Cultures = male BS rules

‘Nugh said.

We females do not create such static rituals & timetables, where a certain activity must be performed the same way every year


5 times a day


written down in a big fat book, by some stupid, stupid man & adhered to for the next millenia + 1/2.

Cultural sensitivity= men not stomping on other mens’ ways of controlling women in order to cut down on violence…..between men.

WOmen & girls do not  possess  any cultures. I’m not entirely sure whether we’d ever create 1 or a dozen of them  – because they only divide us  & create false bonds with men sharing ours/

For instance: Language & literacy divide us far too much. Even with English being the lingua franca gobbling up world tongues like a python~>] there’re disappointingly few female minds I’ll ever reach by posting in here.

I could utilise my other 2 major European languages (Spanish & Rus) to broaden the readability to a few more mil. ( and i’ve been certainly considering it).,..

…but it still won’t reach vast no’s of clever, but illiterate girls worldwide; or speaking non-European tongues .

This leads to me to bemoan the absolute travesty ~`~that is the English language. Let’s 1st consider its’ most hideous offence:

Man = Human….

Out of the 4 that I learnt – only the Anglo one  felt like WORK to study.   It felt dead,  unelastic, spelt with a stupidity beyond belief. In other words: It is the perfect MAN’s language. There is no joy or hope in it. Lovely, lovely [beloved by women] doggies ”re called a ‘man’s friend’!

The proverbs are all   about men, men,..It is female -exclusionary (ha! a radfem can utilise such a fun-fem word!..) & thought-limiting.

In fact – it’s downright depressing.  And I mean this literally – – -Because a language forms neuro-pathways in your head -= this is why speaking multiples staves off senility.

And this is a scary thought for me: that all mono-lingual Anglo-phone female heads lack all those extra pathways which stimulate my own radical thinking. Kudos to the radfems who manage to overcome that – but it must be WORK.

Not saying that any existing language is female-friendly, but English feels like a withered stump that should be put out of it’s misery.

. There’s solid historic reason for it ending up this way: the raving mad British dominion > followed by the raving mad American dominion. The more powerful an empire gets ^ the more male a tongue becomes.

Soviets made attempts @ ravaging Russian by introducing a whole heap of abbreviations —but they simply didn’t have the time to destroy it the way English’s been drained of any sign of life. In fact : every time I make a sentence in it>

I feel like I’m performing CPR. Hence all the weird punctuation  & cute photos .

In short

English is the chosen language of end times (* see “It never happens any other way”)

and it’s super-appropriate

English lacks a polite ‘you’> which makes the formation of requests in it : an exercise in scraping & bowing – to compensate for the ‘you’ rudeness. every time I do it: a piece of dignity dies.

I’m fed up to the gills of it. I propose bringing back the old-fashioned phrase:”Why don’t u?” AS in: “Bring me that lamp, why don’t u?”


24 thoughts on “Cultures = male BS rules

  1. Hi Kaguya, I like your blog. I just read through everything. You have a really good way of describing things. I agree, this language is very dead and limiting. I do think only knowing one language makes you dumber and you have a harder time understanding things, because you are more trapped in the conceptual framework of the culture. I only know bits and pieces of a few other languages and I feel stupid for only really knowing English even though I know more than most Americans at least.

    This whole world does feel like we are in a huge POW camp that we can never escape. I never had some rosy view of the world, but after I basically had a mental and physical breakdown from a series of tragedies, injuries, and illnesses and started looking really sickly it was shocking how men started treating me, with how rude and scary they started acting towards me in public and some of the male doctors I went to were so unbelievably cruel. The first time I had a root canal the anesthetic didn’t work and I couldn’t breathe either from how much my mouth was covered and they didn’t care and just held me down and did it anyway while my body went into convulsions, I gasped for breath, and I sobbed uncontrollably. It was like getting treatment in a war zone where they don’t have access to much, but I’m here in the richest country in the world paying lots of money to get treated like shit when I’m too sick to do anything about it. That was the worst but all the medical treatment was mostly terrible and abusive and full of lies.

    They would have killed me already if I trusted them since one prescribed me an antibiotic closely related to one that almost killed me before, after I told him about how severely allergic I am to that medication several times and kept asking him to make sure it’s not related. The pharmacist was shocked that he prescribed me that. They just don’t really care. I feel such hatred that I have to let men poke and prod at me to get treatment because too many women have been terrorized out of medical training, and I have to pay them ridiculous amounts of money to do it. It has drained and destroyed me trying to get better. All the cruelty and disturbing behavior led me to start researching male sadism and then when I started researching what transgender was, everything fell into place in my mind. When I read Sheila Jeffries and Andrea Dworkin and a bunch of radfem blogs, it was like I uncovered this big secret hiding in plain sight that most people are just too brainwashed to ever see.

