of tribes & martians

Humans’re nasty, tribal beings.



Despite fervent professions of cosmopolitanism, most shall spend their lives within some kind of clique: along # national, # sexual, #religious,  #dog|cat folk; #irreligious; #ethnic; # vegan’ # child-having\child-free     etc. (insert ur own ) lines.


Women don’t elevate this tribalism to the same monstrous level that men do- we don’t need to run around chopping off heads & exploding things& people to prove +solidify our in-group belonging. And we don’t need to be in those tribes 24/7. In fact, we may only be there mentally, once a year, whenever anybody disparages our tribe unjustly.

But we’re tribal nonetheless. I subscribe to bite-sized chunks of largely Slavic Euro-focus. Despite my lack of interest in commuting with my non-existent diaspora, & giving them a regular wacking for being ugly (the men), depressive smoking alcoholics, who canNOT for the life of them channel their immense intelligence&sophisticated culture into any kind of smooth-running society.

…I still get a whiff of being tickled pink whenever a Ukrainian|Russian\Slavic woman or girl gets up to something cool, or gets complimented on being awsome. -Like my colleague, who wondered why every Ukrainian she meets ~is so brainy. %or when an rhythmic gymnast from there spins a ball  while twisting in mid-air   `defying the laws of gravity & human plasticity& gets a medal with the world looking on. The rest of the year\decade i don’t care for tribalism . I’ll hang with whomever’ll give me morsels of joy. My tribalism is a rather lazy being & doesn’t wanna get off the couch most days.

But it jumped off the sofa~ when Hungary put a wall along it’s border to stop the influx of Sups-Oppressed Refugees TM {really a million +  horde of suspiciously well-dressed, high-end phone -possessing, militaristic,entitled, misogynistic on steroids  males under 35}_ I thought” THis is how it’s done’.  Other Central European countries followed  suite, not backing down under  all kinds of bullying +sanctions, some agreeing to let in Christians only (triggering a pile of conversions from the highly-assimilating Iranians). Best case scenario was to let females only (there were precious few of those). but of course THAT wasn’t ever gonna happen.

To which the EUSSR (nickname for the growing authoritarianism of the EU towards its’ member states) spit the dummy; started foaming @ the mouth & sounding increasingly deranged in its religious-like clinging to the goal of multiculturalism (ie.the oil-hogging ‘culture’ trumps everyone else, incl. previous lots of wonderfully blending migrants of all colours & creeds) . Embarassingly for them” bad, bad things ensued & didn’t stop until , out of predictable desperation, female voters& their Nigels ran over to conservative parties & voted them in ALL OVER EUROPE in a land-slide over past 4 years. This happened after a chain-reaction of bombs; Isis-level assaults, anti-Semitism & mass rapes & violent misogyny of a soul-killing brutality + many other layers radiating out. Euro-women (often teen girls, not sparing the very elderly) were targeted deliberately, on an organised Europe-wide scale {as discovered on web-networks of attackers} >this was covered up, but kept leaking out anyway.

Tourism level to West Europe dropped off & increased to the positively serene & culturally defensive (in this context)Central Europe, where they won’t tell u to keep ur dog our of view, not put a Christmas tree & not eat the cuisine-staple pork out of 1984-style “tolerance” for male invaders, wonderfully facilitated by the local males….

…because they invited them  in like a vampire, dammit. ~via a sneaky method of manipulating lady-sympathy.

& let them run amok like pet alligators, without punishment& while feeding them refugee benefits from pockets of groaning female tax-payers, & offering up female volunteers as sacrificial lambs (via white-guilting into doing the work) –to commit atrocities to , seeing as the hordes were mighty low on their own XX-sufferers to beat down (most were left behind in origin places, while dudes grabbed the family cash & skipped off to self-destructive EU).  Outsourcing, with the imported rape+ Female Intimidation Force obliging by filming the acts on Facebook + Youtube.


I’m not certain whether this was a concerted effort all along >for the Right Wing to take over, by herding women & leaving them nowhere to run for protection. In the memorable Russian meta-physical novel  Master +Margarita ,  the Devil comes to Moscow to maraude & admits that he is Jesus’ Fixer.-It didn’t matter for women& girls& babushkas on the ground. because ensuing chaos is always bad for females, as pointed out by Cherryblossomlife.

Genetic memory matters for medical reasons too.If u’re a Red-head- u need to bloody well know that u’ll need a higher dose of anesthesia. If u’re a Slav – u have higher tolerance for gluten, alcohol &gotta pick flexy-frame glasses for ur wide forehead.





