100 years of solitude

this ultimate Magical Realist novel could not have possibly been penned by Gabriel {the bloke who got a Nobel for it }

1)i know a woman’s/girl’s work when i feel it

2) I firmly believe that it’s a symbolic portrayal of the Y-choromosomal trajectory

these’re my reasons:

👸🏼the doods in this mutli-generational tale all sport the same 2 names. It is purposefully confusing who *is*whom

👸🏼they also lack personalities. Instead they’re types. Macho over here, fey dance instructor over there. Consistent w. men indeed lacking individuality

👸🏼femails’re in stark contrast~they’re all distinct & differently named. The matriarch is an abuela, who seemingly lives forever (XX longevity ), lasting thru several generations of samey dude-blokes

👸🏼frustration of female het erotic response is so very real as portrayed via character, who uses mustard as contraceptive. She ignores doods for quite a while, & around her mid-20s perhaps ,when her fertility (unbeknownst to her ) rears its’ ugly head. She then has extended make-out sessions w. a Y-dragger,,which drive her stark raving mad & she doesn’t know why. She then gets convinced by a resident un-wise woman ,that this feverish focus won’t switch off until she has intercourse & receives mustard advice. She proceeds to go get *forked * (my substitute for the obv. F -word)>caught>carted off to some institution in a delirious state>pops out a boy. She is never mentioned again

^Lesson learnt here:

Fertile response manifesting in clever girls in shape of Special Interest of sorts. Mitigation is pointless. Handmaids’ll convince u of it being a need. If pursued in that shape>it’ll lead to a Y-parasite imbedding itself &madness ensuing.

👸🏼The end is driven by the arrival of Thoroughly Modern Millie – an epitome of the 3rd Wave. Young , confident gal , who has dude-sex @ drop of hat. She sets her plane down on the family patch & gets dragged into its’ swamp to never leave again. She proceeds to have much sexy-times w. the only surviving Y in it. (among an isolated wasteland). She dies while birthing the last Y,,who………………………………………gets dragged away by a swarm of ants(!) down into the earth,which swallows him up..

👸🏼Ants didn’t come out of nowhere. They’re set up throughout the tale, as abuela keeps fighting them, increasing w. time as she gets aged & tired. Her death leaves nobody to fend them off.

How much magic is really in this saga? Perhaps it’s all transparent symbolism of the Y-carriers pulling tricks, death + subjugation on Hosts in order to keep existing. This what History +Culture’re really filled w. Yet the Y is un-salvagable>sooner or later (&we must really be really close to Later these days), the Earth’ll swallow up it’s pitiful error

The last baby is born deformed >(a sign of the ongoing incest within the family) + possibly a sign of the deformation of Y too

an Ode to Amy-Sherman Palladino

U sweet, sweet beshnozzled woman…., who wears a star of David just in case ANYBODY could have eyesight bad enough to miss her hyper -desert-tribe looks & not give her a nepotistic spot

Yet she frankly deserves to have suceeded anyway. For she encompasses true female TV-runner creativity. She has talent spanning the River Grande & most

Her style is so distinct, so theatrical, so utterly HERS & truly female to the core of its’ being

Underneath the layers of offensive handmaiden-ish fluff & bizarre obsessions w. little, rabid yid-boys nobody likes seeing

She creates worlds in which the female spirit ‘d want to reside

She understands women, girls, grannys & their minuatie & relationships in a way no professed ‘feminist’ ever encapsulated on TV

The short of it is that she…

slips into the Background

While GG +Mrs. Maisel‘re run-away hits ( the latter ‘s propping up Amazon these days); it is the obscure gem in between those ,which is her Mona Lisa

