the best BAD book ever written

That’d be the 70s phenomenon ‘The Thornbirds’


I initially read it in a Russian translation, which must’ve smoothed over the badness – cos I didn’t figure out what on earth Germaine Greer meant by the titular quote


After   looking into the original i, indeed, found the the writing flowery&/questioning why on Earth this super hottie doesn’t;t ditch the robe& Run off to Tinseltown.

but the gruesome female realities stayed with me./  I read this @16 (while being a far more clued lassie than i;d have preferred ) it was still unflinchingly graphic in its; description of Maggie being marital-raped 3(!)times in/a row on her wedding night< leaving/ her in so much pain/that she cannot move &must share the bed with her internal batterer. It later goes into why  it hurts this much : <the spouse uses 30s condoms . When she later tricks him into baby making <<the ordeal goes down easier.

Bizarro graphic element was the……….tit-f*cking..which the husband  Contends with out of his kind heart(lol) to spare her more intercourse  horror. Weirdly, in the TV version -they pushed his homosocial nature  far enough  to almost seem closeted .

Colleen was a strange wench with a strange writing style .It was both incredibly good &Incredibly awful simultaneously. Her talent lay in creating such a vivid fiery atmosphere ,that the soap opera somehow managed to transcend itself. There;s no other author like her .


The reason she belongs on my man-hating blog : is the lady herself +the reason for her choosing this plot. She was rather a character:

A Cambridge neuroscientist in 60s ::she found herself not being paid the family wage the men were -even after Equal PAy came in. she turned to writing to supplement her life as a single female. She chose romance as in inroad allocated to lady authors ,^she chose this story as it reflects her own family history  . THere really was a priest,who poached the wealth which shoulda belonged to the family, from a rich old lady.  Sexually Ignorant Maggie- was her mother. Dane was her brother. She wrote herself in _as the rebellious Justine. The Maori connection was also there:   Colleen is 1/4 Maori

@the heart of it all SHE WISHED TO EXPLORE THE CHARACTER OF A SACRIFICIAL WOMAN ( as she was nothing like that herself). 

The miniseries sported an epic fail of a miscast for the Priest. Nowhere near hot enough+ too old+ a softie. + acting range running the gamut from X to Z . . .Book Ralph was a haughty, *knows he’s hot to trot* type of meanie with a cold, ambitious drive, who GETS TO HAVE IT ALL IN THE END. > While the actor looks like he hugs Teddy bears in bed..  &Boy did they flub those nude, semi_nude scenes……….not least of all cause Richie Chamberlain shoulda been sent off for a 40 y.o.Virgin – style depilation!~Meggie expressly finds in the book – that she was revolted by Luke’s body hair &turned on by Ralph’s smoothness. Sporting the pellet of a dead ferret on his chest DOES NOT an EPIC HOTTIE make .~! & how does Meggie not cough  up hairballs |gross|

In the book he’s character inconsistent:
Wherein Ralph + Meggie proceed to boink each others’brains out for a week. in near total solitude
You’d think that the same guy, who was worldy enough to
A)contemplate the ins & outs of ways in which a priest could sex discreetly
B)educate Meggie about menARCHE
c)scheme, flirt `then drop his pants in front of the rich lady
d)not be dumb enough to get caught in the midst on hanky-panky, young
E)not put-out for the rich lady, keeping her nice&hungry

……be bright enough to work @not knocking his beloved, errr–groomed object of desire up…after she came this close to dying in childbirth a mere 4 months prior…@which event his Eminence was PRESENT + biting his nails. I mean, Meggie’s thick-as-a-rock spouse [who was ignorant of intercourse anguish not being limited to 1 time] had enough mental presence to use ‘French letters’ (1st time i heard that euphemism of a century)

girl in yellow dress covering her face with her hands
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But alas!
Afterwards, Ralph – the-newly-minted-deflowered-dumbass enters a massive stage of denial , lasting 2+decades, & is all like:
“what, what? the stork brought me a baby-boy}~? How could such a thing occur???”
& middle-aged Meggie’s like:
“well, remember that remember that bareback bumping +grinding In the loveshack on Matlock Island? ” ~`~~paraphrasing again, but it IS sorta written across Rachel Ward’s face….