    I’ve been learning about humanity and different cultures and all that stuff for most of my adult life and knew about all kinds of horrible things in detail already and was well aware that there are tons of disgusting horrible men, but when you really understand the extent of it and how deep it goes, it’s overwhelming. After all these years there are still things I’m learning that are just always worse and worse and it feels like there is no bottom to the depravity. I always thought people who were anti-porn were just religious prudes because that’s all you ever see if you don’t look any deeper. Porn is the most horrifying thing ever. Women are mostly not seeing how bad all this crap gets and what is really happening to women from it. I’m really not sure how to even function in life anymore after learning so much. When unknown men talk to me it makes me feel nauseous now. I feel like I am watching a nature show with a wounded animal being stalked by predators. They are like vultures swarming any woman who looks weak. I wonder if they are thinking of choking me or beating me or they are just thinking of me watching them do something repulsive like eating shit. I’m really struggling with how to even interact with people anymore and I’ve gotten so closed off as it is from being in horrible pain for years. I feel so alone and scared trying to understand everything and it’s like most people don’t understand anything at all.

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      1. I guess it used to be, they make it seem like we’re so lucky to be here and hype everything up so much about how well we’re doing but it’s only the upper class people who have anything. It’s like living in a third world country in a lot of ways, the medical system is practically nonexistent if you don’t have tons of money and there are so many homeless people now. Everyone’s just getting poorer and sicker while the people at the top hoard more.


    1. Started listening to the “woman brings her male to supervise the conversation”: > this is why i’ve exiled myself from the het-coerced world. Pity that there is no other space for me to go to:-(… The gulf between ‘don’t buy into male-tethering” and Lesbian radfem = NO woman’s land

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  2. Hi all, I’m so glad to see a conversation taking place over here. WRT male “culture” I have recently had reason to investigate so-called “executive function” since what little I used to possess has taken leave of me since I’ve been chronically ill. Apparently “executive function” is all the crap work “executives” hire other people to do for them — waiting in lines, paying bills/paperwork, cleaning and maintenance type work. Which means that males (the corporate executives) do not seem to possess “executive function” at all and outsource it to others, usually low paid females. So WRT cultural rituals and whatnot that are very time, energy and labor intensive, it seems that males have invented them all and then give it over to females to implement bc males themselves don’t have the exec function to do any of that shit consistently (or at all). Well, now that females are all becoming chronically ill, and females are also on the autism spectrum now more than ever, that aspect of culture seems on its way out. I hate to see the entropic mess that will be left as this sorts itself out but it seems to be inevitable that eventually we will have a “culture” without rituals and unnecessary busywork (or we will not have one at all).

    Also very interested in the idea that English is the (global) language of the (global) endtimes. I have learned Spanish and German at different times but was only ever fluent in English and now have lost the others completely due to nonuse. It’s fascinating to think how my language has limited/shaped my thoughts, feelings and perceptions of the world even as I have been able to use it — language — to my utmost ability to liberate my own mind and that of others, I’m told. Of course, most of my writing appears as legit gibberish to “normal” people. Other ASD women seem to be able to understand it just fine. On that note, I am finding the recent conversation about ASD activist females pretty mind-blowing. I have never, and I mean never, seen either females or ASD spoken of in this manner.

    “Greta Thunberg became a climate activist not in spite of her autism, but because of it”

    “Greta Thunberg, a modern-day Cassandra
    The Swedish teenager has successfully convinced other children to take time off school to draw attention to the coming apocalypse”


    1. Hi CRE, I’ve been following what Greta Thunberg is doing. Seeing her and all these other teenage activists there are now gives me some hope that they can do something. There are too many sick and brainwashed in my generation already. I saw that she had said she is autistic, an author that I follow too who writes about women stuff, Lucy H. Pearce, just said she is autistic too. So all these brilliant women working towards doing good things are now saying that is is because of a disorder. It seems to me it is a way of medicalizing personality traits that cause women to be more likely to do things that go against the script we’ve been given. A guy doing these things would be called a sensitive genius or something like that… but a girl being angry at the environment being destroyed and being lied to about it has a disorder? In that article they say, “A visceral feeling of repulsion toward deceit and hypocrisy is also common among people on the spectrum.” Isn’t that just a normal reaction towards lies and most people have just had their senses dulled so severely they can’t react normally? Not being able to tolerate the constant assault on our senses, the blaring unnatural noises and lights and unnatural surroundings, is a normal reaction too. But women who can’t deal with it well, especially with all the pain so many of us are in, are deemed to have something wrong? It just seems to me like another way to deflect the problem, instead of having normal reactions to horrible things, it’s “oh you have a disorder and that’s why you feel so sick over horrible things, instead of feeling next to nothing like normal people.”

