Normie womyn are paying for our sins

The sin in question?

Not being male support & reproductive systems .

There’re 66 mil. more men than women in the world. Because they’ve been murdering us aplenty.

& every man is entitled to at least 1 female.

That makes each one of us a frighteningly precious resource for them to scramble over. This scramble is one rooted in their very survival as they’re inherent biological parasites living off our X chromosomes.

So when the lucky elite comprising of lesbians; hetero-non-compliants (aka Spinsters); non-mothers of boys & PIV escapees,  experience pride @ our situation—–

we should remind ourselves that the bulk of those other male -tethered & producing females                                                   are paying for it.

Right now there is 1 + trafficked girls out there servicing a mans’ dick for each 1 of us & mothers writhing in the unearthly torture of childbirth (for which man’s language has no name) & worshipping a male god who hates them

because WE SAID NO & had the opportunity to choose

It’s sobering maths. Because when a critical mass of us says NO>~all hell breaks loose, (witchhunts; all womens’ communities in history coming to a violent or other male-tactical end; end of communist benefits facilitating female singledom)

^This is why the adage applies

NO woman is free until ALL women are free

This isn’t a feel-good sisterhood chant. It’s mathematics

One thought on “Normie womyn are paying for our sins

  1. I love this. You make a good point. I don’t find it to be constructive or sane to look back at women who have been duped into motherhood/hetero/prostitution/porn and think of them as traitors or “privileged”. I honestly wouldn’t even consider what they are doing a choice. “choice” implies awareness and understanding. A “choice” is something we can only make when we have a clear understanding of what’s possible for us, and when we don’t have some man’s boot on our neck. So yes, I AM LUCKY enough to actually Choose to be child-free. However, me from 10 years ago might not have been so lucky. I remember believing that I wanted 3 children THREE! lolol. Thankfully, it didn’t happen, and I was freed up to free mySelf and to make Actual Choices later on! 🙂 Those other women who are not so lucky…..they don’t really make choices so much as they are just surviving and following patriarchal programming.


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