That 1-season marvel is the woe-begone Bunheads. – a Show about ballet [which i deeply detest: it’s the epitome of what men do wrong when they make-up an artform & make it ludicrous, sadistic & rooted in emulating movement which low-T females do naturally]

but it doesn’t matter , since the other delights ‘re profound: Lead actress is so lovable & so something wonderful i can’t express,,, that i’m about to watch her other show i’d never otherwise go near. Her comedic chemistry with the epic Emily Gilmore no.2 is something that’d lift the worst sadness. * & the comedy is written in a build-style i haven’t witnessed since Bewitched times\|which leads ya to writhe around once it hits climax

& how about that wish-fullfillment plot of multi-million property-owning dolt Las Vegas-marrying a showgirl>giving up ghost in matter of hours, but only after he leaves her everything>leading her to learn to live w. her mother-in-law in the most profound, hilarious & beautifully mundane way that only a Background-feeling XX-er could dream up

+ part-raising her flock of ballet daughters

I simply can’t get over the sheer proportion of female creatures seen onscreen too. Males aren’t simply peripheral, they’re hardly present. never seen anything like it

She gets mundane, subtle, invisible (to dude-writers) tragedy of het-shackling +bodily evisceration as well.

She creates worlds where nothing majorly bad ever goes wrong for the all-female leads -a low-octane, wonderworld of peace +safety (redundantly described as low stakes)

Try it. U’ll love it.& once u get into her rhythm>here comes the AMY-holism

Sasha dances to Istanbul (Not Constantinople) on Bunheads – video Dailymotion

Apparently, this delightful cluster of human cells also wrote for Roseanne . i know where i’ll be heading next………..

A Is for Antagonism

can’t wait till u get into family NPD. My goodness, i’d been a captive of it until 2 years back

Story Ending Never

Happy new year. Does it feel like a new year? In many ways, no. This effing Virus is well into its second year now, and many of us are bored, depressed, not too hopeful, wondering when things will go back to normal, or whether we’ve got a new normal. Some of us are seriously isolated. Myself, I haven’t had an in-person conversation with another human that lasted longer than 5 minutes in months – I’ve noticed that people, especially women, seem to have a serious aversion to speaking to middle aged and older women. We’re invisible. But it’s more than that. It almost seems like there is a discomfort and dismissal on the part of those with whom you are trying to engage. It is hard to explain. Strangely, everyone seems to want to engage with weird men of any age, even when they stink to high heaven, are narcissistic…

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it’s about Legitimacy, not Shagability👰🏽👨🏽‍🚀

Something that ticks me off no end about my beloved ice-business is the wicked Hyperfemininity of it all. Long nails on pair skaters (who need to grab onto partner!!), costumes seemingly designed to flash & draw focal point to the uttermost intimate, manicured of body parts +drag queen make-up 🧚🏽‍♀️’re bad enough.

…then i come upon this 😣

She’s doing a move called candilever: ( requiring so much upper-body strength – that i;ve seen only 2 men perform it) all the while making a right royal fool of herself + adding extra difficulty via undress action

Context here being thus:

Liza is not the most effeminate of skaters. She jumps as high as men, lacks in fluid grace .Is also rather quirky🦨But most unforgiving of all things?🦒She’s 24🐥 >therefore long past her expiration date in the teen -star- conveyor belt Rus-land has going. It follows that she ought to embarass herself toooooooooooooooooo

🐫keep herself legitimate🐕‍🦺

CBl has described how women’re illegitimate in patriarchy. They must have a male-serving role to justify their existence

Judging by comment section 🐰🦝gimmick worked: 🐃this World Champ{1st in a decade for Rus} might’ve bought herself a bit more time to remain a contender for carrying torch of her country’s ego

steps to World peace💥🖤❣

There’re only 2 things the Japs & Russkies have in common:

  1. Art of living in small spaces
  2. Being FS hubs

Yet here they tapped into the answer to it all

Step 1:Bond over ice shennanigans

Step 2: Gift a puppy-doggie. This breed is the same as the legendary, loyal Hachiko

Everything else?



