travails into coaching +TV work, poor girl was reduced to that pit of pits {stripping}. Which is depressing enough on its’ own, without the added doom of facing a lifetime of epileptic fits & not being able to go with her calling, which consumed her life since 4 y.o. & provided that addictive adrenaline + steely focus Olympic athletes struggle without, when quitting. Add on not being able to bank on her newly minted citizenship in the country she single-handedly put on the Ice Map, as big island barred itself off for untold period of time

Aside from the list of rational reasons, there could’ve been one other….


after a lengthy foray into brainwashing about chemical imbalances we’ve been treated to an admission that 1/3 of clinical depressive cases stem from the above (caused by omni-present AI}. Specifically it can manifest in short-acting suicidal fits, which come on&pass so fast that u might change mind before u finish soaping that rope

Unfortunately for Katen’ka ,she had a method available which required 0 prep. She stepped off a 6th storey ledge after writing a single-word note, not even specifying whom it is she stated she loved

i’m all for rational self-ethnanausia, but my deduction leads me to believe that this was not a case of that. Apart from identifying w. her heavily .`i’m also bummed out about 2 things:

1)she is someone i could’ve helped in deed, if i’d only known. I’m suitably equipped in quite a few things relevant to her case. She’s the last of the Mohicans of my generation going by her DOB & the separation of young lasses of the sort who gets lost in the shuffle`is achingly saddening

2) i really liked her pairing. I must be able to connect w. skaters to enjoy the work,& she +Harley were charmers w. a wonderful friendly chemistry& ability to interpret music. (They used lyrics on 2 occasions, which nobody in pairs does). HERE’S them rocking it to Adele

3) Harley’s a likable kid w. quality blading goods,but the Rus. door is closed to him now. Russkies’re superstitious, > 👩🏼‍🌾there is no way in hell another partner from there ‘ll touch him w. a Zamboni now

100 years of solitude

this ultimate Magical Realist novel could not have possibly been penned by Gabriel {the bloke who got a Nobel for it }

1)i know a woman’s/girl’s work when i feel it

2) I firmly believe that it’s a symbolic portrayal of the Y-choromosomal trajectory

these’re my reasons:

👸🏼the doods in this mutli-generational tale all sport the same 2 names. It is purposefully confusing who *is*whom

👸🏼they also lack personalities. Instead they’re types. Macho over here, fey dance instructor over there. Consistent w. men indeed lacking individuality

👸🏼femails’re in stark contrast~they’re all distinct & differently named. The matriarch is an abuela, who seemingly lives forever (XX longevity ), lasting thru several generations of samey dude-blokes

👸🏼frustration of female het erotic response is so very real as portrayed via character, who uses mustard as contraceptive. She ignores doods for quite a while, & around her mid-20s perhaps ,when her fertility (unbeknownst to her ) rears its’ ugly head. She then has extended make-out sessions w. a Y-dragger,,which drive her stark raving mad & she doesn’t know why. She then gets convinced by a resident un-wise woman ,that this feverish focus won’t switch off until she has intercourse & receives mustard advice. She proceeds to go get *forked * (my substitute for the obv. F -word)>caught>carted off to some institution in a delirious state>pops out a boy. She is never mentioned again

^Lesson learnt here:

Fertile response manifesting in clever girls in shape of Special Interest of sorts. Mitigation is pointless. Handmaids’ll convince u of it being a need. If pursued in that shape>it’ll lead to a Y-parasite imbedding itself &madness ensuing.

👸🏼The end is driven by the arrival of Thoroughly Modern Millie – an epitome of the 3rd Wave. Young , confident gal , who has dude-sex @ drop of hat. She sets her plane down on the family patch & gets dragged into its’ swamp to never leave again. She proceeds to have much sexy-times w. the only surviving Y in it. (among an isolated wasteland). She dies while birthing the last Y,,who………………………………………gets dragged away by a swarm of ants(!) down into the earth,which swallows him up..

👸🏼Ants didn’t come out of nowhere. They’re set up throughout the tale, as abuela keeps fighting them, increasing w. time as she gets aged & tired. Her death leaves nobody to fend them off.

How much magic is really in this saga? Perhaps it’s all transparent symbolism of the Y-carriers pulling tricks, death + subjugation on Hosts in order to keep existing. This what History +Culture’re really filled w. Yet the Y is un-salvagable>sooner or later (&we must really be really close to Later these days), the Earth’ll swallow up it’s pitiful error

The last baby is born deformed >(a sign of the ongoing incest within the family) + possibly a sign of the deformation of Y too