The beautiful diversity of ‘white’ Euro-bipedals

We’re the true people of Colour. Here’s the spectrum of our many hair +eye colours+facial structures. Look @ us & dare to be bored by our LACK of uniformity .

Try & beat THIS COLOUR. anybody game.?
5b5904f34965a70d50faeff2e3950f46.jpg (4000×3000)
fair Italian

fair Ukrainian

vera-farmiga-0001.jpg (700×874)

Brunette ukrainian

88392bb846536c0901a97696cff1ee54.jpg (800×1200)

Moreno italian

vanessa-marano-make-equality-reality-gala-in-beverly-hills-12-04-2018-5.jpg (1280×1720)
mary-elizabeth-winstead-2016-tony-awards-in-new-york-2.jpg (1280×1920)English rose
finnish-women1.jpg (554×800)
phpEzuea7_56a93e4a6f192.jpg (744×1038)
2017_Skate_America_-_Victoria_Sinitsina_and_Nikita_Katsalapov_-_05.jpg (400×600)


amelie3.JPG (607×1185)

them beer-lovers😻

115144eff697846d6650ed6687d099b2ae-20-claire-danes.rsquare.w330.jpg (330×330)
german^ austrian
tobias-moretti-spielt-kommissar-richard-moser-in-kommissar-rex-picture-id170671052 (1024×671)
Mille Dinesen in Rita (2012)


photo-sexy-belarusian-girl-elena-from-grodno-belarus-218895.jpg (878×1317)

If there’re any with ethnic ADHD reading, who might claim ‘boredom’:

Craving something on the dark side of the moon>?

You’re in luck! We serve those too!! with a side of vine-leaves!

euro-mixed greek

img_2001_e6da9cc9fb9f897e1c9d6d199d8e77a3.jpg (1800×1800)

feel like a biig, bumpy nose? We have our own take on that: The Roman (featured on a Greek)

papadakis1902a.jpg (1500×1000)

black eyes? Curly hair? head over to Wales

8261ea3fd271c7b88618449bbb7d1520.jpg (346×500)
Julian McMahon Photo.jpg (340×200)
we even got hooded lids (!!)

now can somebody…for the love of Welsh corgis…explain..

What the Yid & his halakhic mamma🤨do we need MORE diversity for?~???????????????

3 thoughts on “The beautiful diversity of ‘white’ Euro-bipedals

  1. Kaguya, be SO glad you’re not in the US. It’s the season of having to bow down to Black Dicks Matter or else be called RAYYYCISSS for not volunteering for rape at the hands of black cock while their dick-supremacist ear-assaulting retard rhyme hate-speech unmusic is blared in every public space.

    It blows my mind to see mothers and their pre-pubescent daughters singing along to “bitch…ho…dassit..hnngh…yeahhh.” at random coffee houses. Makes me want to smash shit.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I was never a Euro-loather , but i now turned into a full-fledged Go-European! Etnnic research & massive Yid-lies about it ‘re a secondary special interest

      Do u know that new genetic haplo-tools’re digging up ancient presence of whites in all kinds of places. Egyptian civilisation was NOT built by arab dick-draggers . It’s also plausible that the white (commonly Slav) woman slave trade by the multi-million – is what elevated their DNA a nose above negro-sort (I don’t even care about tossing out these terms anymore. No one cares for sensitivity towards us, so i’ll bite back)


    2. i don’t give benefit of doubt to other-raced women either no longer . They’ve gotta demonstrate themselves as Pro-white, + supporters of the only real kind Of feminism )_ the much-maligned light-skinned brand

      they Must renounce their lil’ +big Sakalas, abdullahs, Pedros + all else. I;ll never -ever trust Yidesses under ANY circumstances


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