We also create our own tribes. I’ve had an explicable pull towards some things  Jewish & Persian (with female-epicenter) always. This is because both these ethnicities’re also spectacularly cerebral and have long-stemming sophisticated modes of being + are in possession of kick-ass females, who won’t back down. _Check out the disproportional representation of Jewish feminists in 1st + 2nd waves,& the sheer vigour with which Iranian womens’ libbers’ve been fighting state-mandated hijab (for 40 years!) & imposed religion in general.


Ideologially, in my end-goal Utopia , I suscribe to only 1 tribe : Female Beings & leave all XYs out of the shebang. In this current state, I also subscribe to universal female loyalty cutting across all groups. I don’t give 2 hoots about racial oppression of men. I’m a Men-ist

Now how do u reconcile female tribalism with this, eh?

Perhaps we solely….let sleeping dogs lie. Or perhaps – bark (apt `as dogs’re also tribal)

+accept that we don’t have to bond,or love, or sleep, or touch, or respect each other’s every opinion and clique. Hell, we don’t have to like each other really.

All we’ve gotta do is…:….unite on an  Enemy of Ur Enemy =ur Frenemy basis for long enough  to take men down.

This is the only way  I can take a peek @ a reality where Lesbian Separatists, Mums, Anti-Natalists, anti-sexuals,  melanin-rich& melanin-poor, extrovert activists, hermit autistics, those afflicted with rape-adaptive urges and chromosomal attachment towards men in various degree           can be collectively liberated.

Perhaps we can then come together and have afternoon tea & cackle  over the cauldron on how bad we gave it to those suckers&how happy we’re now. We don’t need to be sisters, just comrades in arms   with space to ourselves, others like us& enough outlet for our tribal nastiness to let steam escape.


If anybody has a better idea: can the real Martian Feminist please stand up! Come forth with valour.


7 thoughts on “of tribes & martians

  1. I really liked this post. I used to work in a pizza shop which had a load of refugee guys from different middle eastern countries sleeping in the back. They all had mobile phones and (I think ) used to use prostitutes tho ohh I can’t be sure on that. They used to “phwoar” at the young girls who passed the shop windows. The reason I think they used prostitutes is because they made no secret of the fact they thought they were owed women, just for being men. And our (Pakistani, married Muslim boss) used to go on jaunts to London to casinos and brothels and made no secret of it.
    So basically yes, these young men grabbed the family cash and made it off to Europe. Made a few sounds about “sending money home” but basically spent it on mobile phones which were quite expensive back in those days ( about 15 years ago) and clothes.
    Nobody asked British women if we wanted this mass invasion. Also, they would get some British women pregnant so they could stay and get a proper visa etc. It really hit headlines when those German women were targeted and I saw that for all western men’s bullshit talk about protecting women, it was just men’s rights and trying to frighten women into the arms of nice Nigels so that women get married to them.

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    1. “just men’s rights and trying to frighten women into the arms of nice Nigels so that women get married to them.”

      Yup, it’s the number one reason men name when women start to question why we even need men in the first place….”too protect us from other men”. Really, men are not enemies with each other, their frenemies. It’s for this same reason that indigenous men (or minority men) benefit from the oppressive actions of their superior parasitic brothers. It drives “their” women in their arms for “protection”. But these same men who shout and cry about “their people” being oppressed, turn right around and beat their wives and rape their daughters. Clearly, women and girls are not “their people”.

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  2. THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES FOR THIS: “I don’t give two hoots for racially oppressed XYs”.

    If I see one more XX claim that it’s ‘racist’ to be afraid of what dick might do it that dick is brown or especially black, I’m gonna explode. If I hear one more SJW spout off about how white women are the source of all evil and have soooo much power (because being sought after as weak submissive rape fodder is power?!) and how we all need to ‘shut up and listen’ to ‘oppressed’ penis, I’m gonna explode a second time.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: when it comes to dick, the only color I see is RED.

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  3. “I suscribe to only 1 tribe : Female Beings & leave all XYs out of the shebang. In this current state, I also subscribe to universal female loyalty cutting across all groups.”

    Are you me? haha jk. I swear you say so much stuff that is straight out of my own head. Women are my people. We have been stolen from each other in a million different ways. But I guess I still have hope that female community (our true family) is still possible (is happening).

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    1. “I suscribe to only 1 tribe : Female Beings & leave all XYs out of the shebang. In this current state, I also subscribe to universal female loyalty cutting across all groups.”

      ♀♡♀ ^^^ that is *my* definition of lesbian separatism. You and I are subscribed to the same tribe.

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  4. I actually have a 5 point plan for erradicating men…….buuuut, baring that, I put my gusto towards meta-physical manifestation of a woman’s world via blocking of the Y from implanting in any uterus.

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