why am i not surprised?../



New evidence that autism may be an autoimmune disorder

That is concurrent with ASD getting worse with age,~like the AI, pattern;but unlike developmental disability which it's claimed to be/ People with genuine developmental impairment acquire skill throughout life like building block . Whereas for me~`~it's been a steady climb downhill since early childhood 0when i was @ my most social&didn't stim ,eg.

^ ^ ^ this doesn’t explain the Problem-Solving personality of auties.My theory=AI brain damage shows up dif. disorders in people with other traitsL :Say, addiction , mental illness, rage, psychopathy

So many mental probs’re blamed on low serotonin. Question is: where is the Gremlin that’s stealing this magic feel-good chemical? Is it eaten up by the chronic  head inflammation persons’re suffering  en masse  now?.!~

I’m starting to suspect that Extroversion simply =health. That is :~`If you feel well enough to  enjoy  high external stimulus & your communication center isn’t down:that is a luxury of your system running like a well-oiled machine

Introverts, HSPs+ASDs aren’t merely  annoyed by overload of stimulus: it actively impacts our health +ability to function healthily on an acutely painful level. All 3 share sensitive nervous system. We need peace& space like we need sleep. Aversion to risk +conflict may well be our bodies telling us that we can’t afford to injure ,or stress ourselves out,and not a random personality throw-away

For an amazing 2 hours the other day i  FELT eXtroverted. Seriously;. I wanted to scream, shout ,let it all out.  It must’ve been my gut being temporarily rested, or SUMthing

Also, speech & making loud noise requires So.Much.Energy.  I’d been trying to force myself to be outwardly vocal ….and guess what? It snapped vocal chord. TWIce !!there was a distressing pop in my throat& it hurt for several hours

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