A Special Welcome Back – Chinese Style

This is why anti-racism warriors must get out of their own Western, lib. backyard

Story Ending Never

Unlike in English and other languages spoken in Western countries, there is no word for ‘racist’ or ‘racism’ in Chinese. There is a cobbling together of characters to form the following phrasal options:

种族主义者 – which roughly translates to one who righteously serves as lord and master breeder of one’s race/clan. If you plug it into a translator, you get ‘racist’ on the English end. But it is not clear for me whether this has a negative connotation if used to describe someone. Whereas ‘racist’ in Western languages has nothing other than a direct, negative meaning, in Chinese, I would strongly suspect that it doesn’t. Race supremacy is strong in China. It is something to be proud of. They do not like mixing the gene pool, but they often barely tolerate physical proximity to non-Chinese (unless they are sexually assaulting a white female) or mixing outside their cultural circles when…

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12 thoughts on “A Special Welcome Back – Chinese Style

  1. accurate picture actually….:I’ve noticed a pattern of Euro-men (all but 1 -middle aged] being consistent harsh,bullying dispshits to me for my invalidity

    MOCs have been passive-aggressive, neglectful asses,but they haven’t put active effort into stomping on me.

    Is this because i’m an abomination for being disabled from doing the 1 things Euro-females’re considered any good for ?That is: breeding pale boys? And i’m in peak reproductive age.

    I waved it off once; twice….but it keeps happening. the 1 exception was young &gay.i’ve heard a theory that white men actually hate white women the most:~as we’re their breeding vessels.WOC’s can’t reproduce more of their specific Y without mixing.

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    1. Yeah basically. Racism is all just a big sperm competition for men to spread their stupid seed. We end up stuck in the middle of it. How in the hell would it be a privilege for white women to get stuck with the group of men that has most violently dominated. White dudes generally look the most ape like too.

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    1. In another post you were talking about the pressure on oppressed racial groups of women to breed too. No matter what group we are part of it all boils down to some shit about how we’re supposed to be reproducing for our group.

      I saw some stuff where black men were saying abortion is black genocide. Wtf? I’ve never seen black men saying how bad care of pregnant black women leading to much higher maternal death rates than any other group is black genocide. Now that I would actually agree with. Poor women especially poor black women get treated like shit by the medical industry even more than most women get treated like shit by them and then they drop dead at disturbingly high rates. But they don’t care about all this medical abuse and neglect that is deadly to “their” women, they just care about being about to control the women’s bodies like all other groups of men.

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      1. Playing numbers games has always been a strictly male strategy. Females innately are designed for working towards quality of life…not quantity. But men have done a fantastic job of recruiting “their” women into the numbers game.

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      2. Definitely I agree women have an instinctive understanding of quality over quantity and it goes back also to how females have the instinct to kill babies that are unlikely to thrive. In women it’s been so overridden by men so that so many of us believe that “life” is what’s sacred even if life is just barely existing through a miserable torturous existence. Most of us are spiritually half dead and often physically half dead already after all the societal and personal abuse and this is all we know of as life.

        A woman commented somewhere how she never really understood how women in societies that did female infanticide could kill their baby girls until she had a baby girl and then she really understood it was out of love to save the baby from having to live the same miserable hopeless existence they were trapped in.

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  2. Not certain on the ‘most violent dominators’.They’re just the most recent. It’d take a life ‘s work to quantify violence done by different empires&conquests throughout history.

    Mongols+latest incarnation of the big Sky Daddy’re 2 strong contenders. All of the mass sweep of countries belonging to the latter were conquered away from other faiths in a manner so cruel that it was infamous by Middle Age standard.India&Persia were 2 places that deteriorated towards its treatment of women horribly,once the peacefully religious swept in.in ancient times they were the only 2 kingdoms considering females to be half-human

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