The miniseries does have 1 of many major upsides over the book.
1) Maggie is SPUNKY. She’s forceful in her tirades. My fave is:
“Yeah, yeah, you love me. And God more than me. And yourself you love most of all, you stupid, *hard-t0 get* prick!!.
And speaking of pricks,/,why won;t you gimme yours!? you bloody vagina-tease, you”
^paraphrasing a little :-]}D
2)Casting, for the most part , is spot on . Barbara Stanwyck didn’t just kill that role/./.she buried it 6 under feet under, with a golden shovel
3)it looks & feels beautiful & filmic
4)Loooooove Justine,+ Ralph’s friend+boss
However, it does gloss over the aforementioned female-truth realities.
You see, those truth-bombs’re the reason for this post.
Coleen came across as an unlabelled-Radfem. She was crass, brash, relied on her brains to get herself places instead of her privates [as a woman ought to] , forewent pro-creating , didn’t marry until she was 42 & set for life . Knew the reality of being a large gal &mother-bullying stemming from that , alloting her station in life & death (they mentioned it IN HER EULOGY *facepalm* ) [i’m a believer in all obesity being inflammation due to contaminted food sources
Hilariously (&tragically) she kicked the lucky guy out on her deathbed! Cause he had a mistress!! LOl
She also wrote a scathing, honest, irrevent radfem-style of an which she revealed her mother tracking to get an illegal & badly botched abortion..which led to (likely) a hysterectomy or some such, limiting her offspring to 2, closely spaced babies, who were pro-totypes for Dane +Justine
Peppered all thru Thornbirds’re child & adult woman-daily-horrors. It’s a reel, starting from Fee not loving Meggie for being a girl (but not for the usual reason ). _It’s because she only sees her growing up to face the same bone-grinding oppression. Fee not hating bang-bang-squirting “Paddie was gentle”, but glad to avoid when he fell asleep _ to avoid yet more children ( she ends up having 9+several miscarriages).(for which she counts herself lucky!). If not for the 1st 2 years  during which Paddie considered himself lowly for her noble status – to place his paws on her – that no.”d rise
…to Frank being mad-as-Hell @stepdaddy for impregnating Mummy for a 7th baby
+ many others. like Fee’s chronic exhaustion -due to her 6 sons not lifting a finger at home, with only the 4 y.o. Meggie to rely on. this + her depression + eventually, alienation from Meggie ,goes away when she ascends back up in the world. At which point she gleefully ditches all housework & even feigning interest in the new, last of the brood, twins/.
All the while, Male prairie violence hangs over Fee+Meggie slaving away @home. {they either keep a rifle, or maybe 1 son around?or both}
Ralph finds it so very easy to tether Meggie from 10 y.o. to his sorry self  – as she’s desperately unloved by everyone but Frank, who leaves home early, + overworked. He convinces the family to raise her like a Lady >sending her to school & taking riding lessons. <MARY v. astutely terms this a form of hands-off pedophile grooming ( aka emotional molestation.
#maggie is a horny being, not limiting her fixation on Ralphie-boy to poems +flowers. She primarily wishes to TAP THAT THING real Bad:__) Once she does that >her hetherto relentless drive switches off for good. WHich aligns my theory on female hetero- – being nothing but a case of sniffing out the right Baby Daddy/ After she pregnates with Ralphie’s spawn – her reaction to the only session of humpy shennanigan they ever conduct, doesn’t travel beyond ‘women can go without for  a long time – but hey! nice when it happens’. *Luke manipulates her into marriage by dragging out the foreplay
∏all such nitty-gritty detailing grounds the saga & turns it into the same “melodrama becomes art” type of fiction – as  Young Philadelphians



Follow the rootin’

