I don’t get straight women X_X series continued

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^fine example of hive mind right there. see, actual sloths ‘re far cuter than this guy. What stands out is that he has a rare face in which everything is wrong. never seen anything like it:-S;_;

every single feature’s mismatched , colour-less + out of symmetry

& he’s a goy@@!

2 thoughts on “I don’t get straight women X_X series continued

  1. Yeah, I don’t get it. This guy isn’t attractive at all. You said it exactly right – everything about his face is wrong. It actually creeps me out, especially because I can’t point out what single thing is off-putting. And I can only imagine that meeting this dude in person would would 100 times worse.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of his films (or whatever he does? I think he’s an actor, right?), but it must be the height and the accent – those things seem to counteract ugliness in men. But women seem to find the strangest things in males to be attractive (mostly daddy issues, I suspect). I don’t find any men sexy, but just in terms of objective attractiveness, the dude that hosts the game show (if you ignore his stupid way of talking) is more conventionally attractive.

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    1. the mouth’s creepy. i can only think of him being some in-bred aristocrat, maybe . what else can mess up selling point of one’s genes that badly?
      nah, the host’s not in orbit of any appeal either. he’s just not ACTIVELY ugly

      what i was getting it is this suggestibility effect which was addressed in show “Don’t trust B**** in ap. 23”.


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