an Ode to Amy-Sherman Palladino

U sweet, sweet beshnozzled woman…., who wears a star of David just in case ANYBODY could have eyesight bad enough to miss her hyper -desert-tribe looks & not give her a nepotistic spot

Yet she frankly deserves to have suceeded anyway. For she encompasses true female TV-runner creativity. She has talent spanning the River Grande & most

Her style is so distinct, so theatrical, so utterly HERS & truly female to the core of its’ being

Underneath the layers of offensive handmaiden-ish fluff & bizarre obsessions w. little, rabid yid-boys nobody likes seeing

She creates worlds in which the female spirit ‘d want to reside

She understands women, girls, grannys & their minuatie & relationships in a way no professed ‘feminist’ ever encapsulated on TV

The short of it is that she…

slips into the Background

While GG +Mrs. Maisel‘re run-away hits ( the latter ‘s propping up Amazon these days); it is the obscure gem in between those ,which is her Mona Lisa

That 1-season marvel is the woe-begone Bunheads. – a Show about ballet [which i deeply detest: it’s the epitome of what men do wrong when they make-up an artform & make it ludicrous, sadistic & rooted in emulating movement which low-T females do naturally]

but it doesn’t matter , since the other delights ‘re profound: Lead actress is so lovable & so something wonderful i can’t express,,, that i’m about to watch her other show i’d never otherwise go near. Her comedic chemistry with the epic Emily Gilmore no.2 is something that’d lift the worst sadness. * & the comedy is written in a build-style i haven’t witnessed since Bewitched times\|which leads ya to writhe around once it hits climax

& how about that wish-fullfillment plot of multi-million property-owning dolt Las Vegas-marrying a showgirl>giving up ghost in matter of hours, but only after he leaves her everything>leading her to learn to live w. her mother-in-law in the most profound, hilarious & beautifully mundane way that only a Background-feeling XX-er could dream up

+ part-raising her flock of ballet daughters

I simply can’t get over the sheer proportion of female creatures seen onscreen too. Males aren’t simply peripheral, they’re hardly present. never seen anything like it

She gets mundane, subtle, invisible (to dude-writers) tragedy of het-shackling +bodily evisceration as well.

She creates worlds where nothing majorly bad ever goes wrong for the all-female leads -a low-octane, wonderworld of peace +safety (redundantly described as low stakes)

Try it. U’ll love it.& once u get into her rhythm>here comes the AMY-holism

Sasha dances to Istanbul (Not Constantinople) on Bunheads – video Dailymotion

Apparently, this delightful cluster of human cells also wrote for Roseanne . i know where i’ll be heading next………..

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