You know how they say: “Follow the money”?
A few years ago, i took an interest in the idolised marriage of Joanne Woodward + her hubby Paul. It was easy to get engrossed :it lasted 50 years till death did him apart. He looked like a dream, but she was the better actress + more interesting person. He fell for her very hard & stayed fallen till the end of (his ) time. He was evidently more into her than vice-versa
But something bothered me. Precisely a total of 7 somethings. (the myriad of offspring), really  close together/: He had 3 w. the 1st spouse, then moved onto copious breeding with Joanne….like a bull @ gate. They didn’t make it past the 1st year together without a miraculous combo of swimmers +eggs imbedding themselves in the bride’s belly ( she looked swollen in the wedding pic, poor lass). That fetus didn’t stay put however. it ejected itself  (likely due to stress induced by both of them posed to lose budding careers /if the previous Mrs. Newman didn’t sign the divorce papers in time for it showing itself in public )
Yet 4 months later another took its’ place….and another a year later. a total of 3 in 2.5 years !~! they finally put the breaks on for a little while – until having another a few annums later. The cool thing was that they were all girls
Here’s the uncool thing: 
JOANNE  was a remarkable actress with a remarkable figure right before this cow-schedule took place. She lost both the career + the curves down the gurgler. 
paul, on the other had, continued up&up. He replaced Brando as the Method IT boy & acquired himself a saintly rep. + a classic catalogue of work . At a certain point , he clearly felt ashamed of himself -started directing for the sake of giving her meaningful Starring work. he also must’ve got his tubes tied at long last – (which was standard for male movie stars then)
there’s a pic of him staring at her like she shines divine light & his daughters reported that his kind of Love for her* set an impossible standard for them in their love lives
Now ,post-enlightenment, their story clicks for me. You see, the gal was a bit of Libber/ had enough wits about her to snatch the chance  come her way. She’d already had an abortion (those were poorly performed hush-hush in Hollywoo in those times)/  + her face +acting style were unusual . Her soaring career had no guarantee of lasting & she’d have to engage in a lot of Me-Too-ing  in order to keep it ,in any amount of time. Which could mean spreading for fugly, mean execs + risking more terminations. 
& then this infatuated Golden Boy   drops onto her lap .Awfully pretty, straight as an arrow, un-Hollywood in his lifestyle& with a very rich future unfolding. ..but with a dreadful habit of serial knocking up. <this is precisely where his grand loving falls apart for me>  
newman woodward
Joanne is still alive & in the possession of a cool $50 mil. she spent her life with the Golden Knocker-upper among pleasant, sorta rural surrounding…with the bastard gone much of the time. The bloke was a workaholic, shooting movies +building spectacularly successful business
She got to engage in whatever she pleased & found time for  ( on top of raising their & *on holidays* his other brood). As an aside – they made some   gorgeous daughters
Part of that off-time went to feminist-y activity.
It’s clear as day to me , that this was her Faustian bargain. It was the best form of lifelong prostitution, but it’s sobering to think that the cost of it in those 1st 2.5 years was unendurable. It was a medieval schedule of pro-creation, causing goodness -knows which health damage later on. <this here registers as Grande AMore in this world of poling-in-holing
But alas – Joanne was fortunate to have lived in this day +age. For in times past the Grande Amore  might’ve had no chance to unfoldSlave singer: Praskovia Kovalyova, 'The Pearl'

This lady above was  a serf whose owner didn’t go the usual route of straight-up raping his property. Oh no! He was determined to make it all, like…..romantic & shit.

}he went to a whole lotta scandalous trouble in order to marry her.( thus her only route outa serfdom)

After turning the nobility on himself ( a bit like Henry VIII), he finally got to put the ring on her finger
SO you’d think that he’s actually wanna keep her breathing for sometime , correct?

Yeah. no such luck. He proceeded to instantly murder her via the creation of a Dood-baby, who inherited his super doper estate

The serf-owning Murderous Impregnator “never recovered from her death and died a few years later, leaving letters for his son explaining his love for Praskovia in the most poignant, emotional terms.”


Har! Har…


But, not all is doom& gloom   when you follow the rooting  to test whether the man’s love is true.

