Run, millennial females.Save yourselves from children

this is an apt follow-on from my as tribalism came up here in most recent post:


1 of the oppressed tribes i belong to are: Chronically Ill Millenial Females. Terri Strange’d know all about that. The very ppl who , uncharacteristically, suffer from illnesses accounting for  most cases of infertility  overall 


As has been thoroughly discussed over @ CRE: women under 38 ‘re a mighty curious cohort. We’re

A) THE 1st generation of young females in history to suffer from eye-brow-raising stats of infertility ,which  is not   a product of waiting too long. Most have diseases which set in v.young . The 37 y.o. woman in the fertility clinic getting sliced& diced to help her Endo today <would’ve already been this situation ,if she went for baby-making @19. (she had to belong to  a religious cult for that). This is because this illness sets in  a few years after Menarche& accounts for HALF of all cases of infertility. Add in PCOS (dubbed  the millennial condition} , ~ that tips it into the majority. The  talented protagonist of  Pretty Little Liars  suffers from it visibly & she only in early 20s

B)the single most disabled/chronically ill group of humans [where’s that line anymore?]. Every 2nd millenial has a diagnosed(!} chronic sickness ,,and we all know how poorly |under-diagnosed women’re .

^^^^This means that nobody should be encouraging them to reproduce& certainly not so young that they haven’t figured out their health yet.It is simply unconscionable when we’ve only just dipped  a toe into thinking against compulsory life-plan of “family” AND started discussing young female chronic conditions publicly

Better  do it young =  advice from the 90s, before the mass proliferation of acute millenial womb-stemming illness.

To sum up for the young’ones of now:

If u’re gonna have trouble with getting knocked-up willingly in later years, }you, highly likely,already have it now ,-unknowingly. NO point rushing ,girlies. Use the subsequent time TO PONDER on the wisdom of the decision . Learn the Big Bad Truth about patriarchal propaganda & therefore make an informed choice. 

child-bearing is a strain @ the best of times.but we’ve reached a level @ which it ‘s become a case of Olympic training. esp.when you end up with kids, whose lives depend on you reaching an epi-pen in time +need special food from scratch.& or who’re gonna be dependent on you, or state-services their whole life. This’ll also suck the life out of the Mother, who now stands no chance of whatever little accumulating she could’ve achieved,+tending to her own high-maintanence health. +She too is dependent on the father, or whomever else.

This is once u get thru pregnancy,which now also requires Olympic-level sacrifice & maintenance & during which pharmaceuticals +physio tech acts like you don’t exist , as nobody tests anything on gestating or lactating females( they rarely test on any XXs] + effective (on nausea)medical cannabis is not prescribed








of tribes & martians

Humans’re nasty, tribal beings.



Despite fervent professions of cosmopolitanism, most shall spend their lives within some kind of clique: along # national, # sexual, #religious,  #dog|cat folk; #irreligious; #ethnic; # vegan’ # child-having\child-free     etc. (insert ur own ) lines.


Women don’t elevate this tribalism to the same monstrous level that men do- we don’t need to run around chopping off heads & exploding things& people to prove +solidify our in-group belonging. And we don’t need to be in those tribes 24/7. In fact, we may only be there mentally, once a year, whenever anybody disparages our tribe unjustly.

But we’re tribal nonetheless. I subscribe to bite-sized chunks of largely Slavic Euro-focus. Despite my lack of interest in commuting with my non-existent diaspora, & giving them a regular wacking for being ugly (the men), depressive smoking alcoholics, who canNOT for the life of them channel their immense intelligence&sophisticated culture into any kind of smooth-running society.

…I still get a whiff of being tickled pink whenever a Ukrainian|Russian\Slavic woman or girl gets up to something cool, or gets complimented on being awsome. -Like my colleague, who wondered why every Ukrainian she meets ~is so brainy. %or when an rhythmic gymnast from there spins a ball  while twisting in mid-air   `defying the laws of gravity & human plasticity& gets a medal with the world looking on. The rest of the year\decade i don’t care for tribalism . I’ll hang with whomever’ll give me morsels of joy. My tribalism is a rather lazy being & doesn’t wanna get off the couch most days.

