Those poor unfortunate American souls

          I’m somewhat of a rarity on the WWW: by being a non-USA-residing quintessentialist blogging in Eng….and that’s a curious place to be in. On the 1 hand:

it gives me the global perspective which US  authors  too often lack.

On the other: It never ceases to jolt me as to sheer degree to which American female citizens are:

A) brutally, openly oppressed ;

B) unaware of the comparative level of their oppression – due to Amer. males creating an air-tight web of mental insularity. In fact, it reminds me of glass box miming: US-ians OWN the Internet – thus giving them the entire world @ their fingertips { and radfems really do try more than then others, but they’re behind on a whole lifetime of global exposure]

When I studied Gender& Development, I found 1 consistent statistic to to reliably stand out among OECD graphs of fem. suffering. I named it The US exception.

It applied to absolutely everything in a bad way in all the obv. things:

maternal mortality, access to affordable meds; deaths from DV; religious oppression; teen mums; student loans; the pay gap; sex ed; abortion access & endless debate; social security; lack of common law marriage; episiotomies; gun-happy approach to hysterectomy; abysmal pol. representation

US data was ALWAYS found to be, without fail , – @ the bottom of the well.  But this ( as it turns out…) was only the tip of the iceberg. >\|In personal convos with my Amer’ sisters i’ve learnt of many more, only less statitistically obv. coersions , such as:

  • marriage to men for healthcover & roof over head (most famously perpetrated by the very ill & much maligned for it Dworkin) 
  • stripping thru college (this one just boils my mind alive. 1stly – the degree to which stripping is casually treated in the culture @ large; 2ndly – because I consider to be possibly more traumatic & publicly degrading than prostitution)
  • extreme neuroticism over fem. reproductive organ function: the mandatory use of tampons {when they’re stated to produce toxic shock; ‘re unhealthy to use overnight; tough to put in for many girls + make it dif. to track healthy discharge}; embarassment over public toileting; + seriously ludicrous euphemisms { ‘down there’ –  I’m looking @ U); use of  vagina  to mean vulva. 
  • womyn paying for the all the med. cost of mens’ violent + libidinous harm.
  • compulsory hetero- being absolute & used to lure womyn into arrangements which cancel themselves out ( as in : they were better off being single after all]
  • lack of labour laws, such as a livable min. wage + disability insurance + egalitarian private health cover


US of A is the epicenter of the Western model of woman-hating, & it radiates out to everyone else in its’ diameter. It maintains plenty of impact on non-OECD countries, but the most immediate + recognisable is within the inner circle

Let’s not forget where the great big P-industry  is located (LA) & how it floods the world with the filth + the social norms it dictates. I spent my 20s being so tormented by them that I floated`dissociated from my form (yep, they radiated out to Asia-Pacific)|               Add to that the drastically plastic celebrity misogyny + the overt & infinitely prolific ultra-violent girl-hating of Hollyweird. I can’t get over how the latter never allows XX characters to come off as living, breathing beings, yet there’s a major improvement when u merely hop on over the border to Canadian-produced media.

pink revolver gun
Photo by on


USA’s also famous for its’ sexual neuroticism {incessant no, of vague\juvenile/female-degrading euphemisms}

; spectacular love of guns (deadly phallic symbols)  + the stripping industry.  And the infamously aggressive, pounding + dry style of intercourse,( low on female climaxes & high on ache+tears)

+ popularising all the ‘kinky’  add -on’s to Piv: *u name ’em, cos they’re too yucky  + we hear about them all the time*.

+ obsessive militarism, masturbation + fellatio (juvenile-termed ‘blow – jobs’))))))) + boobs (but not for their primary purpose)

; last, but not least – the raunch fashion industry- driving the mainstream: Most notably – pre-prebescent level of hairless-ness, slim-ness, pre-child-bearing labia demanded of women


Then there’s the Viagra, KY (?why don’t American women lubricate on their own like everybody else?) _+  a never.ending  stream of ED + premature meds>…to the point of it being a broad cultural joke.

…..bizarre, I tell ya.

 Do u see where I’m going with this? Ask urselves: why does the owner of an appendage * which evolved SOLELY for the purpose of being stimulated by vaginas*..need all this  weird & thorougly un-sexy+ often silicon-y* extra stuff ?

Hints getting louder:  note the above-average consumption of video erotica in Israel + certain places in Middle East? Factor in  Israel possessing an untold no. of nukes — certainly the highest in the world per head of pop. + a Middle Eastern religion based ENTIRELY on militarism + promising a bundle of prostituted gals to service men in heaven?


Bazinga! It’s the circumcision talking..!

Until my not-so-long-ago inundation into the US more on the subject – I was mystified by all this . I figured it was a Judaic thing.Since I’ve found out }> the premise of Sex& the City  became even more fantastical. All this enthusiastic screwing of statistically & anecdotally unsuitable appendages for female fun?!?! Yeah, right……



Right after USA became 1 of 2 superpowerful Big Bads, in the 50s,: the rates of baby foreskin-lopping jumped from 50 % to 90%. AND u know who originally forced it to 50%?to become a widespread social more? WHy – the military, of course. For America’s ascent to Global Mitary Overlord coincided with the descent of Britain – where the rates of dude-baby peen slicing ,.fell off a cliff .


