Left Wing Women

…was a book Andrea the Great never wrote. But

she did hint @ it in her impression of the RoeVS Wade being a hat tip to such a sort. Andrea herself found herself shoe-horned into playing a shadow of this form …until the very end of her career,when she not-so-subtly warned against adopting this role ,which sucked out her life even without it being full-fledged

 The 2nd Wave was actually born out of the frustration of Left Wing women – a role which existed for as  Leftism existed ( so , since 1800s) In fact, where would Leftism be without them¶? 

🧤🐰they have 3 important functions:
1👔Coddle the Genius Cause + men as virtuous fighters
2👔serve up beverages during big    important meetings
3👔👙do the same with their orifices after


As reward they’re permitted to go off & form Lady Problem clubs in spare time from Main Man-movement . dworkin said that Roe vs Wade was a carrot for this lot.Which they paid for dearly: Stockholm is strongest in women who see ALl men as potential lays& thus they aren’t permitted to spin their thoughts beyond Genderism
🎍And so they must add the following caveat to their politics in order to remain without reprimand:

 I totally like men! I like having sex with men!!


🐊He-he-he>…!! Many Lulz ensue.

& the following Russian expression “ Don’t make me laugh so hard, ladies”!

Let’s address the amusing aspect of this 1st. 🐝

Like, where do these gals find these elusive ,[worthy of XX bodily access] Y-possessors,eh? Out in the Hogwarts forest,p’raps    ?Is Hagrid hunting those specimens down & lovingly taking care of them ? ? ?             Cos out here, in the Muggle world, I’ve yet to see 1  who weighs out the stakes , or is an erotic being capable of giving the ‘sex’ women love & driven to seek out thanks to all that excess estrogen in plastics +pesticides we’re consuming by the bucketload. This IMO makes us a hornier generation of females ever to walk the earth, cause it makes the ovulation peak “climb the walls” -sort of strong-    where you have to let off steam every few hours .It’s  freaking ridiculous

I’ve noticed that those of us unfortunate enough to experience dood-focused tugs,really confuse the drive for our pleasure -with the drive for mating -via- scanning  for correct DNA (which also gives pleasure if it passes the litmus test, but only before mating itself ensues ).


Because the recreational stuff is the sort only another woman+ our own head can satisfy. Sometimes , satisfaction isn’t what we’re looking for;  cause the tension is too much fun










We’re consuming tonnes of extra estrogen these days in plastic&pesticide too. …thus § ;yet more ahistoric libido.
I SEE Heterosexual feels with clarity :as a fertility scanning barometer👕👖👞🐣🐒 while we go into heat monthly.When it happens to me: otherwise 🐂🌻🐲invisible men pop out me if they have 1 elevating feature( eg.cute curls )
 – it makes them juicier,but 🐇🦔🎄I don’t notice it during rest of month.i wouldn’t put it past the fuckers to release a pheromone we’d only respond to £ to out hidden ovulation.
Genderism becomes offensive when it treats male-screwage as that. Eg: my mama only became a hippie-dippy free-lover under Leftie constraints:
*no socio-economic risk
* easy abortion +condoms
*free healthcare
 Once she did experience the natural fall-out (having   me )-it took her 5 years to recover& she never wanted to give birth again.  What’s remarkable is :  out of her 30 bedpost notches ,,i know of only 1 decent-looking .
was my greatgrandma {who died in a botched termination after 5 girls}, striving to get PIV-ed some more?
                                    the sewn women of Sudan?
                                      the ones giving birth every year in Somalia?
Ancient Chinese women, who couldn’t pace during labour with their broken feet? (which were that way cos Sex to men =sadism}
  All the Latin American would-be mums filling up maternity wards after primitive abortions?

Generation upon Generation of our foremums,spending their lives in gestation & lactation??

the girls in Magdalene laundries?

And it;s not just big &mean PIV that;s the culprit here. Any contact of semen +vulva results in insemination not infrequently. Those toxic swimmers;re able to get thru fabric,    Or by residing on 🤚 before they get to destination
Furthermore, the Hetero media Industry stokes cinders of those feels~ into sky-high bushfires.
And what of the modesty pyramid resulting from the sexy fun? You wouldn’t need any nudity cover for crucial bodily functions+care.Why on earth do we even need specially designated 🚽 ?     I had a breakthrough moment when I succeeded in going standing up, in a skirt &stayed utterly clean . I continue to struggle immensely with the inane modesty ballooney ..around female carers &shopkeepers. I once didn’t have enough energy to go back to my car to grab a pad —-so rested on a shop;s toilet for 30 mins,- long enough for the staff to get 😦
for radiation treatment ,, i spent a silly amount of energy + muscle ache on changing in +out of gowns +pillow cases in winter. <meaning: u still had to keep warm clothes on under,but not on top during treatment>
Back in the dark days of wearing bras i used strength I didn’t have on changing out layers ..to only take the bra off +..put layers back on for 🏡
Without this constructed troglodytism -the ease would be unimaginable. Our sex organs could become utility organs. We could saunter outside naked on our decks in summer.  Warm weather  nudity is vital     when you’re sick&clothes feel heavy.


One thought on “Left Wing Women

  1. All the modesty stuff is so ridiculous. I was at Busch Gardens (a theme park) one time during summer wearing a bikini with a little beach dress. When we first went in and were in an area with all concrete and little shade, it was so hot! I felt like I was about to pass out from this unnatural level of focused heat due to the concrete everywhere. I wanted to take my top off so bad and fan myself with it. I don’t give a shit about anyone seeing my body, but obviously I couldn’t because I’d get arrested. There were men walking all around just wearing little shorts, able to comfortably exist because no one was there regulating their nipples. While my guy went to run and get me an icee while I stood in the shade, I looked around and while I was overheating in my thin beach dress and bikini, there was a woman standing there in a burka! I will never forget that experience. We’re just expected to get heat stroke because men regulating our bodies is the most important thing.

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