But it jumped off the sofa~ when Hungary put a wall along it’s border to stop the influx of Sups-Oppressed Refugees TM {really a million +  horde of suspiciously well-dressed, high-end phone -possessing, militaristic,entitled, misogynistic on steroids  males under 35}_ I thought” THis is how it’s done’.  Other Central European countries followed  suite, not backing down under  all kinds of bullying +sanctions, some agreeing to let in Christians only (triggering a pile of conversions from the highly-assimilating Iranians). Best case scenario was to let females only (there were precious few of those). but of course THAT wasn’t ever gonna happen.

To which the EUSSR (nickname for the growing authoritarianism of the EU towards its’ member states) spit the dummy; started foaming @ the mouth & sounding increasingly deranged in its religious-like clinging to the goal of multiculturalism (ie.the oil-hogging ‘culture’ trumps everyone else, incl. previous lots of wonderfully blending migrants of all colours & creeds) . Embarassingly for them” bad, bad things ensued & didn’t stop until , out of predictable desperation, female voters& their Nigels ran over to conservative parties & voted them in ALL OVER EUROPE in a land-slide over past 4 years. This happened after a chain-reaction of bombs; Isis-level assaults, anti-Semitism & mass rapes & violent misogyny of a soul-killing brutality + many other layers radiating out. Euro-women (often teen girls, not sparing the very elderly) were targeted deliberately, on an organised Europe-wide scale {as discovered on web-networks of attackers} >this was covered up, but kept leaking out anyway.

Tourism level to West Europe dropped off & increased to the positively serene & culturally defensive (in this context)Central Europe, where they won’t tell u to keep ur dog our of view, not put a Christmas tree & not eat the cuisine-staple pork out of 1984-style “tolerance” for male invaders, wonderfully facilitated by the local males….

…because they invited them  in like a vampire, dammit. ~via a sneaky method of manipulating lady-sympathy.

& let them run amok like pet alligators, without punishment& while feeding them refugee benefits from pockets of groaning female tax-payers, & offering up female volunteers as sacrificial lambs (via white-guilting into doing the work) –to commit atrocities to , seeing as the hordes were mighty low on their own XX-sufferers to beat down (most were left behind in origin places, while dudes grabbed the family cash & skipped off to self-destructive EU).  Outsourcing, with the imported rape+ Female Intimidation Force obliging by filming the acts on Facebook + Youtube.


I’m not certain whether this was a concerted effort all along >for the Right Wing to take over, by herding women & leaving them nowhere to run for protection. In the memorable Russian meta-physical novel  Master +Margarita ,  the Devil comes to Moscow to maraude & admits that he is Jesus’ Fixer.-It didn’t matter for women& girls& babushkas on the ground. because ensuing chaos is always bad for females, as pointed out by Cherryblossomlife.

Genetic memory matters for medical reasons too.If u’re a Red-head- u need to bloody well know that u’ll need a higher dose of anesthesia. If u’re a Slav – u have higher tolerance for gluten, alcohol &gotta pick flexy-frame glasses for ur wide forehead.





We also create our own tribes. I’ve had an explicable pull towards some things  Jewish & Persian (with female-epicenter) always. This is because both these ethnicities’re also spectacularly cerebral and have long-stemming sophisticated modes of being + are in possession of kick-ass females, who won’t back down. _Check out the disproportional representation of Jewish feminists in 1st + 2nd waves,& the sheer vigour with which Iranian womens’ libbers’ve been fighting state-mandated hijab (for 40 years!) & imposed religion in general.


Ideologially, in my end-goal Utopia , I suscribe to only 1 tribe : Female Beings & leave all XYs out of the shebang. In this current state, I also subscribe to universal female loyalty cutting across all groups. I don’t give 2 hoots about racial oppression of men. I’m a Men-ist

Now how do u reconcile female tribalism with this, eh?

Perhaps we solely….let sleeping dogs lie. Or perhaps – bark (apt `as dogs’re also tribal)

+accept that we don’t have to bond,or love, or sleep, or touch, or respect each other’s every opinion and clique. Hell, we don’t have to like each other really.

All we’ve gotta do is…:….unite on an  Enemy of Ur Enemy =ur Frenemy basis for long enough  to take men down.

This is the only way  I can take a peek @ a reality where Lesbian Separatists, Mums, Anti-Natalists, anti-sexuals,  melanin-rich& melanin-poor, extrovert activists, hermit autistics, those afflicted with rape-adaptive urges and chromosomal attachment towards men in various degree           can be collectively liberated.