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      1. exactly right^

        It’s the lack of air as well. I can’t bear to be in indoor public spaces now – cos I feel like i’ll faint from low oxygen.

        ONly 2 years ago, when I pushed for my diagnosis &received it: I was in suicidal despair for 10 days. thinking:”well, there goes hope of ever making myself normal’. & then I gradually figured out thru Radfem that Normal =f-ing Nuts

        Is ur pain of the myalgic sort?


      2. Hi anotherwoman it’s good to see you! I’ve done a lot of thinking and talking about ASD since I started suspecting I have it (it’s often comorbid with Crohn’s for reasons they do not understand) and I think the reason it’s “wrong” to be bothered by hypocrisy etc. is not that it’s factually or morally incorrect to notice reality (obviously it isn’t) rather it’s that noticing these things and especially acting on what we know is fundamentally antisocial. Problem solving was once connected to survival but in late stage capitalism and patriarchy, problem solving threatens to undermine the “official” problem solvers — meaning authority — and therefore society. That’s why it’s wrong and that’s why it’s considered a mental defect or disease. And frankly I think if many of us were able to control these “abilities” and importantly, our behaviors arising from these abilities we would because maintaining the status quo is so critical to anyone’s very survival in any society. That we aren’t able to control it is what’s “wrong” with it and with us. People need to be controlled at all times and people who can’t control themselves are dangerous (and again, antisocial). It’s not a moral judgement but it does feel that way when we are basically left to rot by our culture even though we are good people and act without malice. Of course for female ASD moral judgments apply too because of misogyny.

        I think ASD is comorbid with Crohn’s and probably other autoimmune/inflammatory diseases because Crohn’s for example is so ruthlessly painful and debilitating that we are already at a pain level of 10 every minute of our lives because of mental and physical pain, malabsorbtion of food/malnutrition, insomnia, inflammation etc. that we simply can’t take any more. That’s why we can’t take what we see as “extra” and unnecessary stimulation from our modern environment and why everyone else can. I think there really is something “wrong” with ASD as compared to other people. Again it’s not factually or morally wrong, it’s simply and quite literally antisocial and in “society” where the needs of the individual are necessarily subsumed by the needs of the group and then of the culture, what we experience is pathological. There is also the brain damage aspect where particularly male ASDs are born brain damaged to autoimmune mothers after the mothers’ antibodies ruthlessly attacked the fetal brain in utero. Female fetuses of autoimmune mothers tend to spontaneously abort for some reason but ASD does appear to be caused by brain damage and brain damage is not “normal.” Female and male ASD are also different in many ways and females tend to be more like Greta and less like, say, Adam Lanza (the alleged Sandyhook shooter) and lumping us all together isn’t fair but to society, antisocial is antisocial and I can see the logic in that. It’s probably going to be the end of me and women like me (and the end of society itself ironically) but it is logical. Of course one would hope that ASD diagnoses follow established, relevant criteria including objective criteria of inflammation, AI, and brain damage and if they do not, that’s a problem (for example diagnosing women as ASD because they are activists and that’s all). I wonder why Greta and others think (or know) they are ASD. Does anyone know how/why she was diagnosed?

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      3. I think that the brain damage is programming us back to a pre-historical state, when there was less Fluff to deal with.

        . for example: i struggle with short term memory + multi-tasking (that quientessential feminine ability!). If you give 3 instructions – i ‘ll inevitably forget the last

        but strangely enough:
        we aren’t brain-damaged Enough to be @ NT male level of incapacity & disconnection from life

        So the hierarchy of brain function is:
        NT female> ASD females> NT males> ASD males

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      4. Kaguya, I was definitely never normal anyway but reading Radfem stuff truly made me understand how abnormal “normal” is to such an extreme degree. The level of sadism behind all this is totally mind blowing when you manage to wrap your head around it. Our leaders are still the biggest lunatic men guiding us to destruction and everyone accepts that this is okay, lots of people don’t like it but don’t do anything, but I think most people really think things are actually going well. There is such a collective delusion that we are making so much progress and live in this wonderland just because we have some technology and things, even though so many people are poor and sick and our environment is being destroyed around us.

