Run, millennial females.Save yourselves from children

this is an apt follow-on from my as tribalism came up here in most recent post:


1 of the oppressed tribes i belong to are: Chronically Ill Millenial Females. Terri Strange’d know all about that. The very ppl who , uncharacteristically, suffer from illnesses accounting for  most cases of infertility  overall 


As has been thoroughly discussed over @ CRE: women under 38 ‘re a mighty curious cohort. We’re

A) THE 1st generation of young females in history to suffer from eye-brow-raising stats of infertility ,which  is not   a product of waiting too long. Most have diseases which set in v.young . The 37 y.o. woman in the fertility clinic getting sliced& diced to help her Endo today <would’ve already been this situation ,if she went for baby-making @19. (she had to belong to  a religious cult for that). This is because this illness sets in  a few years after Menarche& accounts for HALF of all cases of infertility. Add in PCOS (dubbed  the millennial condition} , ~ that tips it into the majority. The  talented protagonist of  Pretty Little Liars  suffers from it visibly & she only in early 20s

B)the single most disabled/chronically ill group of humans [where’s that line anymore?]. Every 2nd millenial has a diagnosed(!} chronic sickness ,,and we all know how poorly |under-diagnosed women’re .

^^^^This means that nobody should be encouraging them to reproduce& certainly not so young that they haven’t figured out their health yet.It is simply unconscionable when we’ve only just dipped  a toe into thinking against compulsory life-plan of “family” AND started discussing young female chronic conditions publicly

Better  do it young =  advice from the 90s, before the mass proliferation of acute millenial womb-stemming illness.

To sum up for the young’ones of now:

If u’re gonna have trouble with getting knocked-up willingly in later years, }you, highly likely,already have it now ,-unknowingly. NO point rushing ,girlies. Use the subsequent time TO PONDER on the wisdom of the decision . Learn the Big Bad Truth about patriarchal propaganda & therefore make an informed choice. 

child-bearing is a strain @ the best of times.but we’ve reached a level @ which it ‘s become a case of Olympic training. esp.when you end up with kids, whose lives depend on you reaching an epi-pen in time +need special food from scratch.& or who’re gonna be dependent on you, or state-services their whole life. This’ll also suck the life out of the Mother, who now stands no chance of whatever little accumulating she could’ve achieved,+tending to her own high-maintanence health. +She too is dependent on the father, or whomever else.

This is once u get thru pregnancy,which now also requires Olympic-level sacrifice & maintenance & during which pharmaceuticals +physio tech acts like you don’t exist , as nobody tests anything on gestating or lactating females( they rarely test on any XXs] + effective (on nausea)medical cannabis is not prescribed








17 thoughts on “Run, millennial females.Save yourselves from children

  1. Whoa half of us are diagnosed chronically ill? I didn’t know it was that many just officially diagnosed, which of course means it’s probably like at least another 30% that aren’t diagnosed. I just looked it up and it says 54% have official diagnoses. It’s funny that it says this, “millennials’ sharp decline in health begins around the tender age of 27” because that was the exact age I started getting really sick. A crazy neighbor trained his dogs to fight and attack and then let them loose and they mauled two of my cats to death, one died after a week of intensive care. I got so sick from that and was already not in great health, then it just led into a never ending cycle of sickness and made my body weak which lead to injuries. Once you get sick it just keeps leading into more kinds of sickness and injury.


  2. I guess nature takes care of everything eventually no matter what anyone does anyway. It’s a shame we all have to suffer so bad before this runaway male overpopulation can be stopped though and we can’t just get them to stop poisoning everything.

    Did you see this? This village hasn’t had a boy born in 10 years since they are more fragile than girls.

    Do you think that humanity is going to die out from all this? IDK it seems that way to me. I try to be hopeful that we will be able to stop it but it just doesn’t sound realistic at all.


  3. i was 2 months shy of 27 when coming down w. cancer! been seriously ill since 18 though, but i was still functional [thru enormous pain&strain]. already had fatigue in mid-20s

    poor, sweet kitties! and poor dog too >cos canines’re never senselessly aggressive without a pile of abuse.

    there’re several villages like that in dif. parts of world. there was 1 in Siberia; 1 in a North American native community . there’s gotta be a major polluter near-by- like a chemical plant


    1. i wonder how much of the ”silly millenial”attitude stems from our invisible health problem.

      i can think of say, ‘nose in the phone’: I -freaking dislike phones & they give me EMF.but i’m stuck using one to txt -to replace speech ,which my inflamed brain +voice doesn’t let me do anymore

      same w.use of PCs-internet is a lifeline for everything when u’re really ill.

      or the ‘girlies wont breed’;-well ,thats the title of this post,and as youve experienced:’potheads”

      –_then “Selfish +lazy”: chronic fatigue+focus on alleviation of perpetual distress

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      1. Oh absolutely. I’d say all of it is older people giving us shit for the problems their generation caused us. We’ve all been made sick and then confused as hell dealing with it not able to get any actual help and then everything we experience is trivialized, so that all our sickly and fearful reactions are just about some character flaws we have.