¯\_(ツ)_/¯( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )


Maman? Non-merci

Childbirth =nature’s emergency surgery

I realised this as i was in the throes of an Endo attack I would only wish upon my worst enemy. It followed the pattern of labour >💫☸a period of anger, swearing, screaming initially> severe diarhoea> wanting to pace> feeling of being electrocuted +stabbed > exhaustion from extreme pain +screaming>urge to get into a low-stimulus environment>feeling of going into shock afterwards

All in all – it was an extreme freak-out by my immune. 💨💦Endo=auto-immune condition. Strong expulsion of feces comes from pounding immune response aiming to instantly cleanse body (in this case it was provoked by process of expelling the offending piece of endometrial tissue)

My organism wasn’t hurting me for no reason.🕎It was trying to save me

that’s exactly what happens during reproduction, i believe

Going all the way to the source:

A woman’s immune initially tries to prevent conception by attacking invading semenal particles. Once it fails -3/4 of fertilised cells’re flushed out without implantation. A further 1/3 of fetuses’re miscarried in 1st tri-mester. More’ll be kicked to the curb in later stages. Moreover , MALE ones’re more prone to being tossed (esp. by auto-immune gestation)

During early pregnancy 🈺the body ‘ll react exactly like being poisoned. It’ll provoke persistent nausea 🆔 , fainting isn’t uncommon, food intake is difficult. To be able to stay alive – the parasitical placenta must play a game of hide’n’seek from the watchful Immune + disabling it from working @full capacity {this is why natal women’re this vulnerable to infection}. Parasite drains every resource the unfortunate host has to offer & make it unwell in a myriad of horrific ways until it grows to big to remain attached

Yet, it can’t keep up the gambit forever. Sooner or later, the game’s up. This when the tricked Immune wakes up , hollers from terror , pulls out its’ surgical instruments & proceeds to perform what it must -♾regardless of how much it loves u. Whatever little anesthesia it has to offer ~it does before *what is known as the❌ahem, 🚫miracle of birth🎃* begins.

What it must cut of u – 🎨is stupidly big + hanging on with white knuckles🎪. This is why, i firmly believe,🎠it feels like the worst thing to happen to anyone w. a nervous system + leaves profound damage on the organism +psyche. U’re surviving being sliced open on Nature’s operating table,,,,while being awake. This surgeon must work fast, but it has blunt tools & it often fails to go fast enough. All too frequently 🦺process fails altogether; resulting in death of host from failure to remove the overgrown invader

It doesn’t care 2 hoots about this monster *known as baby*. It’s life+ health doesn’t come under its’ jurisdiction. This is why progeny of AI hosts ‘re toast when they finally emerge after 9.5 months of being hit with merciless missiles of the none-too-pleased immunity.

As motherhood being offered up as a recreational endeavour 🎎🎍🎡U get asked if u want offspring as if it’s planning to learn Violin!🧶well , that results from the Recreational Intercourse program. They used to tell u loud+clear about it being a curse

When 2 Goys walk into a Chosen series, pretend to be chosen ones…

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,………….🚙proceed to be the hottest, most lead-talented actors on it. Man carries that pretense off-screen (his surname is NOT really Levi, but Welsh Pugh), while Lady is a fire-cracker of an Irish lassie

Benjamin-and-Midge.jpg (803×859)

this is what happens what our overlords allow a few actual whites onto the screen

zach-1544631239.png (713×356)

what i love about the guy is that he’s a No=Small-Parts actor —–give him a few screentime crumbs ^_^he SHALL. SLAY. THEM W. A SAMURAI SWORD

why, oh why’must the goyim roles be rationed like this?!!

Rachel-Brosnahan-Zachary-Levi-TV-Set-Central-Park-The-Marvelous-Mrs-Maisel-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-7.jpg (700×700)

Come on, J00lywood : follow your own propaganda , get diverse & cast some real whites for a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now THAT’s d be a leap of faith ,never undertaken 👩‍🦱👲