For I HAVE found 1 case where the rooter might’ve actually backed off – to stop risking the   rootee‘s   life – the case of Elizabeth II’s father. She only  has 1 sister. This is because both births were C-sections in 20s ( when they still had a scary level of mortality). It’s quite possible that the famously shy & personally invested in his wife  stuttering King, actually……………….never went there again. But who knows,eh? a girl can hold out hope





Give me a cloud

Of pink sand &tweed

Where me & my lad;ll be drinking mead

Away from the wreckage ,away from land

Uphigh in the sky, above the sea 🌊

…where Y-the-destroyer makes everyone weep

&now &ever , forever in time

mama the earth ,just give us the light

i yearn this in heart, I know it in mind

Where can u send us..where patriarchs wont find?



Left Wing Women

…was a book Andrea the Great never wrote. But

she did hint @ it in her impression of the RoeVS Wade being a hat tip to such a sort. Andrea herself found herself shoe-horned into playing a shadow of this form …until the very end of her career,when she not-so-subtly warned against adopting this role ,which sucked out her life even without it being full-fledged

 The 2nd Wave was actually born out of the frustration of Left Wing women – a role which existed for as  Leftism existed ( so , since 1800s) In fact, where would Leftism be without them¶? 

🧤🐰they have 3 important functions:
1👔Coddle the Genius Cause + men as virtuous fighters
2👔serve up beverages during big    important meetings
3👔👙do the same with their orifices after


As reward they’re permitted to go off & form Lady Problem clubs in spare time from Main Man-movement . dworkin said that Roe vs Wade was a carrot for this lot.Which they paid for dearly: Stockholm is strongest in women who see ALl men as potential lays& thus they aren’t permitted to spin their thoughts beyond Genderism
🎍And so they must add the following caveat to their politics in order to remain without reprimand:

 I totally like men! I like having sex with men!!


🐊He-he-he>…!! Many Lulz ensue.

& the following Russian expression “ Don’t make me laugh so hard, ladies”!

Let’s address the amusing aspect of this 1st. 🐝

Like, where do these gals find these elusive ,[worthy of XX bodily access] Y-possessors,eh? Out in the Hogwarts forest,p’raps    ?Is Hagrid hunting those specimens down & lovingly taking care of them ? ? ?             Cos out here, in the Muggle world, I’ve yet to see 1  who weighs out the stakes , or is an erotic being capable of giving the ‘sex’ women love & driven to seek out thanks to all that excess estrogen in plastics +pesticides we’re consuming by the bucketload. This IMO makes us a hornier generation of females ever to walk the earth, cause it makes the ovulation peak “climb the walls” -sort of strong-    where you have to let off steam every few hours .It’s  freaking ridiculous

I’ve noticed that those of us unfortunate enough to experience dood-focused tugs,really confuse the drive for our pleasure -with the drive for mating -via- scanning  for correct DNA (which also gives pleasure if it passes the litmus test, but only before mating itself ensues ).


Because the recreational stuff is the sort only another woman+ our own head can satisfy. Sometimes , satisfaction isn’t what we’re looking for;  cause the tension is too much fun










We’re consuming tonnes of extra estrogen these days in plastic&pesticide too. …thus § ;yet more ahistoric libido.
I SEE Heterosexual feels with clarity :as a fertility scanning barometer👕👖👞🐣🐒 while we go into heat monthly.When it happens to me: otherwise 🐂🌻🐲invisible men pop out me if they have 1 elevating feature( eg.cute curls )
 – it makes them juicier,but 🐇🦔🎄I don’t notice it during rest of month.i wouldn’t put it past the fuckers to release a pheromone we’d only respond to £ to out hidden ovulation.
Genderism becomes offensive when it treats male-screwage as that. Eg: my mama only became a hippie-dippy free-lover under Leftie constraints:
*no socio-economic risk
* easy abortion +condoms
*free healthcare
 Once she did experience the natural fall-out (having   me )-it took her 5 years to recover& she never wanted to give birth again.  What’s remarkable is :  out of her 30 bedpost notches ,,i know of only 1 decent-looking .
was my greatgrandma {who died in a botched termination after 5 girls}, striving to get PIV-ed some more?
                                    the sewn women of Sudan?
                                      the ones giving birth every year in Somalia?
Ancient Chinese women, who couldn’t pace during labour with their broken feet? (which were that way cos Sex to men =sadism}
  All the Latin American would-be mums filling up maternity wards after primitive abortions?

