Hot freaking baths🛀 ….no words


While BC pills make users suicidal, the Admins of the Humping Mandate….just need to chill out & cleanse…


But no rest for the wicked, since they’re too linguistically impaired to get the term correct :skip to 1.51

2 thoughts on “Hot freaking baths🛀 ….no words

  1. Wow that’s really crazy that that’s all it takes. It makes sense, they have to keep their balls cool if they are having infertility problems and even wearing underwear that keeps them too close to their body is enough to stop the sperm from being able to impregnate. They generally need all around cooler temperatures than us.

    For some reason when I read this at first I was picturing them having a tiny testicle sized bathtub instead of the guy putting his whole body in the bath. 😂


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