When 2 Goys walk into a Chosen series, pretend to be chosen ones…

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,………….🚙proceed to be the hottest, most lead-talented actors on it. Man carries that pretense off-screen (his surname is NOT really Levi, but Welsh Pugh), while Lady is a fire-cracker of an Irish lassie

Benjamin-and-Midge.jpg (803×859)

this is what happens what our overlords allow a few actual whites onto the screen

zach-1544631239.png (713×356)

what i love about the guy is that he’s a No=Small-Parts actor —–give him a few screentime crumbs ^_^he SHALL. SLAY. THEM W. A SAMURAI SWORD

why, oh why’must the goyim roles be rationed like this?!!

Rachel-Brosnahan-Zachary-Levi-TV-Set-Central-Park-The-Marvelous-Mrs-Maisel-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-7.jpg (700×700)

Come on, J00lywood : follow your own propaganda , get diverse & cast some real whites for a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now THAT’s d be a leap of faith ,never undertaken 👩‍🦱👲

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