        Most of us have multiple things wrong with us and even the “simple” things are made so hard to deal with cause they bleed us dry paying for them and we have to deal with crazy abusive men doing the treatments so we end up poor and traumatized. And that’s if you can even figure out anything to do about anything since everything is so compartmentalized and it’s so hard to even get anyone to talk to you and give you any actual answers.

        I need to get more dental work done in the near future and I have no idea how to act normal anymore because I’ve had these fucking psychopath old men be horribly abusive when I went to get treatment before but now when I go in they’re going to think I’m just difficult and I’m the crazy one cause I can’t act normal getting what should be a routine procedure.

        The biggest “cure” if anyone would be honest would be to stop getting poisoned or at least be able to lessen the poison but there’s too much of it to avoid and there’s so much misinformation it’s an impossible task to figure it out how to effectively reduce it. Then they just try to give us more poison to supposedly help us. So we end up like fuck it, I’m just going to get really stoned so I can feel sort of okay and try to deal with all this.


      2. The chronic fatigue is a really huge one. I have to spend so much time sleeping and resting in between everything to function and I think that’s one of the most common problems now that young people with a variety of shit going on with them have. Since pretty much anything wrong in your body takes a lot of energy, it all leaves you so exhausted and the confusion of what you should do about anything and how to survive in this world where everything is poisoning us adds to the exhaustion so much. But older people who were healthy at our age and didn’t see young people who were severely unhealthy see us needing to sleep for like 12 hours and constantly needing to rest and see it as lazy.

        If I don’t get enough sleep for several days I will literally just start falling asleep wherever I am, it doesn’t matter if I’m actually standing up or driving or what. It gets scary and dangerous. And I have no idea what is “enough” until I’ve slept where I feel it’s enough. A lot of days 8 hours is fine but some days I have to sleep practically the whole day. Getting a normal amount of sleep and then feeling like you haven’t slept for a week is awful. Plus I have a hard time getting to sleep at night sometimes in the first place so everything is all fucked up.

        It sucks having days and days go by where all you can do is sleep and then you wake up and eat and watch some TV for a couple hours and fall right back asleep. There’s so much more stuff I’d rather be doing than needing so much sleep but I physically can’t help it. And I have no easy explanation for why this is, I’m sure it’s a combination of a lot of stuff that all makes me feel like crap and I need so much detoxing and actual real rest without so much stress to ever hope to feel okay at all but it seems impossible to get that.

        If I were to try to tell doctors about this, what could they possibly even do? It wouldn’t be good or helpful and it would just be expensive and stressful and possibly traumatizing and harmful. I have so much other shit to deal with that actually can get helped, like that’s the last thing on my mind worrying about how exhausted I am, but the exhaustion takes up so much of my life. Fucking hell it’s all infuriating that this is the way things are. Our elders are supposed to guide us and impart care and wisdom. But instead they mostly just hurt us and keep anything helpful away from us. Then the ones that do care about helping don’t have any power to do so.


    1. That’s really weird.. do you think there is something biologically in our development at age 27 that make us more vulnerable to the chronic illnesses then? That’s pretty much when our body has all finished developing and starting to decline a bit. Our brains stop developing at about 25. Maybe it could be that age too because of the stress of adulthood in these societies that produce constant stress and most people are feeling it by then.

      I was already in bad pain and getting fatigued easier before that happened and looking back on it I was more messed up than I realized. I had a lot of frequent nausea that I just ignored and didn’t think anything of. I smoked a bunch of cannabis to deal with everything so I didn’t notice everything as bad as it was. I wonder if that wouldn’t have happened if I would have still gotten almost as sick anyway without that trauma triggering it. Once that happened I was never able to get anywhere near feeling well again, one thing just lead into another in an endless cycle.

      The dogs that killed my cats were definitely badly abused and made to do dog fights. After it happened I found out all this shit from the neighbors how this guy did that with the dogs to make them mean and then he would go around terrorizing old ladies with them while they walked their little dogs and laugh about it. He had let the dogs run loose a bunch of times and they killed other cats before. The biggest piece of shit men are really allowed to just do whatever they want. It really destroyed me losing my little angels in such a horrible way because of that asshole. Suing them wasn’t even successful even though the dogs attacked my cat in my yard in the middle of the day and a cop was even there. So he went away unpunished for their murders and still had the dogs to abuse and use as a weapon.