Generation upon Generation of our foremums,spending their lives in gestation & lactation??

the girls in Magdalene laundries?

And it;s not just big &mean PIV that;s the culprit here. Any contact of semen +vulva results in insemination not infrequently. Those toxic swimmers;re able to get thru fabric,    Or by residing on 🤚 before they get to destination
Furthermore, the Hetero media Industry stokes cinders of those feels~ into sky-high bushfires.
And what of the modesty pyramid resulting from the sexy fun? You wouldn’t need any nudity cover for crucial bodily functions+care.Why on earth do we even need specially designated 🚽 ?     I had a breakthrough moment when I succeeded in going standing up, in a skirt &stayed utterly clean . I continue to struggle immensely with the inane modesty ballooney ..around female carers &shopkeepers. I once didn’t have enough energy to go back to my car to grab a pad —-so rested on a shop;s toilet for 30 mins,- long enough for the staff to get 😦
for radiation treatment ,, i spent a silly amount of energy + muscle ache on changing in +out of gowns +pillow cases in winter. <meaning: u still had to keep warm clothes on under,but not on top during treatment>
Back in the dark days of wearing bras i used strength I didn’t have on changing out layers only take the bra off +..put layers back on for 🏡
Without this constructed troglodytism -the ease would be unimaginable. Our sex organs could become utility organs. We could saunter outside naked on our decks in summer.  Warm weather  nudity is vital     when you’re sick&clothes feel heavy.


Nessun grade di separazione




Listen to the rhythm of this song in Italian& then the sagging middle section in eng..

Italian sounds like it;s meant to be sung. Whereas Eng just flops…&sits there📥🧸🛌🛍🛋🛎🧺📮

But it;s not all hopeless. When you take a step back in time —you discover a little livelihood in Eng; some flexibility, politeness,emotion. It;s not a lot, but i did manage to dig out some terms,which could be used to replace the onslaught of modern slurs. For femaleness&the hijacked 🧲Womanhood :

MATRON <like this one for older women.sounds dignified>







MAID (not a great one,since it signifies “virgin”,but can be reclaimed in the manner of Spinster)🧬💈🔮

East&West,never the ‘twain shall meet

I finally got to the bottom of why my blood boils @ all this Whites’re born Sinners -nonsense.It lies in the history of Western Vs Eastern Europe& some strange parallels with XX/XY dichotomy within the human race

It goes way back to before Western Europeans went out screwing over far -away lands filled with people who looked nothing like them. Think of HOW those fiefdoms got to such a position of power & arrogance?


Simple. They 1st got plenty of practice by screwing over people who looked  exactly  like them.-the ones living on that other, always resigned to be 2nd rate, side of Europa

For centuries on end,Eastern Europeans served as a buffer, last resort saviours& (when all else failed)- sacrificial lambs for every kind of evil coming @ Europe. It started with the Mongols & is still going with the modern-brand Caliphate conquest of today. It involved Nazis, Communists, Napoleonic forces _+ so many Slavic females dragged off into the Ottoman rape slavery set-up _ that Arabs actually lightened overtime (this shit was  still  going on in the 19…90s)

As a result,– Western Europe stayed ensconced& free to shore up resources +grow a very big head. For, you see, it wasn’t just the military build-up that led  it to go out & conquer continents.  It was also the moral entitlement stemming from having become the cultural hub of  its’ landmass. Peter the Great’s Russia fanned the flames by lapping up all that Western refinement like a thirsty puppy, further convincing the already bratty kingdoms about how utterly awesome they are. And how correct   they’re in striving to set up the world’s values to mirror their own

