steps to World peace💥🖤❣

There’re only 2 things the Japs & Russkies have in common:

  1. Art of living in small spaces
  2. Being FS hubs

Yet here they tapped into the answer to it all

Step 1:Bond over ice shennanigans

Step 2: Gift a puppy-doggie. This breed is the same as the legendary, loyal Hachiko

Everything else?



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Maman? Non-merci

Childbirth =nature’s emergency surgery

I realised this as i was in the throes of an Endo attack I would only wish upon my worst enemy. It followed the pattern of labour >💫☸a period of anger, swearing, screaming initially> severe diarhoea> wanting to pace> feeling of being electrocuted +stabbed > exhaustion from extreme pain +screaming>urge to get into a low-stimulus environment>feeling of going into shock afterwards

All in all – it was an extreme freak-out by my immune. 💨💦Endo=auto-immune condition. Strong expulsion of feces comes from pounding immune response aiming to instantly cleanse body (in this case it was provoked by process of expelling the offending piece of endometrial tissue)

My organism wasn’t hurting me for no reason.🕎It was trying to save me

that’s exactly what happens during reproduction, i believe

Going all the way to the source:

A woman’s immune initially tries to prevent conception by attacking invading semenal particles. Once it fails -3/4 of fertilised cells’re flushed out without implantation. A further 1/3 of fetuses’re miscarried in 1st tri-mester. More’ll be kicked to the curb in later stages. Moreover , MALE ones’re more prone to being tossed (esp. by auto-immune gestation)

During early pregnancy 🈺the body ‘ll react exactly like being poisoned. It’ll provoke persistent nausea 🆔 , fainting isn’t uncommon, food intake is difficult. To be able to stay alive – the parasitical placenta must play a game of hide’n’seek from the watchful Immune + disabling it from working @full capacity {this is why natal women’re this vulnerable to infection}. Parasite drains every resource the unfortunate host has to offer & make it unwell in a myriad of horrific ways until it grows to big to remain attached

Yet, it can’t keep up the gambit forever. Sooner or later, the game’s up. This when the tricked Immune wakes up , hollers from terror , pulls out its’ surgical instruments & proceeds to perform what it must -♾regardless of how much it loves u. Whatever little anesthesia it has to offer ~it does before *what is known as the❌ahem, 🚫miracle of birth🎃* begins.

What it must cut of u – 🎨is stupidly big + hanging on with white knuckles🎪. This is why, i firmly believe,🎠it feels like the worst thing to happen to anyone w. a nervous system + leaves profound damage on the organism +psyche. U’re surviving being sliced open on Nature’s operating table,,,,while being awake. This surgeon must work fast, but it has blunt tools & it often fails to go fast enough. All too frequently 🦺process fails altogether; resulting in death of host from failure to remove the overgrown invader

It doesn’t care 2 hoots about this monster *known as baby*. It’s life+ health doesn’t come under its’ jurisdiction. This is why progeny of AI hosts ‘re toast when they finally emerge after 9.5 months of being hit with merciless missiles of the none-too-pleased immunity.

As motherhood being offered up as a recreational endeavour 🎎🎍🎡U get asked if u want offspring as if it’s planning to learn Violin!🧶well , that results from the Recreational Intercourse program. They used to tell u loud+clear about it being a curse

When 2 Goys walk into a Chosen series, pretend to be chosen ones…

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,………….🚙proceed to be the hottest, most lead-talented actors on it. Man carries that pretense off-screen (his surname is NOT really Levi, but Welsh Pugh), while Lady is a fire-cracker of an Irish lassie

Benjamin-and-Midge.jpg (803×859)

this is what happens what our overlords allow a few actual whites onto the screen

zach-1544631239.png (713×356)

what i love about the guy is that he’s a No=Small-Parts actor —–give him a few screentime crumbs ^_^he SHALL. SLAY. THEM W. A SAMURAI SWORD

why, oh why’must the goyim roles be rationed like this?!!

