of tribes & Martians II

In my old life as a political scientist  & a thoroughly unbrainwashed one (!) by Marxist doctrine ..I had a working theory [via elimination] that ethnic Europeans did not come with the map to the stars of their own destruction as a tribe. Someone else did. This map consists of  re-framing events conducted across time & space universally  (with minor variation) by  every flourishing & most surviving tribes   (maybe even by all  Homo species) as a uniquely horrid trait, endemic to Europeoids.  Because – when you lose your tribalism > you PERISH

We all know the drill here:

Colonialism; dude -slavery; takeover of indigenous (not always the case) land; racial theory + a  concept of reparations, best phrased as :

“You killed my father ~>prepare to die”. Remember who said in the movie too: {a quintessentially Jewy-looking Inigo) –

Not knowing the culprit-author was suss to me, since it could not possibly be the

  • white men, who have no shame
  • white women, who never did anything wrong

Moreover, WHO possesses enough power over information & social engineering on such a scale?!+ Who has been entwined @ the dick  with Euros since the fall of Roman Empire, yet had its culpability hidden like Oz behind a  curtain? Who runs a policy of immense    ethno-supremacism, but projects onto the ethno-Euros? Who’s made a royal wanker out of themselves  EVERYWHERE  they’ve ever lived & managed to reframe the pushback as anti-semitic persecution? Sometimes the cheeky bastards even wink + nod @ us :

remember that we suffered

jews who deny holocaust

They also mastered the art of using uniquely virtuous Euro-traits  against them



As a product of this, western Europe is embroiled in a civil war (where only 1 side is aggressing & the aggressed upon are defenseless). The main losers of this desert N*word -sanctioned slaughter~…’re statistically& verifiably the best  +brightest , who have ever graced this measly earth.  Those who have been the single most civilising force out of them all. Those ,who ‘ve given the most & received the least < NO GOOD DEED OF THEIRS currently goes unpunished >  Oh no


You’ll see photos like this on their tombstones, when they’re permitted (!) to be erected. Soon it may only be a mass, unmarked grave. Notice that i included only 1 slav face there – i’m praising West-Europeans 1st + foremost. My lot comes 2nd & i damn well expect every band of woman-kind out there to be as grateful as I am for the efforts of the westerners

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This is a resumed witch-hunt, but this time it’s outsourced to newly minted, overzealous, properly medieval-vicious recruits, who’ve come from war& wide , driven by the smell of blood & weakness (endemic Euro-empathy& projection of humanity on those who don’t deserve it)

Thankfully, there IS a remaining band of pale faces, who have not, as of late, gone stark raving mad& begun practising harakiri

I mean, look @ that pair of mean cultural appropriators. No shame, aimirite?! tut-tut. & what’ll we do with those outa control spectators…who’re shouting   Well done! .  in the West – they’d be censored by the Kosher authority in charge of re-education of the Euro-masses

Their cousins ‘re also markedly less lobotimised by semitic, anti-white propaganda than their Western brethren. I predict that East-Euros shall be the last oasis left standing  – the last Mohicans of the tribe

it could bring about a flowering of Eastern Europe…………but they better purchase Russian weapons & learn to use them mighty fast.  The end is very near. The last piece of Titanic’s railing is above water now & the sharks’re closing in.

My other prediction lies with my adoptive homeland to be the last of the West left upright. Our NZ cousins’re clear goners /Jacintha wore a mark of the devil on her head  “outa respect” (aka headscarf). So, my pasty Aussie sestras – : we can’t allow the rest of the  drowning Roman Empire NO.2  to sink our life raft. it’s not that strong

European vs. African Values in Popular Music

Team Free Will

A sampler of why we absolutely need to be Eurocentric, even for something as seemingly innocuous as the music we casually listen to. These are all popular mainstream songs I’ve selected, which I feel are representative of many like them.








I grew up as the only European child in my classes at school, so I ended up being exposed to a lot of African and Hispanic popular music. It’s not an exaggeration to say virtually every single song is about vice. I think listening to POC pop like this is a major influence in rewriting European cultural values and convincing people that vice is somehow attractive, rather than the root of our destruction.

If you find pro-vice messages in the music you like, I would recommend just getting rid of it. Don’t listen to it anymore, no matter how catchy it is. Music…

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Embracing My Indo-European Side

Team Free Will

Every day I read about new and brutal crimes committed against Europeans. It is hard to take, day after day, but I feel especially obligated to read about them because these crimes never appear in the news. Never. Even massive atrocities committed against us are never spoken of. People who follow the mainstream media will not have heard a word about these events of just today: the Egyptian “stabbing spree” in Ireland, the French policewoman lynched by immigrants, the Somali immigrant to Italy who stormed a delivery room and attempted to rape a pregnant woman in labor, the Ukrainian woman living in the UK who could be deported after her African partner murdered her son, because she no longer has a British dependant. There are things like this that happen literally every single day, and no one outside of a small “woke” group cares. The horrors…

