you go Girl

told ya that my other folk retain some common sense

2 thoughts on “you go Girl

  1. Hmm, is black privilege the new white privilege…? Black men don’t kill, rape, carry weapons, etc.

    I’m glad others are coming forward to comment on blacks erasing inconvenient history and basic facts. No scrotal crimes should be ignored, regardless of scrotum colour.

    I’m so sick of the word privilege.

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  2. except that black ‘privilege’ is legit, while White never existed outside of Latin America

    Afroids ‘re simply the pet tigers of the Jewry. They’ll be disposed of the moment they finish serving their purpose

    I’m sick of term POC> it’s pedantically wrong:

    It’s Euro-ids who happen to be the only race w. a wide range of hair + eye Colour. All the rest mostly range in shade. They should be correctly termed MonoChromatics


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