Trust your disgust

PIV has been taken down by radfems in every other angle ….

save for the most obvious one:

Male genitalia is the single ugliest, grossest object in existence. What comes out of it is also hideous – in both an aesthetic & chemical way.

The only humans, who actually exalt it ,  —are gay men.

Not womyn of any persuasion! None! In fact – we naturally shrink away from image & discussion of it. ( well, at least I always did ). It’s high on the list for me having been such a failed hetero. i couldn’t even manage to deal with a semi-realistic sex toy. (yet i had no trouble with a cute bow-tied penguin shape!)

Because there is GOOD Reason as to why it repulses us so. It’s the same reason as to why snakes, spiders, off-food, feces & slimy substances do.


Shutting down this disgust lies @ the bottom of the well

underneath the pain, humilitation, invasion, contraception, reproduction, injustice, inorgasmia, entitlement, abortion, the screwability mandate, latex allergy, “other things” that can still knock you up without penile insertion, virginity cult.

^^^this here is why I’m such a strong proponent of hetero-sexuality being abjectly unnatural. Because no living being is attracted to her own death & suffering, while her very important emotion of


steers her loud & clear away from it


5 thoughts on “Trust your disgust

  1. There indeed isn’t much that is as hideous and disgusting as the male form, but they themselves are in love with it. But that’s the same love they feel for a weapon, because that’s what it is, another tool of oppression.

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  2. It is a weapon that is way worse than a gun. A gun at least delivers swift death, and it only takes a couple of shots before pain is extinguished along with life. The prick has no limits in the number of shots or the amount of torture it can inflict.

    This is why the sex poz phrase “enthusiastic consent11!!!11” is laughable. And also why every person born female should receive guns that can deliver everything from painful shock to loss of consciousness to painful bloody wounds to death as soon as they are able to use them, and why no penis -toters should ever be allowed access to any weapon. They were born with the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, and they all glorify in it.

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  3. Slow death & half-alive suffering in take-ur-pick ways:

    In the “un=progressive” places: childbirth without pain relief; fistula; pregnancy without care; HIV

    IN the “Liberated’:
    The many warped effects of the PIll:

    Crohns; also fistula!’ trombosis + long list of others

    Miscarriage so bad that it can slowly kill u; ectopic pregnancy; breast-feeding worse than birth; episiotomies; raw slicing & dicing > to save dude-babies; UTIs to level of kidney infection; infrequency pain

    Sleep deprivation & loss of life , nausea & pregnancy curtailing ‘ {for the good of the baby!|
    @ war torture level; incontinence; loss of income – in Both models

    IUds + Essure

    & the constant pee-stick fear month in > month out ( and that’s if u’re lucky to menstruate on time)

    Ruined by the pollution kids

    latex + lubricant allergy


    etc. etc.etc./////////

    And wait,,there’s more!

    Throat cancer!
    Anal tearing!

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