more colourless Eurasians doing colour-less things

😅I mean <If ONLY nature could afford them A little colour! (check out the massive(blue) green eyes) or talent;

or adulation {from a set of sensible Eurasians, who’ve no drive to diversify themselves in spite of their uniform jet-black hair + eyes }

in kind with those other, blessed hominoids of the mir . U know, the kind who take a well-crafted ditty #white woman-composed# …&proceed to trash it down to their level in Vid

@its heart, ‘racism”’ = simple acknowledgement that we ROCK .
Yeah baby.!……!See the source image

No matter what the hell it is that we’ll ”’appropriate” -~we’ll mould it to our superb sensibility `making it better. Cos we’re the all-rounder race. We got the musicians -[prepare yourself for the happiest, Italian song of all time]-

+ every other kind of endeavour ,,,all the way down to these crazy kids trying to rescue a nearly extinct species of Boomin’ Kookapoos

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