Perhaps we can then come together and have afternoon tea & cackle  over the cauldron on how bad we gave it to those suckers&how happy we’re now. We don’t need to be sisters, just comrades in arms   with space to ourselves, others like us& enough outlet for our tribal nastiness to let steam escape.


If anybody has a better idea: can the real Martian Feminist please stand up! Come forth with valour.


The rape-adaptive female

Heterosexuality = rape adaptation to lessen mating male violence +

Stockholm Syndrome +

seminal drugging

So a female heterosexual = enthusiastic male slave. Notice how  enthusiastic  is actually used in regard to consent??


this is my E= mc2

^my own personal, theory of sexual relativity

All of it is speculative, but I’m basing it on personal observation//, reaction + 2nd wave theory of Hetero being highly suss + these brilliant ladies: + her anti-hetero series


My contribution lies in the bio-hormonal aspect – the part that used to argue it as natural.  Even if it were that – it should be treated like bread cravings with a gluten allergy – plenty of womyn resist both  & are healthier for it.

When women live with men 1on1 – their adaptive instinct may be triggering a reaction to being sequestered, which for our fellows the Chimps = beaten up & raped, while they’re held captive away from the group, in estrus, by a single male. Note the phenomenon of honeymoon cystitis –   why would a woman’s body act against its’ interest & tell her to to bang continuously – until she gets a bladder infection?…which can then proceed to a   kidney one < leading to collapse & sepsis? Let alone get her pregnant ( the no.1 cause of death since time immemorial)

Trust Your Perceptions  wrote the bible on evolutionary struggle of Males vs Females,

Male genitals are themselves specialized morphologies. Sperm-dispensing organs are probably in fact the most rapidly-evolving male morphology, especially in species where females hold eggs internally. Clasping structures on male genitals have been evolved by rapists of different species, and are rather common. Other males have evolved barbs and spines on their penis, including male chimps, lions and tomcats. The barbs and spines on the male cowpea weevil penis seen here damages the female internally, slicing and scarring her genital tract so that she reproduces only that ugly prick, his ugly prick, and no other.

^THis explains why men’re so obsessed with the length of their organ (and not the width – which women actually find pleasurable) + ramming it in deep ( close to cervix > stronger impregnation chance). Also:  Why human ones’re so disproportionately large. It seems like women kept evolving longer tracts  & higher cervixes to get away from penises reaching —so the aggressors counter-evolved by getting longer.

There exist other similar male physiological adaptations hypothesized to be accounted for by female polyandry – such as proportionate sperm increase in multi-male, single-female, sexual encounters =  {read:gang rape& deliberate daddy-confusing }>} to lessen baby-murders)


Good looks – male strategy. Charm – male strategy. Pretending to give a fig about womens’ rights- male strategy. Sexual technique- male strategy

More from  TRust:

“The evolutionary trajectory of males, once launched, cannot be unlaunched, because it is self-fueling, self-reinforcing, – as males who aren’t on the cutting-edge of fuckery tend to be discontinued, – while the male vanguard, developing “better” diabolical tactics, pushing dude-depravity to new extremes, are rewarded by winning the prize they’re after: a good shot at being made new” 

Hence the elusive phenomenon of “good men”.  If any men are/were good } they’d not inflict themselves on girls+ women} therefore taking their Y out of future existence. In fact, certain religious men have made some inroads into a smidgeon of understanding & formed monk orders. Of course, still being men – it WAS only a smidgeon & they interpreted WOMEN as being dirty & therefore they attain purity by staying away from them. ANother glimmer is the sexless nature of the Garden Of Eden, & that men dominating& forcing women to reproduce ( with pain from Y-genomic imprinting for big fetuses) = fall from that + the early Christian & Buddhist elevation of celibacy.

Fascinatingly – LF ( low- functioning) Autistic males’re known for hitting themselves . We can only speculate on whether it’s a sign of clarity, – seeing as ASD girls ‘re downright savants @ it.

There exist other similar male physiological adaptations hypothesized to be accounted for by female polyandry – such as proportionate sperm increase in multi-male, single-female, sexual encounters =  {read:gang rape)




Those poor unfortunate American souls

          I’m somewhat of a rarity on the WWW: by being a non-USA-residing quintessentialist blogging in Eng….and that’s a curious place to be in. On the 1 hand:

it gives me the global perspective which US  authors  too often lack.