Coincidence? I think not. And neither does this awfully astute commenter,.., for a man  (scroll to 1st in comment section}


But Jews & their copycats werent the only ones to come up with such barbarity

Look @ the other Global Military OVerlord, which suppressed the cutting faiths on a tight leash, and outside of them – had a cutting rate of NONE. (this being the Russkies) & their relationship with their guns, which they’ve also had scores of + run a whole global industry of supplying them to upstart dictatorships:      well,they treat them like practical tools of domination. They don’t put them in display cases & lovingly caress them like their extra peen. They ALSO don’t have a culture of sex. neuroticism. In fact, if anything. they’re bloody open /


Warning: a porno image is in the middle of doc

The subject of male circumcision’s fascinated me for some time > ; in fact enough to wade past the gross pics above. Because there’s gotta be something revealing about the Doods slicing &dicing !the center-point of their existence! – their willies, thus inexplicably  reducing  the high they claim’ their life revolves around! + making it harder to obtain.

Needless to say – they also didn’t ask how the owners of tracts (which counter -evolved specifically with a sensitive area to get pleasure out of a foreskin) – are gonna feel about the matter. This is consistent with them not asking whether those owners can comfortably wear corsets+ footwear   * not designed for human  bodies* – to top off with having them prodded with penises …not made for human vaginas.

….resulting in those vaginas getting assaulted with heavy pumping, loss of natural lube, woefully low climax + overall enjoyment rate ; – and  3x the rate of intercourse ache &  dudes relieving themselves too early.



Which all adds up to perhaps 1 in 3 of the world’s women + girls being subjected to ALL OF THE SAME FUNHOUSE OF PiV cost////////with none of the pay offs !!!!

But wait..There’s worse! Mass-cutting countries also have a tendency towards being the most violent + oppressive countries towards female which I’m not remotely surprised. In THE most vicious horde of them all -it ‘s preferred for boys to wait until 7 y.o. to get it done >>so he remembers it vividly & spends the rest of his miserable life taking it out on the women, who had naught to do with it….which is the point of the whole shebang.

In the US, with its’ vicious medical assault industry.>this also results in many brutal unnecessary surgeries on female organs. It radiates further out to pet-care:, as the US is the sole remaining OECD country to allow unfettered mutilation of dog ears+ tails. Where i live – it’s unheard of & haven’t witnessed 1 single docked pooch.       By which I can surmise that sliced&diced (in babyhood) males carry a subliminal memory , which results in  a hankering for slicing & dicing creatures lower than them on the totem pole.

Like previously discussed by those taking down Reformis/m:

Conditioning only maximises male lethality . it doesn’t impart it. I propose that the mutilaltion is part & parcel of the same set of tactics , but performed on the body




5 thoughts on “Those poor unfortunate American souls

  1. I read someone saying somewhere that she thought circumcision was thought up so the men would be able to rape easier, which sounds right.

    I agree with everything you said here except the part about mandatory use of tampons and women saying “down there.” There’s always been all kinds of pads available and now women are moving away from all this disposable products and getting stuff like menstrual cups, reusable pads, menstrual underwear that are all being sold all over now. And I can’t imagine anyone really calling their parts “down there” unless it’s jokingly or its someone talking to their child and feeling awkward what to say to them.


  2. Thanks for ur input! The tampon thing does seem to be levelling off – yes. In fact, it’s yet another thing that tells me I’m living in a timeloop: I used to feel so backward about my mother using rags before we came here.

    …give it 20 years &Western women’re talking about re-usables – cos the convinient-seeming san-pro is full of bleach & is irritating if u have AI skin sensitivity. The ‘convenience’ was mainly about hiding it out of mens’ sight – so u don’t rags being washed, or women cutting up their own. & so u don’t get ur clothes dirty quite as easily, causing all that patriarchal-caused embarassment.

    Men’d be proudly showing off stains if they bled.

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  3. In the hellhole that is Uhmerikuh, women call their clitoris, vulva, labia, and vaginal walls, “vagina”. When really the vagina is the negative space BETWEEN the vaginal walls–also known as the “birth canal”– that only exists when a peen, baybee, tampon, finger, dildo, or other object creates an opening by pushing the two walls apart.

    Secondary school health classes show an anatomically incorrect model of the female reproductive system where it appears as if women all have a gaping hole between legs so that putting a peen up there is as inconsequential as throwing a penny into a multi-tiered fountain.

    “Teen magazines” that write articles about sex for teen girls do not mention the clitoris or that one need not be penetrated, EVER, that it is not inevitable. Instead, they now write about “anal sex for non prostate owners” and how awesome having your ass impaled is even if it hurts “a little”. Just go slow!!!! Go to a doctor if you don’t like being a pincushion for dick, no matter your sexuality not liking it means you have a medical problem!!!! It’s unreal.

    Even medical textbooks for OBGYN students do not depict an internal model of the clitoris.

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