3/4 homo man on the inside

I’ve long been bewildered by both ; on the 1 hand : mentally straight women ; on the other : the bad-rep of physically straight ones in feminism.

since i’ve already gone into exhaustive explanations of hetero-reproductivity as a rape-ameliorative strategy of gene-hunting in other posts, i’ll kick off this one with being less serious

I’m a very passionate being & that translates to attacks (can’t describe any other way) of hormonally predictable horni-ness + consequently much of that associative mental +energetic space being taken up w. scooping up pixellated images of the highest of (sadly) dick-dragging hotties (they’d be much more aesthetically pleasing overall without the unfortunate body part).

But here’s the thing” my standards + grooming expectations of Hottie vs. Notties very much aligns with that of gay dudes. I’ve felt like a fish -outa-water among females of this persuasion on the physical level, before i even go into the maddening all-forgiveness of male antics & blindness to their mental disorders + signs of fagginess

1st off: the low damn sex appeal standards! honing in on FS, as per usual

Here’s a chap from the brand-name pair of Gordeeva|Grinkov, who carked it in half the time alloted to Rus. dudes regularly. This allowed his wifey Gordeeva to mine the sentimentality to make herself relevant, to the end of time. Unlike other examples I’ll follow up with – this one does meet standards of visual pleasure ….but lacking in being hump=worthy +captivating peacock peagantry

I have a multitude of probs with this pair.

  1. A fine example of how impeccably good-looking people can be so dull – that i’ve never been able to get thru a single performance
  2. No reproductive chemistry in sight {was the kid an anchor-baby?}. If it was a product of unbridled passion for real (enough to miss Olympics due to badly timed pro-creation.. @ peak of their career…+ having to dump infant off w. grand-mummy). =-then why the blimey do none of the starry-eyed posters have an issue w. Angelic Dead Young Male knocking his partner up, thus risking all of damage it does to a v. young athlete’s body + strain of skating into 2nd tri-mester + being back on ice 11 days POST=partum!!
  3. There’s something bothering me about Sereja. He has vibe of either a dude-humper, or something irritating or womanly in his expression i can’t fathom. Hmmmm. Pity he’s too unexciting to think about this much further. She went on to be a long-term beard for another terribly bland skater. Girl may have a type….

To be continued…….for this is a saga for the ages. Straight-straight women ( not weird-straight like I) have traits of being both lobotomised & neutered + sport hive mentality on top

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