Making Males fan those Tails

oh, if I OnLy had a tail……🤞
Russia’s Alexander Abt in action during his free programme (Photo by Tony Marshall/EMPICS via Getty Images)
ph980201.jpg (480×600)
Does mah tail look big in this?
8b279d5f48301c092e6a935f0d965587.jpg (357×450)
mine is THIS big✨

WitchWind once suggested that if we MUST keep the less fine half of the species around :

let’s make ‘e m dig ditches ~`~as a way of expending energy in order to have none left to engage in Man-Crazy. Well, my peeps’ve devised another strategy to keep the select few blokes occupied &us suitably gratified.  Play to their InnerPeacock.  isn’t that exactly what the pics above makes you think of?

Specifically – put them on blades on a cold, slippery rink<<>make’em dance for their supper


*% & what a tough supper it is. Lotsa excruciating man-pain concealed beneath the glamour. It’s a brutal, anguish-ridden discipline. Reminiscent of the lady-world

What a beaut` of an idea, i say! But it’s gotta be limited to the dishy ones, who can rock them sparkles. Homely ones  —  to march off to join the ditch crowd.

Albeit, the real dilemma here is

……… do we sort out the ditch-diggers from the future frosted cupcakes) when  the Skater Boyz gotta start training from 4-6 y.o.? That’s a toughie right there

Sometimes they start out fug


& only end up fugger . +_worse yet _ turn into impossibly unself-conscious dorks

like so



Others – >well, puberty can throw a real curveball. They may start wrapped in a chubby  teen cocoon


then out pops the Pwetty Butterfly

Drat! Woulda almost handed the kiddo a shovel early on there# Then woulda missed out on this mastery

So the real dilemma have here is

……… do we sort out the ditch-diggers from the future frosted cupcakes) when they the Skater Boyz gotta start training from 4-6 y.o.? That’s a toughie right there

Well , an easy-peasy-russian*easy case began like this

then kept up the angelic adorkability like so

& sometimes they can turn out a bit like,,,,hmmm. Well, it still gets the earthly delight + indelible arthouse juices running    . ho-hum.

See the source image

This one was an Avant-Garde introvert.  I felt transported to the forest with fawns along w. him

Oh, to dig , or not to dig that ditch? Or to make them take on the slings & arrows of outrageous fortune of the Ice World?

Thein lies the question …



All 3 of the non-ditch-Digger candidates ‘re pure blood Russian skaters from the 90s-naughties era. Utterly incredible in their own way & all elbowed outa the way to make room for the Jew-boy in the 1st images |who must’ve gotten beaten by the ugly + uncreative stick until it broke| were elbowed by the Russian Skating Federation  , which chose to throw resources + public opinion behind Emperor’s New Yid.   Pretty-boy no. 1 { the above in black sparkle} succeeded  only cause he hid behind the fur-coat of a Jew-coach \Can’t beat ’em? Join ’em, u know

Sadly, this points to my sub-section of Euros to be also under the white-passing Jew spell (ie. – the real ‘whites” running the globe)

Ideally, however; I’d take Dog-Crazy over Man-Crazy  ANY DAY. 

  1. they ‘re reliably cute from day 1 WITHOUT ANY SPARKLES


2) we have the mighty Victoria Stillwell to take it on

7 thoughts on “Making Males fan those Tails

  1. I can’t speak about the other guys but from what I’ve read, I have to agree Ilia Klimkin was not liked by the RusFed. Still so sad about his entire career…I vividly remember watching him in 2004. He may be forgotten completely but in my opinion, he was one of the biggest “what could have been” of the 00s, and a true wasted talent (athletic and artistic). I understand how it happened but I can never grasp “Why?”.


    1. I don’t agree that he was wasted in scheme of things. He got to enjoy making his introvert art , get it seen, get a Klimkin Eagle name in Japan for his candilever, has plenty of fans @ Certain points, had a soulmate coach . if he were born in Switzerland 🇨🇭 he”d only get to be a Lambiel if his parents had $cookie dough. There’s a reason Russia keeps churning out world class skaters , but not Switzerland.

      Most importantly, he was a dude – thus didn’t go the road of also introvert lipnitskaya.

      But back to Jewry,*i,ve yet to determine if Slutskaya was one. She,on my suspect list. For she was the female version of the overscored, oversupported yid-boy. At cost to others. It,s hard with Russian ones sometimes🥋 cos they adopted Russian/Ukrainian surnames


  2. Sorry, Kaguya. They still look like apes to me.

    Peenectomy, castration, testosterone suppression, estrogen shots, and lifelong degrading rituals to make them “pwetty” is on order. They should reap what they have sown.

    I’m in a nasty mood because of all the covid bullshit and the related further stripping of bodily autonomy while the media-brainwashed morons keep chanting “Wear a fucking mask!!!” ( gotta keep up with the ‘fucking’ though) and “new normal.” You are in Australia, correct? If you are in Melbourne or elsewhere in Victoria, I’m so sorry.


    1. I,m on a giant yid roll🏋🏻‍♀️So I reckon that covid Is 🇮🇱 pyramid scheme to euthanise all the masses of chronically 🤒 which potentially wholly their nukes +GMO created. Next post is on identifying these Jerusalem maggots VS Proper Europeans .

      As for the freaks, does a really female -like face look less primate to ya? The one in left corner of the Pwetty Butterfly section is mighty close to girlie cuteness.


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