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  4. i had mild lactose intolerance by 20>surprise, surprise: u aren’t supposed to have dairy with Endo

    these days i’ve cut out dairy except hard cheese, red meat, anything with GMO &pesticide, cafeine, refined sugar, gluten other than sourdough, I always liked fish>i lean on that now

    i’m suprised by how much i like coconut milk as replacement. i paid attention to what u said about fasting & noticed that i feel best on days when i eat the least – by snacking but only having 1 full meal.

    i wonder if that’s the pattern foremothers ate in while gathering>snack on what they find through the day,then bring it to camp & share the meal p’haps?

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    1. Yes definitely that would be closer to how our ancestors ate. I think this constant eating that we are encouraged to do is harmful in and of itself even if we are eating well. Think about how our digestive system never gets a rest when we are constantly doing that. As I’ve been learning about all these conditions we all have now they seem to be all tied to our digestive system, either entirely caused by the digestive system or other conditions made worse by it. Our systems are screwed up in so many ways. Constantly working to digest all this food and struggling through the toxins and overly processed things. The gut bacteria is at the root of a lot of it because it gets all fucked up and leads to other painful problems.

      What I’ve come to understand about “lactose intolerance” is the whole way it is framed is basically propaganda to keep selling milk. Being unable to digest lactose is the normal state. Adults don’t drink milk naturally and definitely not from other species. The only reason some of us are able to digest it is because when people began to move around the world and some came to more inhospitable locations, some tribes who ended up in grasslands became herders to live through the cow’s ability to digest plants that humans are unable to. So people began to get their food mainly from the cows and developed the ability to drink their milk through a mutation. So it is framed as if lactose intolerance is something wrong but it just means you didn’t inherit this strange mutation from herding ancestors who depended on cows for their survival through many generations. All the plant milks taste so much better anyway and I don’t get sick from them. Almond milk is the best.

      I don’t really think people are made to be eating meat either. We are so adaptable to everything that we can live in all kinds of conditions but that doesn’t mean they are good for us. When I was really little and found out what meat was I wouldn’t eat it. Recently I joined some vegan groups online and some people said the same thing that they rejected meat as a child and would never eat it, some were still forced to. It makes me wonder how many people have been forced to eat it and just accepted it was normal. I know that I am not meant to eat animal products and when I was eating dairy and eggs it was making me sick and I just ignored it. I wonder if some people are genetically made to be able to eat meat but I feel like every study about it is so biased one way or the other that we can’t tell anything.

      GMOs and pesticides and all the sugar are definitely terrible for us no matter what. I mostly cut them out but I don’t do that great with it. All the organic food is ridiculously priced and they sneak GMOs and tons of sugar in everything.

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  5. i really love fish +eggs & luckily both ‘re tolerated on Endo diet. But is it luck, or your body guiding u?when i 1st discovered raw sushi>couldn’t get enough of it

    my family used to make fun of me about the way i ate meat: i’d surgically excise any hint of it having ever been in animal’s body until it was pure fillet. it took me forever to try medium-rare steak, cos it looked like it was bloody. this is nothing to do with moral grounds>i’m merely easily disgusted. i never ate much of it either: i’d take a few bites& fill up on salad, grains.

    Fish is actually the ONLY food group, which meets ALL ur nutritional needs. Which makes sense if we’re really are aquatic apes (fascinating theory&fills in gaps wonderfully) .

    Think of the amount of skill &spice it takes to cook meat properly, with sauces so heavy that they disguise the taste of meat itself. perhaps this is what it took for us to start eating meat beyond insects(which is what our ape cousins consume)

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    1. Then why do most of us meat-eaters feel revulsion for eating insects? It makes sense to me that insects are a perfect food for us, but insect-farming is not widely practised.


      1. The thought of eating insects makes me feel far less revulsion than eating any other animals. I don’t know why people who eat meat are able to compartmentalize it so much. If I was ever in a survival situation I would eat bugs. It is what our close animal relatives do too, eat plants and some bugs.

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  6. i’m kinda relieved that my health diet doesn’t let me eat pork anymore actually.
    pigs’re cleverer& more emotionally attuned than dogs

    meat-eating is like an obourous eating its own tale.:Yes, it gives u energy. But think of the sheer amount of energy that goes into producing meat for consumption.

    Start with feeding livestock with food u have to grow. Then u have to house & herd them>for which u need to house, feed & train dogs. Then slaughter, refrigeration, high-skill cooking, specific kitchen utensils, curing, need all this spice (which u grew) to cook it with. And u can’t eat it alone> u need to serve with the plant food u grew.

    There’re whole traditions around slow cooking of meat – eg. roast for festivity, fattening up.
    Fish seems easier. Catch it>clean it> fry it. It doesn’t need to be slow-roasted. Still needs refrigeration though& or curing. It can be eaten on its own, unlike meat , which doesn’t have the right minerals or fat.It’s easier to chew.The right kind of fish can be eaten raw.

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  7. I mean, ^this is why cats sleep all day long: u need an awful lot of energy to hunt down meat. Or why animals go into hibernation, when the calorie game tips against hunting in winter

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