Weaponised souls

I haven’t resided in rad. spaces for long (3 years); but sooner or later, u must ask yourself this:

What do we doo?? Once it becomes obvious that Dood-World is careening off a cliff and we’re quite literally frying in hell & it’s all unstoppable…


What now?

Well, it seems like our own bodies’ve already decided for us: & they’re shutting the source of the whole shebang down: reproduction,  specifically. of boys


U might’ve also noticed all the fertility tech having become about as commonplace as  toaster:

Well, this is because the current cohort of child-bearing ladies’re rather unfit for child-bearing, notably because of 2 major diseases: PCOS + Endometriosis. Together they account for 20%+ of the population.  PCOS has an infertility rate of 70%;_ Endo – 50%

Female humans’re also wisening up quick in spite of the Mummy propaganda going into overdrive, for 1/4  now chooses child-riddance (just had to play on it! lol). In my own circle of five 30 -somethings, Not 1 ‘s reproduced.

Among those unlucky enough to remain fertile: pregnancy grinds their bodies & minds down  to a pulp. While always inhumanly difficult, it has now become a slow suicide mission, with 54% of millenials diagnosed with a chronic illness + many more suffering in a sub-clinical stage, no doubt;

-men’re useless as ever

_ kids’re even more exponentially ill ( no, they’re not ‘just allergies’!)


Clearly , everything in this wacky pyramid Starts. and Ends. with us & our hijacked wombs.







One thought on “Weaponised souls

  1. What is there to do? Well, seeing as killing all men is an enormous and practically impossible task……I just resort to using magic/spells to block the Y on a planetary scale. Could work, maybe not. Either way, it makes me feel better.


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