u know the Drill

leave out the usual MRa whining. read every 2nd line, or so. Sucker doesn’t grasp that, if nor for the Yids stalling our radical male-riddance program =bastard’d not be alive to write this RN.


oh dearie me

Read for the code-words: alleged, no racial-religious ID mentioned. But here’s the tip-off #West Syd {where those newly, via Yid-program-imported gorillas suck up oxygen}


So much enrichment happening! riches for all!! 1st & foremost for that Euro-woman targeted

Can’t beat them ? Poach √©m

Double entendre here :@kaguyamouse

  1. my beloved Roo-land ~tired of being No-names~ in the glamorous ice-world, decided to go the athlete`-poaching route. They headed over to the country (known for being a Skater Production Machine) & waved enticing Aus citizenship grant around>>>>>> selected themselves this sweet girl

Displaying typical russian bluntness ” o.30 thereūüėôūüėé

KATYA went to deliver for them big-time, before tragically falling prey to millenial AI ( epilepsy] ; in view of which she retired ; then chose to end her life aged only 20. RIP Katyusha ; hope u end up somewhere u can skate in comfy clothes which cover ur privates & not televise them for the leery patriarchal audience ( just the be-dicked skaters do on this plane)

This is the set-up leading me to point 2)

the gene -poaching

This cretin was the original inducer of the psychosis _leading some to call for breeding out racial Euro-people

Just like all Kike truth however, it is topsy-turvy. what actually occurs is the opposite. European DNA has actually been hot stuff historically +continues to be so today. In nobody is this more evident than among our very own 1st Australian (although this part is contestable , but it is not researched for PC reason) populace.

Katya’s partner didn’t just piggy-back off her European finesse in skating; as of now. His ancestors also did this by making him almost wholly white (can’t believe he claims aboriginality with those blues+pale_as_snow skin. He;s native thru what? Grand-cousin 8x Removed?!)

You see , there’s a lotta hoopla over Stolen Generation. But when you observe the 50% intermarriage rate among indigenous & Otherwise aussies – it becomes crystal clear that full-bloods’re A-OK with voluntarily replacing themselves out of existence.

FS is an exceptionally precise, bio-mechanical sport , the pilotage of which only pale Eurasians ‘re up to snuff in. Harley got to where he is by having his much less capable (*high T) Native double-helix proportion diluted into nothing-ness/ The darkies’re busy playing a Gorilla War Game called AFL – not this gorgeous, refined- for-female-sensibility discipline; * which helps elevate our primate existence for a few, precious mins at a time.

The beautiful diversity of ‘white’ Euro-bipedals

We’re the true people of Colour. Here’s the spectrum of our many hair +eye colours+facial structures. Look @ us & dare to be bored by our LACK of uniformity .

Try & beat THIS COLOUR. anybody game.?
5b5904f34965a70d50faeff2e3950f46.jpg (4000√ó3000)
fair Italian

fair Ukrainian

vera-farmiga-0001.jpg (700√ó874)

Brunette ukrainian

88392bb846536c0901a97696cff1ee54.jpg (800√ó1200)

Moreno italian

vanessa-marano-make-equality-reality-gala-in-beverly-hills-12-04-2018-5.jpg (1280√ó1720)
mary-elizabeth-winstead-2016-tony-awards-in-new-york-2.jpg (1280√ó1920)English rose
finnish-women1.jpg (554√ó800)
phpEzuea7_56a93e4a6f192.jpg (744√ó1038)
2017_Skate_America_-_Victoria_Sinitsina_and_Nikita_Katsalapov_-_05.jpg (400√ó600)


amelie3.JPG (607√ó1185)

them beer-loversūüėĽ

115144eff697846d6650ed6687d099b2ae-20-claire-danes.rsquare.w330.jpg (330√ó330)
german^ austrian
tobias-moretti-spielt-kommissar-richard-moser-in-kommissar-rex-picture-id170671052 (1024√ó671)
Mille Dinesen in Rita (2012)


photo-sexy-belarusian-girl-elena-from-grodno-belarus-218895.jpg (878√ó1317)

If there’re any with ethnic ADHD reading, who might claim ‘boredom’:

Craving something on the dark side of the moon>?

You’re in luck! We serve those too!! with a side of vine-leaves!

euro-mixed greek

img_2001_e6da9cc9fb9f897e1c9d6d199d8e77a3.jpg (1800√ó1800)

feel like a biig, bumpy nose? We have our own take on that: The Roman (featured on a Greek)

papadakis1902a.jpg (1500√ó1000)

black eyes? Curly hair? head over to Wales

8261ea3fd271c7b88618449bbb7d1520.jpg (346√ó500)
Julian McMahon Photo.jpg (340√ó200)
we even got hooded lids (!!)

now can somebody…for the love of Welsh corgis…explain..

What the Yid & his halakhic mammaūü§®do we need MORE diversity for?~???????????????