        I don’t know what is wrong with me exactly. I have a bunch of specific problems to deal with that have been taking forever because I am broke after years of health problems, and each thing is insanely expensive, and now I am terrified and untrusting of doctors because I’ve been treated so badly and not gotten good help before. Dental problems alone have driven me seriously insane, the pain of an infected tooth, on top of already being in chronic pain all over, is like another dimension of pain. In years of chronic pain I’ve never felt anything at that level and I’m constantly afraid it will happen again because I have several teeth that need all this stuff done (because of past crappy dental work) and I am racing to fix them. Aside from specific problems in specific spots, like some of my teeth, plus injuries to my knees and shoulders, I am just in pain and sore and inflamed all over.

        I thought it might be an autoimmune condition because AI things have a lot of those symptoms of chronic pain and fatigue and inflammation and digestive stuff. But now I think I would be diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which basically they say that’s what you have if they can’t diagnose anything else, when your body just goes haywire after a trauma or traumas. I feel like I’m on my own figuring it out since I don’t think doctors would do anything useful or that western medicine even really understands stuff like that. To get anyone to even talk about it with me would be so expensive and ridiculous, and it will take so long to even get the other things taken care of I don’t know when I’ll even have a minute to think about anything else. Sometimes I think that if I can get the injuries and tooth problems all fixed and then be able to go somewhere peaceful in nature, where I can relax and eat organic foods and use only natural products, the other stuff might just go away on its own or at least get way better. Everything is so full of poison and stress and fear are like a poison in themselves, that if I could get away from that I might get better. But how to do that and if it’s even possible is the question.


      5. Wow CSE that makes a lot of sense. It reminds me of that experiment where researchers had groups of people look at lines and say which one was bigger, but everyone except one person was part of the experiment and gave the wrong answer on purpose. Most people just went along with the group and ignored what they were actually seeing to be true. So, our normal response is to just agree with the group even if everyone else is wrong because we are such social being and group survival is the most important. But it seems like seeing our environment deteriorating and seeing so much cruelty all around us would override the instinct to be part of the group because the group is actually inhibiting our ability to survive. That’s what it feels like for me. I see our world dying and I have such an overwhelming feeling that I need to do something to help, I just don’t understand what.

        I have no idea how and why Greta and all these others have been diagnosed as ASD though. Why would you go get a diagnosis for something that you feel like is a positive thing making you better able to do important things and that you don’t want to be treated for? I don’t know what they are doing to determine that they have it either. It seems like the criteria they give are so vague for what the signs are that someone has it.


      6. But the thing is that to have a sane response in such an insane world means to eventually go insane…


  3. I fully agree that language can be so limiting. It’s a great way to keep people under control though, the language keeps thoughts restricted and gives the impression that only one way of thinking is the valid one.

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  4. LOok @ Susan Boyle for instance:

    ~an Aspie female who managed to keep herself, a cat, her mother (into her 90s) alive

    Then she found enough exec. to sign up for a talent contest, prepare, pick the perfect song (it showed off her voice AND was emotional), get herself there.

    After that she used the $ to receive a private diagnosis (it’s a exec. feat to get diagnosed as a woman) exe


  5. The social criteria is basically: introversion x 2

    It’s the physical signs of neurological distress that put it over the top. Sensory sensitivity is also experienced by ppl with a hangover – because their brains’re temporarily inflamed.

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    1. I mean how did they diagnose you? I’ve read there’s no medical test to do for it, so how do they determine that someone has it? Then did they give you some kind of treatment for it? I’m confused as to what they actually do medically for ASD.


  6. The same they do for everything else :
    Bugger all…!

    They make u take a bunch of psychometric tests, surveys & write up ur habits & background. show childhood photos.

    Problem is – the criteria’s male & female habits frequently don’t show up @ all, or too differently for most psychs to pick up . They need to be specifically trained in the female side of it – I had to chase down a famous one in another state. I was honest about my radfem – so they chalked that up to “rigid thinking” – which helped get me over line.

    The only useful thing advice the psych gave me: ~- steered me to the brand of the best noise-cancelling phones & had me try them on. They’ve been saving my sanity lately.

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