On the other: It never ceases to jolt me as to sheer degree to which American female citizens are:

A) brutally, openly oppressed ;

B) unaware of the comparative level of their oppression – due to Amer. males creating an air-tight web of mental insularity. In fact, it reminds me of glass box miming: US-ians OWN the Internet – thus giving them the entire world @ their fingertips { and radfems really do try more than then others, but they’re behind on a whole lifetime of global exposure]

When I studied Gender& Development, I found 1 consistent statistic to to reliably stand out among OECD graphs of fem. suffering. I named it The US exception.

It applied to absolutely everything in a bad way in all the obv. things:

maternal mortality, access to affordable meds; deaths from DV; religious oppression; teen mums; student loans; the pay gap; sex ed; abortion access & endless debate; social security; lack of common law marriage; episiotomies; gun-happy approach to hysterectomy; abysmal pol. representation

US data was ALWAYS found to be, without fail , – @ the bottom of the well.  But this ( as it turns out…) was only the tip of the iceberg. >\|In personal convos with my Amer’ sisters i’ve learnt of many more, only less statitistically obv. coersions , such as:

  • marriage to men for healthcover & roof over head (most famously perpetrated by the very ill & much maligned for it Dworkin) 
  • stripping thru college (this one just boils my mind alive. 1stly – the degree to which stripping is casually treated in the culture @ large; 2ndly – because I consider to be possibly more traumatic & publicly degrading than prostitution)
  • extreme neuroticism over fem. reproductive organ function: the mandatory use of tampons {when they’re stated to produce toxic shock; ‘re unhealthy to use overnight; tough to put in for many girls + make it dif. to track healthy discharge}; embarassment over public toileting; + seriously ludicrous euphemisms { ‘down there’ –  I’m looking @ U); use of  vagina  to mean vulva. 
  • womyn paying for the all the med. cost of mens’ violent + libidinous harm.
  • compulsory hetero- being absolute & used to lure womyn into arrangements which cancel themselves out ( as in : they were better off being single after all]
  • lack of labour laws, such as a livable min. wage + disability insurance + egalitarian private health cover


US of A is the epicenter of the Western model of woman-hating, & it radiates out to everyone else in its’ diameter. It maintains plenty of impact on non-OECD countries, but the most immediate + recognisable is within the inner circle

Let’s not forget where the great big P-industry  is located (LA) & how it floods the world with the filth + the social norms it dictates. I spent my 20s being so tormented by them that I floated`dissociated from my form (yep, they radiated out to Asia-Pacific)|               Add to that the drastically plastic celebrity misogyny + the overt & infinitely prolific ultra-violent girl-hating of Hollyweird. I can’t get over how the latter never allows XX characters to come off as living, breathing beings, yet there’s a major improvement when u merely hop on over the border to Canadian-produced media.

pink revolver gun
Photo by on


USA’s also famous for its’ sexual neuroticism {incessant no, of vague\juvenile/female-degrading euphemisms}

; spectacular love of guns (deadly phallic symbols)  + the stripping industry.  And the infamously aggressive, pounding + dry style of intercourse,( low on female climaxes & high on ache+tears)

+ popularising all the ‘kinky’  add -on’s to Piv: *u name ’em, cos they’re too yucky  + we hear about them all the time*.

+ obsessive militarism, masturbation + fellatio (juvenile-termed ‘blow – jobs’))))))) + boobs (but not for their primary purpose)

; last, but not least – the raunch fashion industry- driving the mainstream: Most notably – pre-prebescent level of hairless-ness, slim-ness, pre-child-bearing labia demanded of women


Then there’s the Viagra, KY (?why don’t American women lubricate on their own like everybody else?) _+  a never.ending  stream of ED + premature meds>…to the point of it being a broad cultural joke.

…..bizarre, I tell ya.

 Do u see where I’m going with this? Ask urselves: why does the owner of an appendage * which evolved SOLELY for the purpose of being stimulated by vaginas*..need all this  weird & thorougly un-sexy+ often silicon-y* extra stuff ?

