Weaponised souls

I haven’t resided in rad. spaces for long (3 years); but sooner or later, u must ask yourself this:

What do we doo?? Once it becomes obvious that Dood-World is careening off a cliff and we’re quite literally frying in hell & it’s all unstoppable…


What now?

Well, it seems like our own bodies’ve already decided for us: & they’re shutting the source of the whole shebang down: reproduction,  specifically. of boys


U might’ve also noticed all the fertility tech having become about as commonplace as  toaster:

Well, this is because the current cohort of child-bearing ladies’re rather unfit for child-bearing, notably because of 2 major diseases: PCOS + Endometriosis. Together they account for 20%+ of the population.  PCOS has an infertility rate of 70%;_ Endo – 50%

Female humans’re also wisening up quick in spite of the Mummy propaganda going into overdrive, for 1/4  now chooses child-riddance (just had to play on it! lol). In my own circle of five 30 -somethings, Not 1 ‘s reproduced.

Among those unlucky enough to remain fertile: pregnancy grinds their bodies & minds down  to a pulp. While always inhumanly difficult, it has now become a slow suicide mission, with 54% of millenials diagnosed with a chronic illness + many more suffering in a sub-clinical stage, no doubt;

-men’re useless as ever

_ kids’re even more exponentially ill ( no, they’re not ‘just allergies’!)


Clearly , everything in this wacky pyramid Starts. and Ends. with us & our hijacked wombs.







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