Rachel-Brosnahan-Zachary-Levi-TV-Set-Central-Park-The-Marvelous-Mrs-Maisel-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-7.jpg (700×700)

Come on, J00lywood : follow your own propaganda , get diverse & cast some real whites for a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now THAT’s d be a leap of faith ,never undertaken 👩‍🦱👲

male Geisha proto-type

Wacky theory Wed:

Somewhere on the scale of chap-ape-hierarchy, there’s a certain type of male; who belies the Alpha-Beta-Omega classification . The ones, who aren’t violent or in active pursuit of rape.🚡cos they simply don’t need to be :}they let others do the work. Once those come home w. the spoils of hunt, or war, or with a nice harem, or worldly goods, or status – the male prostitutes crawl out& offer themselves up to the ruling band

Those that don’t peddle sex as they lack appeal `~’become Yes-Men, or courtly Favourites. They massage the Ego , when don’t massage the Prostate

I believe that this is where patriarchy might’ve gotten the idea of women taking on this role & potentially why there’s a Too Good-Looking to be Straight stereotype for men

I arrived @ this strange cross-road when I examined the blokey half of the Reproductive Chemistry pair once more. I lean towards him being built to be a Gentleman _of_the_Night by his very nature , but w. a Geisha finesse – which works on females, or snazzy males. A blind creature can see that this odd couple works like + & -ends of a battery \\\\together they create a spark, but apart their eyes’re dull. He has NOT looked happy since; yet he’s blindly followed his whorish programming

Here u don’t need to understand the speech, but the sparkling energy is evident in their interactive cues. The host appears to be overhwhelmed by it because. she. toothy-smiles!! Russians must ne giddy to do that

Is this because it’s wired into him as a fixed social role on the Primate social ladder, i wonder? It may not be an accident, that IRL he used to be known for having an effect on those susceptible as “everyone + their guinea pig wanting to hump him” . The Y-peeps ‘re really, really not apt ” overcoming their hard-wiring. I mean, look @ war: it involves all that killing & maiming, which many males’re very afraid of,,,,,,yet they’ve NEVER STOPPED DOING IT

an Ode to Mormons

A golden oldie, who said it like it is ~*/-in the face of those white-pretending Middle Easterners, who plugged Genderism

+ a young miracle, who did something no violinist w. male sensibility has ever accomplished – she made this dusty + overwrought instrument come alive & soar with true female energy . Look up many of her vids>><she*s a wonder.

Sin Bigger once noted that it’s women realising what life could be like that ‘d shake us free. Well, Lindsey’s heavenly gift is filled w. that electric charge of goodness. There’s light streaming out of her heart, chromosomes + fingers

Thank you, u filthy rich cultists -*-for blessing us with these extraordinaires

3/4 homo man on the inside

I’ve long been bewildered by both ; on the 1 hand : mentally straight women ; on the other : the bad-rep of physically straight ones in feminism.

since i’ve already gone into exhaustive explanations of hetero-reproductivity as a rape-ameliorative strategy of gene-hunting in other posts, i’ll kick off this one with being less serious

I’m a very passionate being & that translates to attacks (can’t describe any other way) of hormonally predictable horni-ness + consequently much of that associative mental +energetic space being taken up w. scooping up pixellated images of the highest of (sadly) dick-dragging hotties (they’d be much more aesthetically pleasing overall without the unfortunate body part).

But here’s the thing” my standards + grooming expectations of Hottie vs. Notties very much aligns with that of gay dudes. I’ve felt like a fish -outa-water among females of this persuasion on the physical level, before i even go into the maddening all-forgiveness of male antics & blindness to their mental disorders + signs of fagginess

1st off: the low damn sex appeal standards! honing in on FS, as per usual

Here’s a chap from the brand-name pair of Gordeeva|Grinkov, who carked it in half the time alloted to Rus. dudes regularly. This allowed his wifey Gordeeva to mine the sentimentality to make herself relevant, to the end of time. Unlike other examples I’ll follow up with – this one does meet standards of visual pleasure ….but lacking in being hump=worthy +captivating peacock peagantry

I have a multitude of probs with this pair.

  1. A fine example of how impeccably good-looking people can be so dull – that i’ve never been able to get thru a single performance
  2. No reproductive chemistry in sight {was the kid an anchor-baby?}. If it was a product of unbridled passion for real (enough to miss Olympics due to badly timed pro-creation.. @ peak of their career…+ having to dump infant off w. grand-mummy). =-then why the blimey do none of the starry-eyed posters have an issue w. Angelic Dead Young Male knocking his partner up, thus risking all of damage it does to a v. young athlete’s body + strain of skating into 2nd tri-mester + being back on ice 11 days POST=partum!!
  3. There’s something bothering me about Sereja. He has vibe of either a dude-humper, or something irritating or womanly in his expression i can’t fathom. Hmmmm. Pity he’s too unexciting to think about this much further. She went on to be a long-term beard for another terribly bland skater. Girl may have a type….

