Nessun grade di separazione




Listen to the rhythm of this song in Italian& then the sagging middle section in eng..

Italian sounds like it;s meant to be sung. Whereas Eng just flops…&sits there📥🧸🛌🛍🛋🛎🧺📮

But it;s not all hopeless. When you take a step back in time —you discover a little livelihood in Eng; some flexibility, politeness,emotion. It;s not a lot, but i did manage to dig out some terms,which could be used to replace the onslaught of modern slurs. For femaleness&the hijacked 🧲Womanhood :

MATRON <like this one for older women.sounds dignified>







MAID (not a great one,since it signifies “virgin”,but can be reclaimed in the manner of Spinster)🧬💈🔮

4 thoughts on “Nessun grade di separazione

  1. Do you speak Italian? I am Italian, plus a bunch of other stuff too, but the Italian stuck around a lot more than other genes and stuff. I look more Italian than anything else and have an Italian name and grew up eating a lot of Italian food. I know some very basic Italian and French because I learned them in school. I never really had an opportunity to develop my understanding of them though because I don’t have anyone to talk to who knows them. It’s so hard learning language by yourself.

    I think that it’s an intentional dumbing down of my country to not teach us other languages. It limits your understanding of the world to only think in one language. There’s a whole Anthropology discipline about how language shapes your understanding. Those were some of my most interesting classes. It increases racist and nationalistic tendencies too because people only learn to think in a closed sort of way.

    There’s a lot of expressions from other languages and people butcher them so badly. It makes me cringe seeing it, especially the French ones because there are a lot and I know some French. “Fopas” I think is the worst (faux pas).


  2. Adding didnt work: google Occindetali Karma. I dare u not get it stuck in head for days👩🏻‍🦱

    Both my fave song+film;re in Italian : IL Conformista & Felicita. The latter;s a 80s SaN Remo hit, the film was Bertolucci;s breakout


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