How the Yid(ess) Grinch stole feminism

It was the great ethnic Euro-feminists, |who didn’t hold back in telling us the truth , the whole truth & nothing but the truth about men+ their pyramid scheme |being unfixable|

here they are:


valerie-solanas-at-her-desk.jpg (225√ó225)


mary-daly.jpg (2100√ó1319)


sonia-johnson-1-671x1024.jpg (671√ó1024)
main-qimg-a64474b3e71f51d73488d97a6a418955 (602√ó283)

& others from times past i can’t seem to unearth right now

Then, the silver-tongued Jew{ess} lizards came in.

this is (shockingly!) written by a man, \so you’ve gotta take it with the usual heap of salt if he doesn’t mention any white male wrong-doing & claims female utopia without the Yiddish meddling\

but nevertheless,, it is very informative


Another Americana fool (seriously confused about Race as geo-concept, but #feels free to spout off on it anyway)

here’s an ethno-Spaniard proving that brunettes Do Airhead TOO


Errr, you confused bunny-rabbit, you’re of Euro-DNA > Therefore WHITE (as used synonymously) & evident in your phenotype

pick-up on Similarity to this lady from SPAIN ??

monica-cruz-the-queen-of-spain-premiere-in-madrid-1.jpg (1280√ó1919)


the Great Euro-pretenders

Proficient masters of disguise, who infiltrated everything of any value in Euro -derivative societies: the arts +feminism most notably. They use make-up, plastic surgery, adopt local names. Compare & contrast the real, bonny Irish lass on Right VS pretend, ‘Irish’ jewess on left {note *latter’s use of meticulous, artificial coloration of eyebrows +hair to the iconic Irish shade + heavy eyeliner as distraction}

Gnawed +hollowed it out like termites, never stoppped stealing the few female spots {by all rights belonging to the women of the Master group}. Then perpetrated a mass psy-op – undermining our tribalism + natural identification of our own faces + witnessing of value in our own ethnic selves…then the apex >? Sold us out to our worst enemies without a fight

By mixing & mixing with Europeans, they managed to dilute their facial features just enough to throw us off balance, then proceeded to inundate us with their giant megaphone Hollyweird + Pop industry, ~all to make us believe that these these weird darn mugs ‘re

A) so very Euro-id

b)super attractive

Say it isn’t so…..

Both Name Actresses beneath ‘re ever so slightly Jewy (1/4 in Moore’s case). BUT only Meryl has a trace of it in her look. Is it an accident that SHE is ThE Token of tokens?

I believe that this Lookist JEpotism happens cause of the hilarious effect of them being like dogs , who forget where they buried bones. Some of theirs blend in so much – that they can’t tell ’em apart. How’re ya gonna hand out the prized spots to the non-goys then?!?!!

Here’s an example

¬†Racquet Princess Mashutka has been selling herself¬† ¬†as Russian Beauty no.1 for a long time. She managed to fool the JEW or NOt -Jew website, but she ain’t fooling me. Her eyes ‘re too small, ball cheeks & has a wily minx expression common to the Red Sea monsters

maria-sharapova-at-vanity-fair-oscar-party-in-beverly-hills-02-24-2019-9.jpg (1200√ó1800)

& here’s her classic Jewess of a grand-mama to prove it

31FEC28600000578-3482473-image-a-24_1457457345185.jpg (634√ó432)

She also displayed thoroughly un-Rus behaviour all along

But just like the We-know-whos~ ~ ~they’ll never, ever pass. Once u develop an eye for it >they’re so laughably transparent. hover over images for caption

But once their spell lifts# it doesn't linger. U feel free, no longer afraid of the dark of noticing the evident

They're the ultimate cultural appropriators

Will the real white Hispanic above please stand up?

How about the real Euro-Canadian below? Hint /it’s not the one who chopped his horse nose in half , yet STILL looks like a homely horsey\

Lyrics of this song summarise their progression thru history & their dealings via us 

Specifically this part: All smiles, I know what it takes to fool this town
I’ll do it ’til the sun goes down and all through the night time
Oh yeah, oh yeah, I’ll tell you what you wanna hear
Leave my sunglasses on while I shed a tear

+ chorus

When i began consuming Joolywood as a little girl, i was thrown off by how weird these Starz looked. Little did i know -,/\that such oddity results from mixing those Jerusalem maggots (JM) with the Euro-genes they were busy impersonating. Another good way to know for certain ~~is by following their careers:

1 glaring example – the mega-hit X files.

skynews-x-files-gillian-anderson_5075973.jpg (1600√ó900)

I can’t say enough good things about young Gillian – she’s the reason it took off like a Jet-star sleeper. She had it all . Owner of that repulsive mug next to her did his damnest to drag this classic down by virtue of having NOTHING to offer & an icky presence to boot; almost sank it while she was on her 10-day maternity hiatus. IT is a truth universally acknowledged that the bonny lass was the real star here; yet the creator needed to fight for HER to get cast & not fired, & to stop getting paid HALF the dood’s salary

Easy to guess the JM there, eh?!!? In addition to their looks being the give-away – her alabaster skin, appealing eyes, neat if funky nose

How about the 2 aussies below? Guess which one has all the value & which one all the JM nepotism!

