A Is for Antagonism

can’t wait till u get into family NPD. My goodness, i’d been a captive of it until 2 years back

Story Ending Never

Happy new year. Does it feel like a new year? In many ways, no. This effing Virus is well into its second year now, and many of us are bored, depressed, not too hopeful, wondering when things will go back to normal, or whether we’ve got a new normal. Some of us are seriously isolated. Myself, I haven’t had an in-person conversation with another human that lasted longer than 5 minutes in months – I’ve noticed that people, especially women, seem to have a serious aversion to speaking to middle aged and older women. We’re invisible. But it’s more than that. It almost seems like there is a discomfort and dismissal on the part of those with whom you are trying to engage. It is hard to explain. Strangely, everyone seems to want to engage with weird men of any age, even when they stink to high heaven, are narcissistic…

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20 thoughts on “A Is for Antagonism

  1. Hiya,

    First, thanks. Both for reposting, and second for inspiring the b-word I’m going to use in my next alphabet post. It might not make sense how I got to the word from your last comments, but you inspired an inner dialogue that resulted in my decision. Anyhow, that’s the kind of thing that I normally get from in-person discussions, but I have so few of those in these troubled times.


    1. i;m blowing a fuse here w. all the super manly-qualified tradies & my dishwasher. we once had to install a toilet cos they kept screwing up. now it’s my dishwasher, which may be as simple as attaching a pipe + moving a few bits of wood coupla cm down. but noooooooo, they turned into a long -playing Phantom of Opera, whole causing damage +being paid thru nose


      1. i also reckon that it could a way to get access to femailes home alone {delivery, trades, tech visits all hogged by penis-grabbers}. i once had a real scary situation w. techie which was a frighteningly close call. I managed to get him out the door without letting on that i was afraid + when others’ get home, but i’ll never forget that tightrope. it’s like not letting an animal smell fear (keep smiling, keep nodding> dont’ rush natural progression towards exit)


      2. Classic. It amazes me how unable to admit lack of knowledge or skill males are. I fully believe they are obsolete. There is nothing they do or pretend to do that women can’t actually do if men get the fuck out of the way.

        One of my big regrets in life is not becoming a plumber or other tradeswoman. There’d be no shortage of work, the money would be decent, and you would help a ton of people (women) who would otherwise be cheated and intimidated by incompetent males with low-riding, crack-showing trousers.


      3. Money here is way more than decent👲🏿👩🏽‍🎨🧑🏻‍🔧they are social elite👩🏻‍🦳1 electrician is onto yacht no.2


      4. MY run-away train of thought continues:

        Ma lucked out.
        What if, instead of conscientious Cinderella me ..she ended up w. some gorilla of ASD son? it’s something she deserves utterly. I’d point & laugh

        U could currently be in that same hostel , but w. progeny & all after-effects of creating them.

        This whole thing comes off as a ferret in a wheel


    2. “I think women are naturally drawn to women, but I would define ‘lesbian’ differently than it is currently understood in system of male dominance. There may be a sexual component, but the affinity is based on more complex things that override any kind of central sexuality.”

      this is pertinent^

      for 2 reasons in my case

      the times i’ve been drawn to my kind>i’ve been confused as to what it is. Because it was generally lacking in 2 components i feel w. ( v.few) men :

      a)intense flooding of mating chemicals + gross images & activity I resent
      B) stress. No matter how much i may enjoy observing , or crave some fine thighs on a Y-besieged being……..
      it comes with flooding of severe stress chemicals too (enough to override getting close to said thighs)

      ^ this is because all hetero-drive is 100% adaptive by springing from heavy stress& danger. I believe that we sport a bonobo-like prevention of blunt-tool rape (which results in chimp females being attacked almost every day) by masking w. pleasurable chemistry ( but not enough of it to override the hazard chemistry). it makes,me wonder whether our ancestor was a bonobo-chimp hybrid, cause only human females have bonobo instinct re: peaceful co-operation +sexy female-friendly recreation, yet males seem to be heavily on chimp side (the heavier the T >the more evident it is)


      1. It would be really cool if we could get beyond theories and actually show that we weren’t born to be raped. Alas, there is no money in research that might actually show that human females don’t need human males for anything.

        In the end, it doesn’t matter. I’m an anti-natalist, I did my duty by not breeding either a rapist or a rapee. Hetero and breeder issues don’t interest me, frankly. I’d be thrilled if I could look into the future and see that homo sapiens died out and all the creatures that breed responsibly (and/or have no control over population balance forced upon them through natural methods) could go back to walking the planet without our destruction to deal with 🙂

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    3. Sanger thought that Slavs’re not really white & should be bred out. & I’d still support her to end of herstory

      U mentioned before that Rus.’re propagandised , but they actually smell what propaganda IS from a mile away. They only pretend to go along,while trashing the powers that be behind scenes. they’ve done this for many decades. I’ the way i am in a large part due to this genetic memory, I think

      While westerners whole-heartedly believe (esp. US-ers] the most eye-brow-raising BS to be real morality. ( when it’s literally manufactured in think-tanks owned by the big middle-eastern baddies|


      1. & THEY don’t have a tradition of openly discussing multitudes of hetero-abuse-as -norm

        When my mum came here, she assessed the situation of a spouse-slave in a seemingly progressive union here & spoke to her;

        “Oh, u’re tired cos u do everything ~then dude still expects to bone @ night”

        Spouse sighed with suCh RELIEF. like no one spoke to her plainly before. They’re divorced now


      2. Web opened up channels for this. LIke the many horrendous gestative realities. Would we even know that materials building that kid come out of ur body & that drainage messes up teeth, hair long term. or that the Mighty Eggs contain ALl the building blocks of life. Semen carries nothing but a teeny splash of DNA +pricking signal to start dividing


  2. on the B post:

    problem with ‘natural’ is that it means lots of bad things too. Nature delivers us all sorts of horrific things & it’s in flux> so we adapt to them in a push-pull manner

    for instance, if mammals stuck to breeding seasons>we wouldn’t deal w. constant male rape-attention

    or at least hidden ovulation

    & consequently the ‘pick this rapist over here w. better DNA before that other genetically dingy one gets rapey’ may’ve overshot the target. it’s natural-but so ‘re gall-stones.

    the great thing about having Aspie brain ____it’s poorly programmable. henceforth i never experienced any of that programmed stuff radfems talk about regarding male engagement, or much of male-indentification

    for the years before coming back into me>i was more like Untethered


  3. Natural for previously radical man-hatey lesbians to turn to full handmaiden-ship once they churn out a boy-bebe (Y fragment & 85% boys’re born via tube insemination)-but again – a waste

    son-production is a more of a man-trap than hetero-activity{u can stop the latter, but no way of getting that Y back out } IMHO


  4. tragi-comic that we spend all this time figuring out what we like….while dudes care not a hoot. U just gotta make yourself available to them . Interest is perfunctory.


  5. same Nature gave us a sentient mind>to over-ride our adaptations. constant deteriation of Y matters too>we might ‘ ve adapted to a tad less crazy attackers ions back>but it’s mal-adaptive now

    tragi-comic too ~that people don’t regard “whom i like to rub myself against” as a vulgar thing to classify yourself by.


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