^While they stopped doing this to other races now~,incredibly enough, they’re as of yet to renounce their notion of moral superiority over Eastern European heathens, not budging against the adherence to Deity of Liberal Twaddle

When everyone & her dog came out to finger-point @ the rebellious Hungary,who had no choice to put  up border fences to prevent the stream of sub-human, be-penised hordes tramping all over it as a transit state in ’15….they neglected to look @ the near past, when Hungary civilly begged Berlin&Brussels to stop this (as HUngarians never signed up for it,or were consulted) .Or the distant past. Those centuries when HUngarians were continuously dragged off for enslavement by the relentless Arab forces. Worse yet, when Poland joined forces with Hungary, the EU big wigs had the sheer nerve to throw ‘facsists’ at them. …The country ,who was the 1st victim of fascists in WWI& was 2nd only to jews in German hierarchy ethnic hate!!!! Futhermore – the Fuhrer & Mohammedans were enamoured with each other. They bonded over vicious miltiarism & virulent sense of supremacy over Jews& all other heathens (Adolf considered X-tianity a sissy faith)


You see, when Eastern European countries applied to join the EU post soviet collapse, they were really naive. They figured that  at last,  this invitation was a sign of Western Europeans putting an end to the epic & multi-century Screwing of them. They thought that EU citizenship’d lift them out of 2nd class status & afford them the respect & good living they deserve off their high education.

Oh boy,were they starry-eyed..Like Cinderella invited to the ball

Western Europe was actually motivated by the  promise of the endemic blend of cheap+grateful  White  Blue collar workers. Aside from Iran, Eastern European states’re the only ones filled with over-educated, but poor-ish&eager to emigrate +assimilate   populace. >>>So this way you can get cleaners, prostitutes ,mail-order-brides (MOBs)  and professors all in 1 sweep. : Very cool.  And they wont demand anything, blow stuff up,or be covered by woke race + religion laws (+public conscience). In fact – they might not even settle for life!!! They might opt for making a buck &then bugger off  back to Estonia I et al.0 to purchase a humble abode,>thus putting no  permanent pressure on infrastructure ,social security or cultural accomodation

now why would anybody NOT want to adopt such a region?! Win-win!

Part of this bargain was the assumed (on Western European part) that the new states would humbly remain accepting their 2nd class status &won’t be given any real decision-making say. When Poland had enough of this treatment during the migrant crisis kerfuffle, it rightfully responded to the “enrichment & diversity” mantra with :

a)It’s already plenty diverse, with 40 ethnic mintorities

b)It does its’ refugee part by hosting the ones nobody else cares about (Ukrainians) &gets on beautifully with them;while West Europe seems to be embroiled in a civil war with theirs


…To this the EU head office  lost their shit , in a manner that can only be translated as

How dare you talk back , you filthy Slavs???!. Get back to cleaning my toilet, Prof. Smolnikova!”


Are you seeing the parallels yet?….Look again. ,,,How about now?

After 8 century long Screwing of those other Europeans by the dominant ones& feeding off their thankless sacrifice, looking up to their western cousins with awe&impeccable behaviour once allowed to mingle with the big boys, the latter & their post-colonial diaspora still refuses to :

A)afford them 1st class ethnic European status

B)listen to their reasoned arguments

C)allow them sovereignty over their own lands

d) include them as the 1st victims of West European conquering ego-mania

e)teach their history to the younglins

f)list them under Officially Opressed status. So that Oscars become #so western-white ;

Mila Kunis, Tatiana Maslany, Vera Farmiga get kudos for paving the way for part-Ukrainian representation ;

more than 2 readers on the entire web get outraged about the “ Evil Russkies”  plot on Stranger Things

g)quit financial abuse& arrogant imposition of the morality generated by their think tanks as the universal truth (<that one sounds especially XY -heavy


All the while East Europeans look exactly the West ones to the untrained eye +share the same DNA, broad culture, linguistic cohort +(ir)religion. Among all of the world’s people,they should be the 1st ones the dominators relate to!


Why don’t they , pray tell me??

i think we know