i solemnly swear ⨙ i’m up to some good

How did i get into this boo-boo-bad ethnographic stuff, exactly? Via frustration, which’s led me to historic avenues which have not managed to have been wiped in the manner which Story Ending described recently. Because u can’t wipe the traces of development coded into ya very bodies.

Here’s my 1st example. Linking a vid of my new luvvies here *quoting Dory here* *”they;; be mine & they’ll be my fishies”* 💝🥰💟. Applying a microscope here to this boy’s pleasant visage. can u guess he’s anything but Russian?

I can, but only after knowing otherwise + some comparisons. U see, lad belongs to an ethnic bunch with such a muddy history, that it confuses the flip outa every ethnographer in town with both vague-ness, J-folk deliberately misrepresenting them + their escape from racial classification

this mysterious mob is called TATARS

yUP, like the Mongol-Tatars, who….wait for it ….were actually not asian, but pale Scythians. {the very ppl, who were advanced in every respect, but somehow vanished without a trace as per mainstream war-story}

funkier still is that several Russian rulers around 13th century were also of Tatar stock (that is ~Scythian as per Gentile history-fying}

See the source image

what’s really gets into X-file territory here is their overachievement + looks. AS cute as this gangly youth is`he’s got nothing on his fellow {REALLY need a female version of this word } tatar, the reigning Olympic champ Alina (with that Japanese doggy in tow) as above.

now here’s another one of their ethno-brothers. Do u see how similar he is to the boy above? Same incredibly elegant facial structure. But something else stands out as well.

Marat-Safin.jpg (400×306)

it’s as if it’s a composure of the best of both worlds : Euro=East-asian hybrid. another example here, but this is an asiatic russian

2 thoughts on “i solemnly swear ⨙ i’m up to some good

  1. That last video reminded me of the occasional experience I had in China of having a Uyghur in my class. Nationally, Chinese. Ethnically not. I sadly never got the opportunity to spend much time with any of these students, but I would have loved to know more about their experiences, not just in their home province, but living in say, Southern (Cantonese) China where I spent most of my time. The one thing I did hear was that they had a hard time dealing with all the pork that is the number one meat among the Han.

    The ethnic Han are such a majority (and race supremacist) that when they encounter non-Han who were born in China with native-level Mandarin (usually with mixed-race children with one immigrant parent – black-Han, white-Han, etc), that they refuse to believe the person is native Chinese citizen. I think these kids suffer a lot and are constantly denied their reality and often their rights over there. Not even a comparison to what happens in Western countries with all the freaking identity politicking and turning everything into malicious racism.

    Anyhow, a tangent, but my mind is on China at the mo with Spring Festival coming up!


  2. WITH scythians, trying to catch their asian whiff ~AKIN `to glimpsing the Groundhog’s shadow

    i published more pics. that 1 of the girl is the ONLY one i can sense it in – cos her mouth is covered . With the boy -1 min, it’s there – the next (pouff!) )depends on angle. The top 1 u can’t tell, bottom one – gotcha 👩🏼‍🚒 It is SO very vague. They don’t look like anybody out there. they also seem to redden in the same splotchy way from exertion &*cold. Even such throw-away physiology;s coded over millenia, our bodies’re like a library shelf full of books on stuff which happened to mould our forms that way


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