How the Soviets never stopped worrying & didn’t learnt to love the bomb. part II – the reveal

What’s unusual about this loving care doled on peoples of the USSR:

The change of tune…


You see, for the 1st half of the regime – it wasn’t quite so caring. What took place before 1953,~made Nazis look like meek school bullies. The atmosphere was rather…..mass-murder-y.

 Dozens of millions were artificially starved to  death;

worked into the grave in labour camps;

sent out to be tortured & frozen in Siberia

slaughtered in the wars

lived in terror during Stalinist purges ( can’t be good for ur health to constantly wait in trepidation ~ if u’re next to be taken away in the night, & wiped from photos& proclaimed the Enemy of the People]


And then, voila!, here comes the Sun! the age of Benevolence!

≅So what happened in 1953  – to make this wondrous change occur?

℘ It was the nukes

In the late late 40s, Russians  ended the very brief period of  US smugness over total world domination by acquiring their own isotope-splitting WMDs.

However, unlike the US bros,  the Soviet bros also realised the sheer destruction that they’ll wreck on the populace’s health. And u can’t be a superpower when everyone’s too ill to work those fancy weapons.

So they waited until the Great Destroyer [Stalin] carked it in ’53 – to begin their program of treating the citizens like tender wallflowers & throwing every possible tool in existence towards keeping a radiated populace on their feet. ^ This ^ is why even Wise Woman methods weren’t poo-pooed. And why largely womyn became Drs  . For it seems that these evil geniuses ALSO KNEW } that the humane component is important.

It appears that Russians were cleverer than even I suspected. For they figured out the truism of life: (needed for triumphing in the Cold War)

that Health matters more than Money

while the American strategy was to bankrupt the Soviets via an Arms  Race, the sneaky communist bros focused on keeping their human drones sub-clinically healthy + playing the waiting game   …as the US drones drop like flies under their terrible, expensive med. regime & spend their time reading comic stories about nuked superpowers.

And it worked for a while. anecdotally, auto-immunity & cancer were  successfully staved off until senior age & gut trouble was alleviated enough to have quality of life.

it rapidly stopped working once The Bomb stopped merely leaking

& upgraded to Full Explosion @ CHernobyl.

Worse yet: USSR wrapped up its’ quest for world domination in 1991 & subsequently ceased to exist. This meant the end of all the cushy medicine buoying the nuked bodies * minds for the generations behind mine. ^ This is why my older female relatives all got cancer in their 60s,,,, while I did @ a whopping age of 26. This is why my childhood family friends lost their v. young daughter to leukemia & consequently went mad from grief ,joined the Krishnamurti & put their poor cat on a veggie diet…like themselves.

This is why I ate a bunch of radio-active mushrooms _ almost died @ age 5, but the grown-ups were just fine doing the same. Radiation impacts children the most, & I was fried in the womb on top of that. I’ve never recovered since – it set in motion a pattern of  sliding chronic  immune illness for life.

Soviet insistence on mothers birthing the 1st *often the only* baby by age 25,; makes sense in light of avoiding nuked aging mothers. Mid-20s ‘re the healthiest age for reproduction. My Ma dragged her feet until 25.5


I currently have an ongoing sense of  deja-vu   due to Fuku & Westerners now pursuing the same cohort of techniques for managing radiation sickness which I grew up in the shadow of. Fermented & organic foods ‘re everywhere, traditional medicine is failing spectacularly & so on, so forth









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