Hints getting louder:  note the above-average consumption of video erotica in Israel + certain places in Middle East? Factor in  Israel possessing an untold no. of nukes — certainly the highest in the world per head of pop. + a Middle Eastern religion based ENTIRELY on militarism + promising a bundle of prostituted gals to service men in heaven?


Bazinga! It’s the circumcision talking..!

Until my not-so-long-ago inundation into the US more on the subject – I was mystified by all this . I figured it was a Judaic thing.Since I’ve found out }> the premise of Sex& the City  became even more fantastical. All this enthusiastic screwing of statistically & anecdotally unsuitable appendages for female fun?!?! Yeah, right……



Right after USA became 1 of 2 superpowerful Big Bads, in the 50s,: the rates of baby foreskin-lopping jumped from 50 % to 90%. AND u know who originally forced it to 50%?to become a widespread social more? WHy – the military, of course. For America’s ascent to Global Mitary Overlord coincided with the descent of Britain – where the rates of dude-baby peen slicing ,.fell off a cliff .


Coincidence? I think not. And neither does this awfully astute commenter,.., for a man  (scroll to 1st in comment section}


But Jews & their copycats werent the only ones to come up with such barbarity

Look @ the other Global Military OVerlord, which suppressed the cutting faiths on a tight leash, and outside of them – had a cutting rate of NONE. (this being the Russkies) & their relationship with their guns, which they’ve also had scores of + run a whole global industry of supplying them to upstart dictatorships:      well,they treat them like practical tools of domination. They don’t put them in display cases & lovingly caress them like their extra peen. They ALSO don’t have a culture of sex. neuroticism. In fact, if anything. they’re bloody open /


Warning: a porno image is in the middle of doc

The subject of male circumcision’s fascinated me for some time > ; in fact enough to wade past the gross pics above. Because there’s gotta be something revealing about the Doods slicing &dicing !the center-point of their existence! – their willies, thus inexplicably  reducing  the high they claim’ their life revolves around! + making it harder to obtain.

Needless to say – they also didn’t ask how the owners of tracts (which counter -evolved specifically with a sensitive area to get pleasure out of a foreskin) – are gonna feel about the matter. This is consistent with them not asking whether those owners can comfortably wear corsets+ footwear   * not designed for human  bodies* – to top off with having them prodded with penises …not made for human vaginas.

….resulting in those vaginas getting assaulted with heavy pumping, loss of natural lube, woefully low climax + overall enjoyment rate ; – and  3x the rate of intercourse ache &  dudes relieving themselves too early.



Which all adds up to perhaps 1 in 3 of the world’s women + girls being subjected to ALL OF THE SAME FUNHOUSE OF PiV cost////////with none of the pay offs !!!!

But wait..There’s worse! Mass-cutting countries also have a tendency towards being the most violent + oppressive countries towards female which I’m not remotely surprised. In THE most vicious horde of them all -it ‘s preferred for boys to wait until 7 y.o. to get it done >>so he remembers it vividly & spends the rest of his miserable life taking it out on the women, who had naught to do with it….which is the point of the whole shebang.

In the US, with its’ vicious medical assault industry.>this also results in many brutal unnecessary surgeries on female organs. It radiates further out to pet-care:, as the US is the sole remaining OECD country to allow unfettered mutilation of dog ears+ tails. Where i live – it’s unheard of & haven’t witnessed 1 single docked pooch.       By which I can surmise that sliced&diced (in babyhood) males carry a subliminal memory , which results in  a hankering for slicing & dicing creatures lower than them on the totem pole.

Like previously discussed by those taking down Reformis/m:

Conditioning only maximises male lethality . it doesn’t impart it. I propose that the mutilaltion is part & parcel of the same set of tactics , but performed on the body




why won’t anybody think of the children!?!

i was outraged by this Swedish show, where a couple deliberated on aborting a DS {Down Syndrome] & saying that those kids.‘re becoming extinct < all aborted…….so they go ahead with keeping it as a their disabled pet. Cos they’re such  Good Ppl,  ya know.        The series is Netflix-funded  Bonus Familia.


I’ve long had thought-crimes & occasionally  speech -crimes too , on this subject. U know>……………………when concerned parents go on& on about abortion in general + disabled fetus ones spec. I had them way before I became a rad. in fact.