To be continued…….for this is a saga for the ages. Straight-straight women ( not weird-straight like I) have traits of being both lobotomised & neutered + sport hive mentality on top

Reproductive Chemistry

Gather round, children. today I tell the tale of SkaterBoy+SkaterGirl & the reason why nigh near every one of their vids has comments in the vein of “ Why aren’t they together?!?” For they have been a great disappointment to their loyal steeds (the fans) ever since they ended their “officially boinking each other” status a long 18 years back. Thing is: they possess something that the casual observer is struck by; something which gets sold to the naive masses as “lurve”. & it really is palpable. But what is ^look @ title^. In fact , their real crime is being nitwits , who wasted a golden opp to produce some super-bebes..but went ahead & bred with others! doubly so!!

ughhhh////Nitwits, I tell ya. Had they listened to the call of nature, they’d produce some bush-baby-eyed kiddies. ‘Tis a travesty

but i’m getting ahead of myself here. Let me introduce them formally (as i’ve already used them in prev. 2 posts). Drum-roll for these 2 lovelies. Boy really lucked out on the racial-mix lottery, turning out just pasty+ swarthy enough in the right doses ( much like woman below)

How very lucky for him.

70b3bb7a4a6b6f54f5ed0cd1849ec7b9.jpg (408×594)

In the dark age of ’96; they met under unaspicious circumstances, while blading around among the ice-elite of St. Petersburg. It’s summarised here {all real dramatic, Prince Charming swooping in to save Snow White, because her evil woodsman (1st partner) bashed her head in with a skate}. Mind u, that story gets darker than they tell here. The cherub used to find herself locked up in their flat without keys, or $, while the skull-bashing headcase went on 2-day benders. He also dropped her from lifts on purpose

+this is proof of disillusionment about Prince Charming being ya reg. testerical dude down below. In context of extraordinary value of suitable skating partners, his noble chivalry in rescuing Lena,,doesn’t seem quite as remarkable as to the laywoman. I mean -people skaters change citizenships + learn languages for that purpose

they skated together for a total of 11 years + the odd performance in the years after, maintaining a bromance once the romance wore off + behaving in a confusing manner. Like in sultry performances:

dsc_7846.jpg (558×800)

Weirdly coupley hair adjustment @ 1.42. or is it ‘injuired birdie fetish’ playing out? hmmm

I mean, u could argue that they do it for the public,,but in that case :Goodness, Stanislavsky himself ‘d rise from the grave >merely to applaud that he BELEVES them

Truth is, what they’ve mined so very prodigiously is their striking REPRODUCTIVE MATCH

U can see their common ability to pull of colour combos, which should logically make ur eyes hurt😃🤣

figure-skaters-elena-berezhnaya-in-overhead-bird-and-anton-sikharulidze-B98E4C.jpg (1300×1034)

honestly, they just kinda exude IT. Common joy of skating together too

elena-berezhnaya-and-anton-sikharulidze-during-champions-on-ice-japan-picture-id117931490 (407×612)

look @ those glowing faces!!!!^

They could play their matched LOOK in various ways . Goldilocks + Handsome Prince here

as if breathed into life by a romance novel author here^

whimsical +heart-breakingly arty here

1 commentator gasped that she jumped as high as he did….while having legs about 30cm shorter. another –that they skate as 1 + @very high speed. Thus matched athletic skill + speed right there

Now why-oh-why did these soulmates outstandingly matched reproductive partners not mash their DNA together?!?! Goddess-darn-it !@#$

Well, like it oftentimes is:::Tis the Lad… 1 of these days, boy looked @ his reflection,>observed the ultra-bangability,>aaaaaaaand proceeded to use it for pleasure + gain to SUCH an extent ,that u wonder how the damned thing didn’t fall off in the process😌😁 . Girl consequently went off to procreate with a Brit-flake, but had the sense to secure Skanky Boy as god-parent, ..who is now indirectly feeding her (rather unappealing bebes. this is what happens when u don’t match properly !); once The Flake flaked out.

Boy went on to marital-gigolo to some well-off lasses, but that didn’t last. Off-handedly mentioned that maybe he + Girl shoulda just tied the DNA-mooshing knot (AKA marriage) while they were young

Now these 2 unfulfilled pro-creative halves have disappointed the hell outa their audience,;produced 4 kiddies with sub-par mating stock,; +both divorced & now past heathy age of Mini-Me production

what’cha gonna do, eh??

Seriously though : \ this is what natural hetero-sentiments’re all about -Ze Bebes. This is what mutual chemistry is _why is it so magical to observe when channeled correctly