The rape-adaptive female

Heterosexuality = rape adaptation to lessen mating male violence +

Stockholm Syndrome +

seminal drugging

So a female heterosexual = enthusiastic male slave. Notice how  enthusiastic  is actually used in regard to consent??


this is my E= mc2

^my own personal, theory of sexual relativity

All of it is speculative, but I’m basing it on personal observation//, reaction + 2nd wave theory of Hetero being highly suss + these brilliant ladies: + her anti-hetero series


My contribution lies in the bio-hormonal aspect – the part that used to argue it as natural.  Even if it were that – it should be treated like bread cravings with a gluten allergy – plenty of womyn resist both  & are healthier for it.

When women live with men 1on1 – their adaptive instinct may be triggering a reaction to being sequestered, which for our fellows the Chimps = beaten up & raped, while they’re held captive away from the group, in estrus, by a single male. Note the phenomenon of honeymoon cystitis –   why would a woman’s body act against its’ interest & tell her to to bang continuously – until she gets a bladder infection?…which can then proceed to a   kidney one < leading to collapse & sepsis? Let alone get her pregnant ( the no.1 cause of death since time immemorial)

Trust Your Perceptions  wrote the bible on evolutionary struggle of Males vs Females,

Male genitals are themselves specialized morphologies. Sperm-dispensing organs are probably in fact the most rapidly-evolving male morphology, especially in species where females hold eggs internally. Clasping structures on male genitals have been evolved by rapists of different species, and are rather common. Other males have evolved barbs and spines on their penis, including male chimps, lions and tomcats. The barbs and spines on the male cowpea weevil penis seen here damages the female internally, slicing and scarring her genital tract so that she reproduces only that ugly prick, his ugly prick, and no other.

^THis explains why men’re so obsessed with the length of their organ (and not the width – which women actually find pleasurable) + ramming it in deep ( close to cervix > stronger impregnation chance). Also:  Why human ones’re so disproportionately large. It seems like women kept evolving longer tracts  & higher cervixes to get away from penises reaching —so the aggressors counter-evolved by getting longer.

There exist other similar male physiological adaptations hypothesized to be accounted for by female polyandry – such as proportionate sperm increase in multi-male, single-female, sexual encounters =  {read:gang rape& deliberate daddy-confusing }>} to lessen baby-murders)


Good looks – male strategy. Charm – male strategy. Pretending to give a fig about womens’ rights- male strategy. Sexual technique- male strategy

More from  TRust:

“The evolutionary trajectory of males, once launched, cannot be unlaunched, because it is self-fueling, self-reinforcing, – as males who aren’t on the cutting-edge of fuckery tend to be discontinued, – while the male vanguard, developing “better” diabolical tactics, pushing dude-depravity to new extremes, are rewarded by winning the prize they’re after: a good shot at being made new” 

Hence the elusive phenomenon of “good men”.  If any men are/were good } they’d not inflict themselves on girls+ women} therefore taking their Y out of future existence. In fact, certain religious men have made some inroads into a smidgeon of understanding & formed monk orders. Of course, still being men – it WAS only a smidgeon & they interpreted WOMEN as being dirty & therefore they attain purity by staying away from them. ANother glimmer is the sexless nature of the Garden Of Eden, & that men dominating& forcing women to reproduce ( with pain from Y-genomic imprinting for big fetuses) = fall from that + the early Christian & Buddhist elevation of celibacy.

Fascinatingly – LF ( low- functioning) Autistic males’re known for hitting themselves . We can only speculate on whether it’s a sign of clarity, – seeing as ASD girls ‘re downright savants @ it.

There exist other similar male physiological adaptations hypothesized to be accounted for by female polyandry – such as proportionate sperm increase in multi-male, single-female, sexual encounters =  {read:gang rape)




9 thoughts on “The rape-adaptive female

  1. I honestly don’t see how increased width could be pleasurable. The vaginal walls touch each other except when a woman is rammed in it by dick or object, and the only difference with increased width is that the walls are spread apart further, no different than a wider tampon or speculum, ie increased discomfort.

    The internal part of the clit extends on either side beneath the external flesh of the labia majora, NOT within the immediate wall of the birth canal that the peen presses up against when it pushes the ordinarily-touching walls apart in order to masturbate itself using a woman’s internal organs and tissues.

    I do not know how PEENetration, without the 24/7 brainwashing that females receive from girlhood, could ever be seen by ANY woman as something not barbaric, let alone “pleasurable”, no matter the shape of the peen, the supposed loveliness of the Nigel, or her own pre-coital romanticism of “lovemaking”.

    Imagine males went to the andrologist and received a medical test that approximated the sensations they received during intercourse using medical tools. They would be beating down the door for it, no matter how cold and clinical the “peenulum” used to do the test or how stupid he felt lying on an examination table with a paper gown on and a little cotton dunce hat-shaped thing on the end of his dick to catch his ejaculate during the exam for medical purposes. Yet every woman understandably dreads the gynecological pronging, but won’t admit that without the illusion of anything else, that is what hetero pronging amounts to.

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      1. Thank you so much, kaguyamouse, you do too. I am so happy to see I have a lot of catching up to do On your blog, and I somehow checked CRE’s blog on a day where she has a new post AND comments open! I always seem to miss the commenting window but not this time. Once I get back home from my appointments, I will read and comment here and there!

        Also, does anyone here have more blogs to recommend for me? I don’t like youtube, reading is my preferred form of absorbing/sharing thoughts. My criteria for blogs is that the author must be anti PiV in theory and practice (even if she doesn’t talk about it much on her blog), not be “woo” about pregnancy and menstruation, and not spend the majority of her posts talking about trans (in my view, radfems have made a grave error in making trans their primary concern; they should have instead encouraged SRS for all be-penised trans and indeed as many “genderkweer” males as possible as the less dicks, the less rape,but as a whole I think it’s a red herring). Oh, and I can’t bear to read endless descriptions of male violence. We know what they do, and IMO males like when we hear the details because they know it causes a simultaneous feeling of rage, fear, and helplessness, ie a trauma response. If there are any blogs that fit this criteria please let me know!

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      2. yep on the red herring. another autie superpower is pointing out where the dead rat is & if there’s an Oz behind smoke-screen, & that’s why i got bored with the T fast. while we’re bogged down in its obv. grotesqueness>UsA women’re losing abortion& female illness is rampant.

        extreme Racialisation is no.2 on this list. US has always been kinda nuts in putting giant labels on ppls’ heads based on skin tone& projecting it outward on the world. but now it seems like they’re actively pitting ppl like in a dog fight- while the multi-coloured global elite laughs its’ way to the bank


      1. Thank you so much, marysunshineredux! I am honored, as someone who has lurked for years and seen female brilliance in your comments as well.

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  2. “…monk orders. Of course, still being men – it WAS only a smidgeon & they interpreted WOMEN as being dirty & therefore they attain purity by staying away from them.”

    Lol it’s that so funny. I mean really it’s that these men are repulsed with their own rapey, parasitic nature. It’s SELF disgust that they are feeling. If they were actually enlightened they would recognise that rather than projecting their disgust onto women.

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