Follow the rootin’

You know how they say: “Follow the money”?
A few years ago, i took an interest in the idolised marriage of Joanne Woodward + her hubby Paul. It was easy to get engrossed :it lasted 50 years till death did him apart. He looked like a dream, but she was the better actress + more interesting person. He fell for her very hard & stayed fallen till the end of (his ) time. He was evidently more into her than vice-versa
But something bothered me. Precisely a total of 7 somethings. (the myriad of offspring), really  close together/: He had 3 w. the 1st spouse, then moved onto copious breeding with Joanne….like a bull @ gate. They didn’t make it past the 1st year together without a miraculous combo of swimmers +eggs imbedding themselves in the bride’s belly ( she looked swollen in the wedding pic, poor lass). That fetus didn’t stay put however. it ejected itself  (likely due to stress induced by both of them posed to lose budding careers /if the previous Mrs. Newman didn’t sign the divorce papers in time for it showing itself in public )
Yet 4 months later another took its’ place….and another a year later. a total of 3 in 2.5 years !~! they finally put the breaks on for a little while – until having another a few annums later. The cool thing was that they were all girls
Here’s the uncool thing: 
JOANNE  was a remarkable actress with a remarkable figure right before this cow-schedule took place. She lost both the career + the curves down the gurgler. 
paul, on the other had, continued up&up. He replaced Brando as the Method IT boy & acquired himself a saintly rep. + a classic catalogue of work . At a certain point , he clearly felt ashamed of himself -started directing for the sake of giving her meaningful Starring work. he also must’ve got his tubes tied at long last – (which was standard for male movie stars then)
there’s a pic of him staring at her like she shines divine light & his daughters reported that his kind of Love for her* set an impossible standard for them in their love lives
Now ,post-enlightenment, their story clicks for me. You see, the gal was a bit of Libber/ had enough wits about her to snatch the chance  come her way. She’d already had an abortion (those were poorly performed hush-hush in Hollywoo in those times)/  + her face +acting style were unusual . Her soaring career had no guarantee of lasting & she’d have to engage in a lot of Me-Too-ing  in order to keep it ,in any amount of time. Which could mean spreading for fugly, mean execs + risking more terminations. 
& then this infatuated Golden Boy   drops onto her lap .Awfully pretty, straight as an arrow, un-Hollywood in his lifestyle& with a very rich future unfolding. ..but with a dreadful habit of serial knocking up. <this is precisely where his grand loving falls apart for me>  
newman woodward
Joanne is still alive & in the possession of a cool $50 mil. she spent her life with the Golden Knocker-upper among pleasant, sorta rural surrounding…with the bastard gone much of the time. The bloke was a workaholic, shooting movies +building spectacularly successful business
She got to engage in whatever she pleased & found time for  ( on top of raising their & *on holidays* his other brood). As an aside – they made some   gorgeous daughters
Part of that off-time went to feminist-y activity.
It’s clear as day to me , that this was her Faustian bargain. It was the best form of lifelong prostitution, but it’s sobering to think that the cost of it in those 1st 2.5 years was unendurable. It was a medieval schedule of pro-creation, causing goodness -knows which health damage later on. <this here registers as Grande AMore in this world of poling-in-holing
But alas – Joanne was fortunate to have lived in this day +age. For in times past the Grande Amore  might’ve had no chance to unfoldSlave singer: Praskovia Kovalyova, 'The Pearl'

This lady above was  a serf whose owner didn’t go the usual route of straight-up raping his property. Oh no! He was determined to make it all, like…..romantic & shit.

}he went to a whole lotta scandalous trouble in order to marry her.( thus her only route outa serfdom)

After turning the nobility on himself ( a bit like Henry VIII), he finally got to put the ring on her finger
SO you’d think that he’s actually wanna keep her breathing for sometime , correct?

Yeah. no such luck. He proceeded to instantly murder her via the creation of a Dood-baby, who inherited his super doper estate

The serf-owning Murderous Impregnator “never recovered from her death and died a few years later, leaving letters for his son explaining his love for Praskovia in the most poignant, emotional terms.”


Har! Har…


But, not all is doom& gloom   when you follow the rooting  to test whether the man’s love is true.

For I HAVE found 1 case where the rooter might’ve actually backed off – to stop risking the   rootee‘s   life – the case of Elizabeth II’s father. She only  has 1 sister. This is because both births were C-sections in 20s ( when they still had a scary level of mortality). It’s quite possible that the famously shy & personally invested in his wife  stuttering King, actually……………….never went there again. But who knows,eh? a girl can hold out hope





One thought on “Follow the rootin’

  1. Incredibly ,too”

    Joanne kept working thru the 1st batch of breeding! Almost as tough as Margaret Court, who kept winning titles ….thru 4 gestations/

    4 !


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