100 years of solitude

this ultimate Magical Realist novel could not have possibly been penned by Gabriel {the bloke who got a Nobel for it }

1)i know a woman’s/girl’s work when i feel it

2) I firmly believe that it’s a symbolic portrayal of the Y-choromosomal trajectory

these’re my reasons:

👸🏼the doods in this mutli-generational tale all sport the same 2 names. It is purposefully confusing who *is*whom

👸🏼they also lack personalities. Instead they’re types. Macho over here, fey dance instructor over there. Consistent w. men indeed lacking individuality

👸🏼femails’re in stark contrast~they’re all distinct & differently named. The matriarch is an abuela, who seemingly lives forever (XX longevity ), lasting thru several generations of samey dude-blokes

👸🏼frustration of female het erotic response is so very real as portrayed via character, who uses mustard as contraceptive. She ignores doods for quite a while, & around her mid-20s perhaps ,when her fertility (unbeknownst to her ) rears its’ ugly head. She then has extended make-out sessions w. a Y-dragger,,which drive her stark raving mad & she doesn’t know why. She then gets convinced by a resident un-wise woman ,that this feverish focus won’t switch off until she has intercourse & receives mustard advice. She proceeds to go get *forked * (my substitute for the obv. F -word)>caught>carted off to some institution in a delirious state>pops out a boy. She is never mentioned again

^Lesson learnt here:

Fertile response manifesting in clever girls in shape of Special Interest of sorts. Mitigation is pointless. Handmaids’ll convince u of it being a need. If pursued in that shape>it’ll lead to a Y-parasite imbedding itself &madness ensuing.

👸🏼The end is driven by the arrival of Thoroughly Modern Millie – an epitome of the 3rd Wave. Young , confident gal , who has dude-sex @ drop of hat. She sets her plane down on the family patch & gets dragged into its’ swamp to never leave again. She proceeds to have much sexy-times w. the only surviving Y in it. (among an isolated wasteland). She dies while birthing the last Y,,who………………………………………gets dragged away by a swarm of ants(!) down into the earth,which swallows him up..

👸🏼Ants didn’t come out of nowhere. They’re set up throughout the tale, as abuela keeps fighting them, increasing w. time as she gets aged & tired. Her death leaves nobody to fend them off.

How much magic is really in this saga? Perhaps it’s all transparent symbolism of the Y-carriers pulling tricks, death + subjugation on Hosts in order to keep existing. This what History +Culture’re really filled w. Yet the Y is un-salvagable>sooner or later (&we must really be really close to Later these days), the Earth’ll swallow up it’s pitiful error

The last baby is born deformed >(a sign of the ongoing incest within the family) + possibly a sign of the deformation of Y too

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