Because the real problem is here is the assumption that these impaired and |or undesired fetuses ℑℜ want to be born,  by default.  And nobody brings up the selfishness of parents choosing to bring them into the world with full knowledge of how badly they & those forced to care for them’ll always suffer; + in the case of XY ones – the danger, aversion & sex. harassment they’ll inflict on the inevitably fem. carers/ Because thus afflicted males don’t have a motivation to put on the civilised display, which Normies use to lull females into doing their bidding. 

In the case of girls: <that they’ll carry a 88% chance of being sexually abused by their 18th b’day, and that this abuse may result in forced reproduction of more genetically impaired “heirs’.

This smart lady described it beautifully:

She called it: “ letting things Live + Die  all the way”


Furthermore:  I believe in ABSOLUTE female bodily autonomy. Meaning: I’m fine with abortion @ 8.999 months if so wished by the gestating human. Even if the baby is half-way out & or has 1 foot stuck inside.  NO WOMAN ,   anywhere  deserves to have her body subsumed under the baby’s (read. mens’ systems) needs. As long as a being is dependent on her to live – not  1 min. of her life must be wasted in sustaining it, when it isnt’ wanted. And lets’ face it : Who would ever want it , if women weren’t made clinically insane by men? WHO WOULD want to go thru childbirth? ever?! What kind of sado-masochistic nonsense is it to desire the worst thing that a central nervous system is capable of inflicting on u.?

BECAUSE SHE IS A HUMAN. all on her lonesome. NOt a support vessel for anybody. can u imagine what men would do with this, if they gestated? Can u imagine them being denied life-supporting,  or pain-relieving, or  any  meds for the “sake of the baby”? Or alcohol, or pleasing food, or any pleasures @ all!!??

In this world, baby-tethered humans’re a blank in the med. field. They’re  INVISIBLE  from implantation up to the end of lactation.  NO MEDS ‘re tested on them. They can’t take a headache pill without running to the doc. And heaven forbid they develop a serious illness while gestating – they can be denied, or pressured into refusing chemo for instance.


I belong to the lucky few women in this world to have never had an implantation in my uterus, but it hangs over me every time I get anything med. done. I’ve never had to say YES to “ any chance u could be pregnant”,  cos I belong to en even rarer class of never getting invaded by  a mans’ body parts sexually. Yet it jolts me:

“What’d happen if i wasn’t such a lucky freak among my caste? Shall they deny me that X-ray?[ Those anti-biotics< if i WAS getting invaded & had to damage control with BC}?”


When I was about to begin Chemo, I had my statement of not being interested in fert. preservation overriden, & STILL getting lectured on the matter. …Yet  nobody  told me that Chemo + Radio has a strong chance of leaving me in a state of half-life I’m in 4 years later.

I haven’t only been always Anti-Natalist, but I’ve additionally had Zero sentimentality towards fetuses & loss of them. Womyn ‘re drugged with bonding chemicals during gestation against their cerebral wishes. Meghan Murphy wrote about this on FC:

…She miscarried 1 week before the abortion, + was instantly flooded with her body screaming in her ear >>to replace with a new fetus. Alas, she was smart + feminist enough to override it, and remained blissfully childfree

 HOwever, women who don’t listen to their head over sentimental propaganda + hormones, not uncommonly become drawn into a cycle of miscarriages + child-bearing following it.
     On Jessica JOnes S1,  a raped + consequently pregnant girl expresses the only logical way to view being sucked dry by a fetus:
I want this  thing * spitting this part disdainfully* out of me immediately. I can feel it growing every min.”
**paraphrasing. don’t remember exact quote
   And seeing as I’m thought-criming HARD today, i’ll go on to say that I also never cared about forcible tube-tying. Because i believe it to be the greatest gift to a female to NOT be able to carry more of mens’ spawn & be kept on a leash due to it. Once I figured out I had Endometriosis – I was THRILLED  to find out that it has up to 1/2 chance of infertility. 
.Not only because it makes me breathe easier – due majorly lesser chance of being an impregnable rape target, {which disabled gals’re precariously vulnerable to}….but something  mental.
  Something holistic.
A sense of individual bodily freedom. My soul feels lighter+ less burdened
.__~something that Men live with Every. Single. Day.
Notice how there’s no hoopla over mass DENIAL of tube-litigation?
tells ya all u need to know


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