Touch is all we need

The male world’s turned our senses inside out.

Contrary to popular (read dude-imposed) perception, vision is NOT our strongest or most evocative sense. I highly doubt that hearing is , either. I mean: that’s why we have dogs} to serve as our fluffy hearing aid. Now that the assault of industrial noise & speech causes cumulative hearing loss past 50 y.o (the process begins @10) ] –           it’s Deeeeefinitely out of the running.

The other day I was passing my hand over a cosy, circular, rattan table and had the urge to……massage my hands over it. its’ texture is Goldilocks :

the right combo of smooth & stimulating ridges. it also led me to think that womens’ hands almost certainly constructed this object to be pleasant like this, as weaving has been a universally female pursuit since forever.

Ever since I went radical —– I recovered ALL of my senses mentally & physically. Touch& smell , however, have led the pack. The latter turns out to be a problem more often than not, as males love dousing themselves in absolutely suffocating perfume [which feels more like chemical weaponry than personal care]

I’ve been tormented by touch deprivation since the age of 8, and most acutely – since my migration to anglo-sphere 4 years later {(in)famous for being touch -frigid}. it’s specifically female + animal touch-feeliness which I crave, so dude-coupledom for that goal was never an object for me already before the onset of acute man-hating.And since then the desire to cuddle palatable creatures has become overwhelming.

Not that I came from a very touchy-feely place {nowhere near Spanish-speaking regions]}. but it certainly wasn’t at the frosty, completely phobic level things ‘re at here. After 17 years of this – I feel like I live in a POW camp. Apparently , the clinical term for it = “skin hunger”.      oh, spare me,,,,,:_(

And that’s not an exaggeration. All female people’re POWs of men’s eternal war on us. It’s not an accident that sight & hearing’ve been made into the only useful senses & that they’re assaulted daily by Mary Daly-coined foreground waste.

^how they Suffer as a result: . : Short-sight is an epidemic thanks to the onslaught of screens,. sreens,.. screens!! In fact, I’m struggling with it as I type this .,. as I ‘ve no clue where my glasses are. I’ve blown up my screen to Grandpa level.H

Hearing loss is now so common that it’s normalised as happenning in middle age, but guess what people….?

It ain’t normal. ~  It is  entirely  a product of industrial noise _ &high population density.                           ***MAN”S noise & Man’s rape products.




One thought on “Touch is all we need

  1. Oh there’s a word for that? Skin-hunger. touch deprivation. I have felt this since as long as I can remember, even as an infant. It is excruciating at times. Like my skin feels empty and longing. But I never could put it into words, it was abstract. It actually is one of the things I get from my male partner to a limited degree. Look at that, so sad. I’ve been tortured by touch deprivation and mother rejection so thoroughly that I’ve only been able to find some relief in physical affection with a man. But it doesn’t even come close to what I imagine a mother’s touch or a woman’s loving embrace feels like. I do spells to try and conjure a loving mother’s energy to comfort myself with. It’s difficult because I never internalized that kind of touch and love. I usually just have to wait for the pain to pass.


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