Womens’ art & womens’souls

In my other unfinished post on the subject, I never found the wordst to describe a female artistic spirit. So i’ll just let u experience it for urselves. This is the finest song of the most creative indie artist there is.: Her name’s Regina Spektor & her output is the closest i’ve seen to what womyn could produce (if only we were free). Both lyrically & musically – she’s one of a kind. Sing along to it with heart  – the song ‘ll pick u up & whirl u like a dervish. And u’ll feel release after.

As a piano kid, I grew up listening to classical music constantly, and yet —– i’m not a fan of it.!.! It was complex- yes, and far more passionate than any pop song. But Still – – it LACKED something.; I only now realise that what it lacked – is LIFE, because it was all written by men.Regina’s song above Oozes with life. /\It drips over the cone of musical format like an ice-cream.

“The curious case of Amy-Sherman Palladino”

^ A thoroughly unfeminist, but so patently Female-creative a TV show-runner. She produced 2 run-away hits :

*the current Amazon darling ‘Marvellous Mrs. Maisel’


everyone’s favourite teen pregnancy fantasy  *Gilmore girls

Her work has this …..quirk [as malestream’d call it], or playfullness & appreciation of life’s minutia as interesting in itself. It’s also theatrical – but not static/ Mrs. Maisel executes an impossible, high-wire act of a tone, which no man could ever pull off. The only 1 half-way success was Desperate Housewives.

There’s a scene in ‘Mrs.’ ;,

where she tags along to a art show with her bf and wanders off into a small room behind the grand wankery of male-worship display (aKa Modern Art]. There she sees an indifferent, accented lady knitting & having her own small canvases displayed. The artist sells her 1 painting for a fraction of the big, soul-less mens’ ones being fawned over, and makes no fuss over it. Mrs. explains her purchase as:

“There was LiFe in this drab room. There was none in the main shiny exhibition’

^this here is the reason why classical music feels meh”’. It’s a well-crafted result of men’s approach to old-school art:

#Study the technique; add up the pieces; P lay it like a clock mechanism.


It comes out Sounding like a grandfather clock – chimes complex pattern, but it simply doesn’t FLOW. These days they dont’ bother with the craftsmanship > so it ends up more like vacuum cleaner noise.

Frida Kahlo


^^^the only known (to me) celebrated artwork depicting the bloodbath thanks to which we’re all ALIVE!..! All her work is visceral & riveting. It takes mens’ post-modern style &~ infuses it life,death, blood & realistic pain.

Crazy Ex-gf

i dare u to find another TV series like it. U wouldn’t think that a comedy musical is much of a break-thru, but both it’s protagonist & the style have a spontaneity, gaiety, merriment that a woman’s light hand produces, when that woman is given some room to breathe.

It. FloWS… ~~

4 thoughts on “Womens’ art & womens’souls

  1. her work is the only one i’ve ever found that feels FRee . ~untethered from male influence

    Movies & TV shows have used her A LOT – that is prob. what feeds her.
    Off the top of my head

    * Closing credits in Prince Caspian
    *Opening in ORange is the New Black
    * Opening & a key one in 500 Days of Summer
    * Enlightened

    I ALWAYS recognise her sound {even when it’s one I don’t know]

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  2. ” We counted up our feelings + divided them up even , and we called that calcualtion= Perfect Love”
    “We made up our won computer out of macaroni pieces & it did our thinking while we lived our lives”

    ^^ VERY insightful about the system

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