Trust your disgust

PIV has been taken down by radfems in every other angle ….

save for the most obvious one:

Male genitalia is the single ugliest, grossest object in existence. What comes out of it is also hideous – in both an aesthetic & chemical way.

The only humans, who actually exalt it ,  —are gay men.

Not womyn of any persuasion! None! In fact – we naturally shrink away from image & discussion of it. ( well, at least I always did ). It’s high on the list for me having been such a failed hetero. i couldn’t even manage to deal with a semi-realistic sex toy. (yet i had no trouble with a cute bow-tied penguin shape!)

Because there is GOOD Reason as to why it repulses us so. It’s the same reason as to why snakes, spiders, off-food, feces & slimy substances do.


Shutting down this disgust lies @ the bottom of the well

underneath the pain, humilitation, invasion, contraception, reproduction, injustice, inorgasmia, entitlement, abortion, the screwability mandate, latex allergy, “other things” that can still knock you up without penile insertion, virginity cult.

^^^this here is why I’m such a strong proponent of hetero-sexuality being abjectly unnatural. Because no living being is attracted to her own death & suffering, while her very important emotion of


steers her loud & clear away from it


2 thoughts on “Trust your disgust

  1. There indeed isn’t much that is as hideous and disgusting as the male form, but they themselves are in love with it. But that’s the same love they feel for a weapon, because that’s what it is, another tool of oppression.

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