  1. Continue reading “the Great Euro-pretenders”

Masters of Sex cont.

” ” @this junction¬† en mi vida¬†u just gotta roll w. me tying everything to FS (figure skating) – it’s my special interest.¬† Well, this kiddo here has a classic dancer’s body in both how it ‘s shaped & how it¬† moves.¬† Pretty certain that if, as a tot, he wasn’t taken by ambitious parents to freeze his tiny bum off on the most hazardous hard surface in existence day in , day out for¬† muchos,muchos anos¬†>he’d become a plain old floor dancer

5.03 + 4.30 ‘re where u really see the goods in slow-mo

There’s substantial reason why competent male dancers’re considered such sexy-pants. & NO – it is not what Masters of Sex + their gang ‘d tell us . It has¬†naught¬† to do with all that jazz that it indicates how the the lad ‘d move during the primary job of his existence


What it does tell us is¬† way¬† more important. It’s a way to kill many birds w. 1 dance in a fine peacock shirt.

During those mere few mins of display, the dear boy indicates his


£balance (thus inner ear health, no immune probs)


¬£how he’s able to handle a moving lady


£sensory sensitivity

£muscle memory

£choreographed memory

£strength + correct application of amount

£stability in movement



as an aside¬†,¬†somebody gimme that youngster’s luscious locks. that part’s just a unisex joyūüĎ©‚Äćūü¶į

Making Males fan those Tails

oh, if I OnLy had a tail…‚Ķūü§ě

Russia’s Alexander Abt in action during his free programme (Photo by Tony Marshall/EMPICS via Getty Images)

ph980201.jpg (480√ó600)
Does mah tail look big in this?

8b279d5f48301c092e6a935f0d965587.jpg (357√ó450)
mine is THIS big‚ú®

WitchWind once suggested that if we MUST keep the less fine half of the species around :

let’s make ‘e m dig ditches ~`~as a way of expending energy in order to have none left to engage in Man-Crazy. Well, my peeps’ve devised another strategy to keep the select few blokes occupied &us suitably gratified.¬† Play to their InnerPeacock.¬† isn’t that exactly what the pics above makes you think of?

Specifically – put them on blades on a cold, slippery rink<<>make’em dance for their supper


*% & what a tough supper it is. Lotsa excruciating man-pain concealed beneath the glamour. It’s a brutal, anguish-ridden discipline. Reminiscent of the lady-world

What a beaut` of an idea, i say! But it’s gotta be limited to the dishy ones, who can rock them sparkles. Homely ones¬† —¬† to march off to join the ditch crowd.

Albeit, the real dilemma here is

………..how do we sort out the ditch-diggers from the future frosted cupcakes) when¬† the Skater Boyz gotta start training from 4-6 y.o.? That’s a toughie right there

Sometimes they start out fug


& only end up fugger . +_worse yet _ turn into impossibly unself-conscious dorks

like so



Others Р>well, puberty can throw a real curveball. They may start wrapped in a chubby  teen cocoon


then out pops the Pwetty Butterfly

Drat! Woulda almost handed the kiddo a shovel early on there# Then woulda missed out on this mastery

So the real dilemma have here is

………..how do we sort out the ditch-diggers from the future frosted cupcakes) when they the Skater Boyz gotta start training from 4-6 y.o.? That’s a toughie right there

Well , an easy-peasy-russian*easy case began like this

then kept up the angelic adorkability like so

& sometimes they can turn out a bit like,,,,hmmm. Well, it still gets the earthly delight + indelible arthouse juices running    . ho-hum.

See the source image

This one was an Avant-Garde introvert.  I felt transported to the forest with fawns along w. him

Oh, to dig , or not to dig that ditch? Or to make them take on the slings & arrows of outrageous fortune of the Ice World?

Thein lies the question …



All 3 of the non-ditch-Digger candidates ‘re pure blood Russian skaters from the 90s-naughties era. Utterly incredible in their own way & all elbowed outa the way to make room for the Jew-boy in the 1st images |who must’ve gotten beaten by the ugly + uncreative stick until it broke| were elbowed by the Russian Skating Federation¬† , which chose to throw resources + public opinion behind Emperor’s New Yid.¬†¬† Pretty-boy no. 1 { the above in black sparkle} succeeded¬† only cause he hid behind the fur-coat of a Jew-coach \Can’t beat ’em? Join ’em, u know

Sadly, this points to my sub-section of Euros to be also under the white-passing Jew spell (ie. – the real ‘whites” running the globe)

Ideally, however; I’d take Dog-Crazy over Man-Crazy¬† ANY DAY.¬†

  1. they ‘re reliably cute from day 1 WITHOUT ANY SPARKLES


2) we have the mighty Victoria Stillwell to take it on