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Masters of Sex +the limbo they produced

this is an update for the anniversary of my sexually neurotic post Dead to Me

I am gonna furnish it with some visuals later on , which might offend. I feel that I Must, however, – for the sake of the young yearning – to – be-radical, but still suffocated with reproductive hormonal magic , called lust & who feel the acuteness of being trapped in this- neither pro-creative, nor recreative limbo

Since I already did most of my spinning on this lovely lady’s post’s comment section – i’ll link it http://celestial mysteries. in the final comments I’ve gotten to the bottom of my argument on WHY female sex drive exists & why on Earth most of it is enemy-oriented


For those not in the know –  Masters + Johnson were a diabolical pair of sex researchers, who called put their names to the Sexual Revolution (AKA turning woman-kind from coerced whores to 1 man – into manipulated skanks for any man)

There was a rather wonderful TV show by Showtime ,honouring them.  in the final & best season for the newly sorta-liberated character Libby, she has an incredulous outburst @ her spouse ( Masters] about him actually knowing how to satisfy her, on top of being an underground friggin sex guru ,~&  but never choosing to do so before.  

….to be continued

no. 12 looks just like U

See the source image
Lana del Rey
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Iggy Azalea
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^the life she had in her BEFORE she got sliced up. She had a tiny drop of native Aussie (coining Black sheila here – since there’s no female equivalent of Blackfella)

See the source image

such a quirky , 1 of a kind profile that was

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New& BRUTALISED kaley Cuoco
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Kaley before
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^look up other Gifs of her from Big Bang. She used the bygone character in her face to great comedic effect

what is love? baby, don’t hurt me..no more


this song goes to the heart of something I must tackle


…the concept of LOVE

We all already know about the prevalence of that famous Swedish city behind the syndrome, but I feel that there is more to discuss


Namely – a woman’s subjective feeling of being loved, or loving a man. there seems to be a bit of a shut-down, sometimes, the moment the L-word is trotted out.

I truly & deeply subscribe to the notion that a male simply will not offer anything beyond Transactional Affection. The clever ones will behave benevolently , if they so choose – as they see dividends in the total adoration & offering up of body+soul that flows back from a woman/girl in response ( but only if they remain on top in all material +organizational sense). I personally feel overwhelmed whenever a man does something, anything  of normal human value ( in decency +emotion). Super basic things – like kiss a puppy, or a chiropractor treating a patient in an attuned, gentle manner… but only when he does it to somebody else. It always feels realistic when done to me – on the ‘2 in  a lifetime’ occasions this has occurred (not sure if it even adds up to that!)

When you’re used to seeing your sadistic guards outside , while you’re pacing your cage – you ‘re stunned when 1’ll extend a flower thru the cage.  i wish it was only stunned , in fact. For all those normal-emotive XXers out there & not the restrained, cynical types (which I am ) – this develops into something much, much worse

Which is why I  must  lay out my own, personal definition of Love. it was inspired by watching a young woman +her sheepdog enjoy each other outside of my window. They ran thru those fancy exercises, where the doggie does Figure-8s thru the mistress’ legs, caught a frisbee// …but then the dog just leapt into the lady’s arms spontaneously & they spent a few moments loving up on each other.  My heart melted


Now…, i  know full -well that domestic canines ‘re imprisoned creatures, who traded their wolf-freedom for hopefully a longer life +steadier food with humans/ In fact, i’m starting to think that it’s possibly women  who domesticated them – as in they chose to follow us to camp -sensing that WE’d be fair to them in return for their loyalty+work. it all went TERRIBLY wrong once our the parasites of our species cut in on the deal/ of course, it did! what don’t they fucking ruin?!

But still – it registers to me as a form of acceptable love, under the circumstances. It flows back & forth on the same channel. Dogs’re programmed to look up to the pack leader & were before we became a team, but they also aren’t stupid – they can sense human emotions better than we can sometimes

& women’re programmed to bond with anything  – even inanimate objects.  Because we’re awesome that way + we know how to vibe along with life with life, without clobbering it into submission


So here it goes:


love is patient. love is  kind. & all that Bible business

but what is NOT

is subjective, or coercively obtained

How how in Dead Sea Hippie’s name!? do I wrangle this concept down into words?>?

Well, to me it is simply a form of strong mutual bonding, of equal value, built-up over time , via a series of binding experiences.  & it is not something that can be erased retrospectively. But here’s the Horcrux of it

it must rest on a feeling of safety


Seeing as absolutely ALL male transactional affection is inherently unsafe & women must be lulled into a false feeling of it >this leads me to the following resolution


For as long as I live, I will never , ever, refer to the bonding of males -to-females as LOVE

for this is (not only!) a travesty, (which leads to much betrayal trauma) ; but an inaccuracy which a pedant, like myself – shan’t accept

Just like a woman’s rose-coloured perception of rape doesn’t render it mute as being rape – her perception of love cannot be held subjectively valid in this regard. I cant’ stress the subjective part enough, in fact . for all the believer that I am [in grey areas]- this one MUST be Black +White like a chessboard


Now, back to the mundane

That song is evocative to me : In the year of yonder, *1996*, my mama undertook some aerobics classes to it – to get into shape – for the booty-sale pics – that’d get us here/  highly educational stuff  on the reality of the world  to a super-smart girl & her super-educated mummy